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Teach you to install the Office 365 Advanced edition

With the release of Office 365, Microsoft's "Cloud + End" strategy is becoming clearer. With Office 365, Microsoft presents us with a living scene: processing files is not limited by time and place, because there are skydrive synchronized storage, users can communicate with Lync online, or even hold video conferencing,

Office 365 is also developing a new battlefield for. NET Core Applications

Recently, I have had the opportunity to read the Office 365 development Getting Started guide that Chen Xizhang spent a year contributing to domestic developers. Although early exposure to SharePoint development, 2007 years later, no more contact with the development of SharePoint, this reading this book let me re-understand the office of System Development Techn

Overview of hybrid deployment from exchange to Office 365 series (25)

After all preparations are completed, we can configure hybrid deployment. First, let's first understand what hybrid deployment is. Local exchange can be migrated directly to Office 365, or you can select the hybrid deployment mode. The hybrid deployment mode can have the following benefits: Secure Mail routing between an internal deployment organization and an exchange online organization. Use t

Preparing to use the Office 365 China Edition-install

Warm so know the new, first attach a link: Office 365 FAQsThe installation media for Office suites in Office 365 is somewhat different from the installation media for traditional office suites, although the features are the same.

Microsoft offers three core services: Windows+office 365+azure

Microsoft offers three core services: Windows+office 365+azureEnglish news Source: news Source: is now the world's largest computer software provider, consumer market, enterprise market and cloud computing is Microsoft'

Three core services offered by Microsoft: Windows+office 365+azure

Three core services offered by Microsoft: Windows+office 365+azureEnglish news Source: news Source: is currently the world's largest computer software provider, consumer market, enterprise market and cloud computing is

Microsoft 365 Package Release: win10+office+ security software

At the Inspire 2017 Global partner conference yesterday, Microsoft not only announced that "Azure stack enterprise software will be postponed until September 2017", but also released the Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365) package.Microsoft 365 Package Release: win10+office+ security softwareAccording to the introduction, Mi

EEEKB article--Play the five Exchange Online services in Office 365 How to manage with the PSL connection to Exchange online

A brief introduction to the global management of Office 365 has been done earlier, and the following will be introduced into the topic--exchangeonline of this series. The Office 365 Web control page provided by Microsoft does manage the ongoing maintenance of exchange online, but requires advanced management, which req

About Office 365 domain name binding issues

The problem that the customer environment actually occurs.Problem==============All Exchange online accounts in the global Office 365 tenant cannot be used, and the Exchange Online management console cannot be opened. When viewing the user information, the remote server returned an error is displayed (404 Not Found) error. When you click the email app, the page displays only white.Problem analysis===========

Microsoft Office 365 Trial Request process

Office 365 login Address Application Address Correlationid=961a2467-b518-4abe-bca6-f297749a86ddApplication processWhen you get to the page, you'll see three versions of

Introduction to Administrator roles in Office 365-Beginner

The Administrator role in Office 365 includes roles such as global Administrators, password administrators, account Administrators, service administrators, and so on. For different enterprise sizes, you may want to assign multiple administrators who exercise different responsibilities.The following is an introduction to the Administrator role for Office

Synchronize users from exchange to Office 365 series (17th) through the Active Directory

After adding a domain name, we can see how to create a user on Office 365. There are three ways to create a user: 1. manually create 2. synchronize data from local ad using the active directory synchronization Tool 3. Batch create using CSV files Manual synchronization does not need to be said. We will discuss how to use the active directory synchronization tool dirsync to synchronize users and ou in the d

Introduction to "Napa"-Office 365 development tools

, you need more advanced tools, you can seamlessly switch to a more powerful and Comprehensive Visual Studio IDE, and continue development there. For more information about the latest improvements to SharePoint tools in Visual Studio 2012, visit msdn. Of course, in parallel with "Napa", you can continue to use existing office and SharePoint scalability models, such as VBA, COM, vsto, and SharePoint solutions. (However, note that these cannot be subm

Preface to the Office 365 development Series

PrefaceI am from contactMIcrosoft SharePoint Server 2007So far, already in MicrosoftSharepointOn the road has been gone for several years, based onSharepointThe particularity of the platform, the Microsoft product line has a more comprehensive understanding. From2011 Microsoft released the first beta version office 365 start, sharepoint SharePoint server and sharepoint online in practical sense sharepoint

Office 365 authentication and single sign-on deployment (2)

Office 365 Preparation:1. Sign up for an Office 365 subscription accountSign up for an Office 365 account (Office 365 Enterprise E3) with th

Use Office 365 API Tools and 365api in Windows Store applications

Use Office 365 API Tools and 365api in Windows Store applications This article describes an API Tool used to use the Office 365 API in the Windows Store App. First, let's talk about the background of this article: Users who have developed SharePoint should know that SharePoint has a set of Client Object models for read

Preparing to use the Office 365 China Edition-buy

Office 365 China supports two ways to buy, Web Direct (online purchase) and CSP (reseller purchase). If the customer's business is small (dozens of users, less than 100 users) or is a personal/family purchase, you can directly choose the online purchase method. Large and medium-sized enterprise customers, choose Agents to purchase can enjoy a certain discount (depending on the circumstances).For personal us

Office 365 series Ten: Deploying O365 clients in bulk

permissions, click "Share"650) this.width=650; "title=" 3.png "src=" Http:// " alt= "Wkiom1uht3at39swaahvruegjhg866.jpg"/> Download the Office deployment tool from the Microsoft download Web site to the \\SERVER\OFFICE15 shared folderDownload Link: the downloaded Office

Microsoft released a series of new network security features (about Windows and Office 365)

650) this.width=650; "Src=" 89ae5e37c66544f79669c238cc09252d636231873570659477.jpg "style=" border:0px none;text-indent:2em;text-align:left; vertical-align:middle;margin:15px auto; "/>Microsoft has released a series of new network security features in a large RSA security conference in San Francisco, and the new features of Windows and Office 36

Office 365 Partner Admin Center Guide

Have not written a blog for a while, this time to introduce you to the Office 365 partner how to manage the corresponding usersFirst, log in to Office 365 with partner Office 365 Administrator account650) this.width=650; "title="

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