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EEEKB article--Play the five Exchange Online services in Office 365 How to manage with the PSL connection to Exchange online

A brief introduction to the global management of Office 365 has been done earlier, and the following will be introduced into the topic--exchangeonline of this series. The Office 365 Web control page provided by Microsoft does manage the ongoing maintenance of exchange online

EEEKB article--Go to Exchange Online Services in Office 365 13 How to manage mail users and contacts for Exchange online

-Tu3EwAAF5ylSmFwc409.jpg "title=" 12.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqjj-tu3ewaaf5ylsmfwc409.jpg "/>Second, configure the contactand configure mail users, in the EAC, navigate to recipients, locate the Contacts tab, select the mail contact you want to configure, click the Pen button, and open the Mail Contact Properties window.650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 13.png "alt=" Wkiom1wqiuftbu3caagwgkz4egy211.jpg "/>Here you can modify info

EEEKB article--Go to the Exchange Online service in Office 365 How to manage dynamic distribution groups for Exchange online

Department "Get-recipient-recipientpreviewfilter $Tech. Recipientfilter650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 07.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqjsnyuygyaafxtvvyhm0992.jpg "/>II. Management configuration Dynamic Distribution GroupUnlike distribution groups, dynamic distribution groups can only be managed in the EAC and PowerShell, and do not manage configuration operations for dynamic distribut

EEEKB article--Go to Exchange Online Service 16 in Office 365 How to manage mail-enabled security groups

security group you want to configure, click the Pen button, and open the Security Group Properties window.650) this.width=650; "title=" 06.png "alt=" wkiol1dzdjpgdxozaacqiifkcn0051.png-wh_50 "src=" Wyfs02/m00/83/6f/wkiol1dzdjpgdxozaacqiifkcn0051.png-wh_500x0-wm_3-wmp_4-s_3476804059.png "/>You can see that the list of options and distribution groups are identical, as in the General tab, you can redefine the display name and alias, and the e-mail address of the distribution g

Office 365 Administrator Guide 2--Manage Exchange Online users

group owner will receive an approval request email from the exit group. When you are finished, click Save to save your changes and create a new group. If you do not want the group to be created, click Cancel to close the dialog box. 3. When you click Save, the new group appears in the Groups list. 650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image006[4] "style=" border-top:0px; border-right:0px; Background-image:none; border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px; padding-left:0px; border-left:0px; padding-right:0p

EEEKB article--Go to the Exchange Online service in Office 365 learn about the Office 365 Admin Center

Gongge button in the top left corner of the page and click the Admin icon in the Office Online Apps panel.650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 07.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqbjrcx-fnaao06kx-5rk865.jpg "/>1 , instrument panelWhen you enter the Office 365 Admin Center, the dashboard appears by default

EEEKB article--Play the four Exchange Online services in Office 365 How to customize a domain in Office 365

name that you have previously applied for, or you can apply through the domain registrar provided by Office 365. and need to have the domain name of the resolution administrative permissions, because in the binding process through the domain Name Service provider's management to face the domain name of the resolution record to configure.Once you have the domain name ready, you can do the binding. Open the

Office 365 Series 13: Office 365 Administrator Role

Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to assign multiple administrators who drive different responsibilities. Administrators can access all of the features in central administration, and in addition to other actions, administrators can create or edit users, assign administrator roles to others, reset user passwords, manage user licenses, and manage domains. Select the Administrator role f

Preparing to use the Office 365 China Edition-install

, internal ftp/http download, centralized deployment service, etc.When Windows users download the installation media, be careful to select the corresponding version--x86, x64. While 64-bit systems can install the 32-bit version of the Office suite, there are some machines where Skype for business is unable to make voice/video calls, in the case of suspended animation or crashes.You will be prompted for an account and password for

Introduction to Administrator roles in Office 365-Beginner

The Administrator role in Office 365 includes roles such as global Administrators, password administrators, account Administrators, service administrators, and so on. For different enterprise sizes, you may want to assign multiple administrators who exercise different responsibilities.The following is an introduction to the Administrator role for Office

Overview of hybrid deployment from exchange to Office 365 series (25)

can move an existing on-premises mailbox to an exchange online organization. If necessary, you can also migrate the Exchange Online mailbox back to the internal deployment organization. Use the internal deployment Exchange Management Center (EAC) to centrally manage mailboxes. Email tracking, email reminders, and multi-Mailbox searches between an on-premises organization and an exchange online organization. Deploy cloud-based email archiving

Microsoft released a series of new network security features (about Windows and Office 365)

650) this.width=650; "Src=" 89ae5e37c66544f79669c238cc09252d636231873570659477.jpg "style=" border:0px none;text-indent:2em;text-align:left; vertical-align:middle;margin:15px auto; "/>Microsoft has released a series of new network security features in a large RSA security conference in San Francisco, and the new features of Windows and Office 36

Office 365 Partner Admin Center Guide

Have not written a blog for a while, this time to introduce you to the Office 365 partner how to manage the corresponding usersFirst, log in to Office 365 with partner Office 365 Admini

Office 365 series Four: adding Custom fields

In an actual corporate environment, in order to simplify Office 365 Login Address, Exchange Email address and Lync address, and so on, you need to add a custom field to the Office 365 , and in Office 365 To

Building an Office 365 Cloud business application using Visual Studio 2013

Today, the requirements, expectations, and importance of business applications have reached unprecedented heights. Modern business applications need access to data that is available within and outside the organization. They need to connect different individuals within the organization to help them collaborate in a rich and interesting way. The application itself needs to be able to be used on a variety of devices in a variety of shapes, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops with di

Power BI for Office 365 (Seven) Power bi site

Report sharing is a key feature of power bi for Office 365, where the Power BI site provides a safe "home end" for these reports, as well as collaboration with anyone who wants to share------whether in the office or in the mobile environment. At the beginning of this article you will see how Anna is collaborating on the workbook in power Bi, and how to share and

Add domains and domain names in Office 365–sharepoint Online

update, our login name will change, such as I am [email protected], will become [email protected], This is more good for the company to remember and formal, such as;9, add new users, because I do not need, I did not add, skip directly, otherwise you can add a new domain name of the user, and the new email address, such as:10, ready to update the DNS records, and then to Office 365 use, just a wizard home,

Linking to Office 365 with PowerShell

Today's main talk about using PowerShell to manage Office 365 can be divided into office365 user management, Exchange online management, etc.1. Use PowerShell to link to the Office 365 User management interfaceNeed to install Login Assistant and Azure AD module firstRun unde

Office 365 Home Advanced Edition new features: To share with family

As Microsoft continues to drive cloud services, Office 365 has become the core service for the Office family. Today, Microsoft said in a press release to foreign media neowin that it will start in December this year, with a maximum of 4 members of the Office 365 family to sh

Office 365 Administrator Guide 11--document library synchronization

file is initially checked out to you. You must check in the file before others can edit the file. When you check in a file, you are prompted to enter a comment about the changes you made.L file version You can add a new file to the library, or you can replace the existing file with a revised version of the file. If the library is configured as a version of the trace file, you can add the revised file as a new version, which becomes part of the file version history. If you are uploading a new ve

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