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Data cube----dimension and OLAP

One of the previous articles-the Data warehouse multidimensional data model already provides a brief description of the definition and structure of an overly-dimensional model, as well as the concept of the fact table and the dimension table (Dimension table). Multidimensional data model, as a new logical model, gives the new organization and storage form of data, and the advantage of the analysis is the effective operation and processing based on the model, which is

Bi Road Learning Note 3--olap Cube Understanding examples

analysis, and is of high performance (still dependent on design).The SQL Server integration Service, which is used primarily to extract data incrementally from the original database (SQL Server/oracle/mysql/xml/excel, etc.), is cleaned, consolidated, and evaluated and loaded into the Data warehouse. The integration project can run as a job on a regular basis in SQL Server agent.SQL Server Analysis Service, which is used primarily to analyze data in a data warehouse. The analysis development is

Parameter linkage solution Environment Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service [original]

The topic of today's blog is: parameter linkage solution. Environment: Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service. Effect: multiple parameters (1, 2 ,......) Achieve interaction. First, let's talk about the principle. A data warehouse consists of fact tables and dimensions. I understand that fact tables are actually a table composed of multiple dimensions related to a topic and the values of these dim

OLAP tools and business intelligence

calculation result generates a data cube and stores it on the server. In this way, when the end user subscribes to this analysis model, the cube can be directly used for re-calculation based on the user's dimension selection and dimension combination to achieve real-time response. Starting from the above three basic concepts of OLAP, we can find the problem in

On the powerful functions of business intelligence tools OLAP

report in just a minute-determine which dimensions should be set in the row, column, or filter area Radarcube ASP Silverlight mdash; visualize OLAP data in tabular and graphical formatFeatures: Supports any type of data source, such as databases, files, and so on. Multidimensional data sources that support SQL Server Analysis Services cubes Create calculated measures for different types (measure values based on row-table, custom ag

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