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I wish I'd known that when I was 20 years old--a book to give advice to 20 years old.

the more resources you can use.18. People often force themselves to take too much responsibility to avoid letting themselves down with others, which not only binds themselves, but also makes them exhausted. Life is like a big plate of delicious buffet, it seems to be full of possibilities, but if you take too much, it will make yourself indigestion.19. "Aggressiveness" and "positive enterprising" are two completely different concepts. "Competitive", like to participate in a "0 and" game, some p

The old man and the old man came from the Book of Songs.

My understanding of the Book of Songs is limitedPiway, in the river state.Ladies and gentlemen, "Guan Yu ". Today, I learned that the "Book of Songs" is also from the "Book of Songs" that have always touched me. It seems that the "Book of Songs" is the love blog of ancient people. The

"Old code said programming to play the Swift Lake" a book finally published

Today, our first book, based on XCode6.1 's latest version of Swift Grammar, has a lovely name: "The old code says programming to the Swift River," and a beautiful cover:This book is not a pedigree, it's just a five-bit it old yard kid.One day in May, we have a few old yards

A year of handmade Java old A book started pre-sale

Java old A This book for a long time, yesterday finally began to china-pub on the pre-sale, other sites may be slower, but since the call presale, it must have not arrived.Interested people can go to see Kazakhstan (subsequent other website addresses will also be published here):Http://search.china-pub.com/s/?key1=java%cc%d8%d6%d6%b1%f8type=pz=1For the contents of this

Old boy's 2017-year Shell programming battle book cover design You're the Boss!

Dear friends, everyone, the old boy's second book, "Shell Programming Combat" is about to meet with everyone (expected early January 2017)!Please participate in the selection of the color of the cover, loudly tell the old boy, time until December 22 22:00, your choice will directly determine the book's cover design, thank you!Please comment out the

The four back: Starry night to return to the muddy tears of the old book House [Lin Handsome works serial]

Lin two schooling those years, is one of the most! When there are courtiers, rich children, or white scholar, all in a ju, eat wine, mob brawl ranged. One of the only articles of calligraphy is not to say, a door is more technical war cooked rotten, but not to say.Lin was about to think down, suddenly listen to the roadside a man shouted: "Borrowed, borrowed ... Lin 21 heard back to God, see the stone at the foot of a color green point, the original is his just now sense of tears wet, can't hel

Old boy's MySQL private cuisine new book Video 1-9 chapter first plugging for fast

the various parameters and practical knowledge of recovery.201706 old boy MySQL private cuisine in the 8th chapter-Enterprise Backup Core knowledge and incremental backup recovery practice explainingHttp://edu.51cto.com/course/course_id-10193.htmlDescription: Introduces many concepts of backup and recovery, focuses on the characteristics and differences between physical and logical backups, and finally explains the data backup of production scenarios

Buy a new signature book from the old boy!

Buy old boy teacher's course give the old boy a signed new book, The activity is time-limited yo!650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7E/92/wKiom1cEoRngUmZyAAE4dEOy_TQ586.jpg "title=" QQ picture 20160406133839.jpg "alt=" wkiom1ceorngumzyaae4deoy_tq586.jpg "/> Activity Description:http://51edu.blog.51cto.com/8899635/1755202Old boy teacher cou

I recently got a good book the old New thing!

The old new thing recently got a good book. The name is the old new thing. I didn't think about how to translate it. It's called "retalking old words" and I don't know if it's appropriate. The title is practical development throughout the evolution of windows. This article mainly discusses the underlying mechanism of w

Important "Sue K2 old customer book

K2 recently upgraded to optimize the after-sales support system, in order to be better for the dear old customers to answer questions, such as: "Mother and wife drop in the water first save who", "noon eat what Evening eat what", "technical male how learn to tease sister" ... None of these questions will tell you.After-sales team as a professional force, is committed to K2 old customers to provide solutions

C + + STL Source Analysis Learning Note (ii) iterator auto_ptr (old version of book example new version C + + has abolished this concept)

ITERATORTemplateInputiterator Find (inputiterator first,inputiterator last,const t value){while (first! = Last *first! = value)++first;return first;}code example1#include 2#include 3#include 4#include 5#include 6#include 7 8 using namespacestd;9 Ten intMainintargcChar*argv[]) One { A Const intArraySize =7; - intIa[arraysize] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6}; - thevectorint> Ivect (ia,ia+arraySize); -listint> IList (ia,ia+arraySize); -dequeint> Ideque (ia,ia+arraySize); - +vectorint>::iterator it1 =

The old boy new book Shell programming actual combat scheduled to begin-Package parcel answer

Old boy new book Shell programming Real-time scheduled to start (scan the QR code to purchase the regular package of mail), dear friends, keep you waiting. Computer User Poke Computer Purchase linksNote: Package parcel post 3 months (after 2017 Chinese New Year) Q Group book content answer questions, is equal to white send bo

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