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Java OLAP engine Mondrian

Mondrian is an open-source project. An OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) engine written in Java. It implements queries using the MDX language and reads data from relational databases (RDBMS. The results are displayed in multiple dimensions through Java APIs. We all know that Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) needs to analyze a large amount of data in real tim

Poor general OLAP solution I-Mondrian Engine

As mentioned above, Mondrian is the core engine of OLAP. It is responsible for computing and caching data from relational databases and responding to queries from the presentation layer using the ms mdx syntax. The specific manifestation is a jar, which is started with Tomcat. After reading the foodmart sample, you should do it yourself. The first step is to design the

OLAP Engine--kylin Introduction

HBase, key is the combined value of each dimension member, the structure of key under different cuboid is not the same, for example cuboid={brand,product,year} The following key may be brand= ' Nike ', product= ' shoe ', year=2015, then this key can be written as nike:shoe:2015, but if you use this way there will be a lot of repetition, So normally we take all the members of a dimension and then save it in an array, using the array's subscript combination as a key, which can save the key storag

How to monitor and optimize OLAP databases and monitor olap Databases

How to monitor and optimize OLAP databases and monitor olap Databases It is very important to optimize the performance of online analysis and processing. Fortunately, some tools can help monitor and improve the operation of OLAP databases. The Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) provides a powerful engine use

Remove obstacles to OLAP when managing Oracle OLAP

OLAP options in Oracle9 I Database Release 2 introduce the analysis workspace and truly integrate the relational and multidimensional data types in the same Database. So far, the only way for developers and DBAs to use the analytic workspace is to use command line API calls to manually build them. However, with the latest Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM) version, you can better utilize the multidimensional features in Oracle

Oracle OLAP Component Reconstruction

1. Oracle OLAP Component Description For a description of all Oracle components, refer: Oracle8i/9i/10g/11g component (components) Description Http://blog.csdn.net/tianlesoftware/article/details/5937382 OLAP (on-line analytical processing), also known as DSS decision support system. OLAP is the main application of the data warehouse system. It supports complex

OLAP introduction (combined with personal work), olap introduction combined with personal

OLAP introduction (combined with personal work), olap introduction combined with personalOLTP and OLAPTraditional database systems are OLTP and can only provide raw data operations. Analysis is not supported. OLTP system: Performs online transaction and query processing. General supermarket invoicing system, functions: Registration, accounting, inventory and sales records, etc,

OLAP client Flex OLAP View user manual

OLAP ClientFlexolapview User ManualOverview flexolapview component is a method for multidimensional analysis.FLASHcontrol, available through theXMLAstandard protocol connected toOLAPservers, such as: Microsoft'sSQL ServerAnalysis Server (MS ssas2005/2008) andPentahoAnalysis Services (Mondrianand so on, it can use the pivot table and a variety of charts to display multidimensional Analysis data for real-time business analysis. This article describes

kylin-Practice OLAP

dimensions of the analysis model, Big data OLAP is the most urgent to solve the problem is a large number of real-time operations caused by the response time lag.2. Apache Kylin OLAP solution under Big DataApache Kylin BackgroundApache Kylin is a MOLAP system under the Hadoop ecosystem and is a distributed OLAP analysis engi

Use OracleDiscoverer and OLAP options

to view the OLAP logic model When you consider data from the dimension perspective, you can use the terms familiar to business personnel to create a dimension query. For example, "For each region in the world, what is the change in the percentage of income of the most important 20% of our products compared to the same period of the year from the past three months ?" Or "Who is the most important 10 customers ?" You don't h

IBM DB2 OLAP Multidimensional server solution

, managers, analysts, and business professionals need multidimensional reporting and analysis techniques to enable them to directly and intuitively explore their data and interact. A multidimensional Analysis technology-on-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is becoming more and more important in this competitive business environment. Now, with IBM DB2 OLAP servers, IBM can help you take advantage of this po

Introduction to the DB2 data warehouse OLAP Service

IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition is a set of products that combine the strengths of DB2 Data servers and the robust business intelligence infrastructure from IBM. DB2 DWE integrates Core Components for warehouse management, data conversion, data mining, and OLAP analysis and reporting. In this article, we focus on the OLAP Service provided by DB2 DWE. What is OLAP?

OLAP learning and instance Building

OLAP learning and instance Building Theoretical preparation: I. OLAP 1. What is OLAP? OLAP (on-lineanalysis processing) is a fast analysis technology that shares multidimensional information. OLAP uses multidimensional database technology to enable users to observe data from

Old money says big Data (1)----Big data OLAP and OLTP analysis

. Spark+hadoop: Architecture: One of the better technologies in Spark technology is-spark SQL, which enables the use of SQL to manipulate the rdd of Spark, and of course the spark SQL will eventually be used by Spark's engine to be converted into the mapreduce of Spark. Maturity: is still telling development. Efficiency: Overall higher than the hive rate, but if the amount of data is very large, there is no particularl

MySQL and OLAP: exploring the best practices for analytics_mysql

MySQL and OLAP: analyticdb SQL query best practices for multi-dimensional analysis. the rough and fast solution is to use ROLAP (relational OLAP. Data is stored in MySQL after Dimensional Modeling. The ROLAP engine (such as the open-source Mondrian) is responsible for converting OLAP requests into SQL statements and su

Understanding multidimensional data structures for OLAP

advance, such as Web files. As with multidimensional databases on the server, the active data can be placed on disk or RAM. These three types of storage have different performance, in which the relational database processing speed is much lower than the other two kinds. 4. How OLAP data is processed OLAP has three methods of data processing. In fact, multidimensional data calculations do not need to be

Batchdb:efficient Isolated Execution of Hybrid Oltp+olap workloads for Interactive applications report

In this paper we present BATCHDB, a in-memory database engine designed for hybrid OLTP and OLAP workloads. BATCHDB achieves good performance, provides a high level of data freshness, and minimizes load interaction between the TRA Nsactional and analytical engines, thus enabling real time analysis over fresh data under tight SLAs for both OLTP and OLA P workloads. This article describes a memory database

How to monitor and optimize OLAP database _mssql

Optimizing the performance of online analysis processing is very important, and fortunately, some tools can help monitor and improve the operation of OLAP databases. Microsoft SQL Server Analytics Services (SSAS) provides a powerful engine for creating and managing data mining applications and online analytical processing systems, and you should carefully monitor and optimize

MySQL and OLAP: a best practice exploration of analytic SQL queries

Tags: mysql performance optimization OLAPA multi-dimensional analysis, rough fast solution is to use ROLAP (relational OLAP). Data is modeled after dimensions and stored in the Mysql,rolap engine (such as open source Mondrian) is responsible for translating OLAP requests into SQL statements to the database. The OLAP co

SQL Server skills: how to monitor and optimize OLAP Databases

SQL Server skills: how to monitor and optimize OLAP Databases It is very important to optimize the performance of online analysis and processing. Fortunately, some tools can help monitor and improve the operation of OLAP databases. The Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) provides a powerful engine used to create and manage data mining applications and

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