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Python review-Review 4 Lessons (December 1)

([parameter list])//CallParameters of the functionFormal parameters and actual parameters-When defining a function, the name of the variable in parentheses after the function name is called a "formal parameter," or "formal argument"-When calling a function, the name of the variable in parentheses after the function name is called "actual parameter", or "argument"Default parameter (default parameter)def fun (x, y=100):Print x, yFun ($)Fun (1)Variables

Python review 4-1 functions, parameters, return values, recursion

# dict_test = {' x ': ' He Llo ', ' Y ': ' World '}# Func6 (Ten, **dict_test) "" "a = 10b = 50c = {' Y ': ' World ', ' x ': ' Hello '}#### 函数的变量##### 局部变量和全局变量- python 中的任何变量都有特定的作用域- 在函数中定义的变量一般只能在该函数内部使用,这些只能在程序特定部分使用的变量我们称之为局部变量- 在一个文件顶部定义的变量可以供文件中的任何函数调用,这些可以为整个程序所使用的变量称为全局变量x = 100//global variabledef func ():x = 200//local variablePrint (x)Func ()Print (x)200 Calling x = 200 inside the function100 Calling X = 100 outside the function##### 函数中操作局部变量- 在函数中要以调用全局变量x = 100def fun ():Print (x)

Python expansion 1 Week1-week5 review review

Knowledge Content:1.python Basic concepts and basic grammar2.python Basic Data type3.python Module Related4.python function Correlation5.python Object-oriented correlation6.python file Processing RelatedFirst, Python basic concepts and basic grammar1.python is a language, what are the pros and cons, what are the areas of application?What is the function of the variables in 2.python, and how should they be properly named?3. Explain Python's and-or synt

Basic Review of Javascript (1) type, review of javascript

Basic Review of Javascript (1) type, review of javascript This is the last article in the expression series from simple to deep, but recently the team has been busy and never been busy! However, if you like expressions, please rest assured that some basic principles of Javascript are common in your work, so I decided to spend some time organizing the basic knowle

Python Basics Review-1-1 file types, variables, operators, expressions

File type: python源文件 由python解释器执行.pyc python源码编译后生成的文件(字节代码)编译方法: 源码文件中使用py_compile模块 import py_compile py_complie.compile(‘***.py‘) .pyo python源码优化编译后后文件 python -O -m compile ***.py (无需要源码中使用 compile模块) -O 表示优化 -m 表示模块 Python variablesA variable is an area of computer memory that can store values within a specified range, and the value can be changedThe python under variable is a reference to a dataVariableThe python under variable is a reference to a dataV

C ++ knowledge Review (1), knowledge Review

C ++ knowledge Review (1), knowledge Review I feel that the World is always agreed, and the first program in every language is always Hello World! However, some books seem to be pursuing individuality and will use others, but they are Not Hello World! I need to learn more about C ++, so from the very beginning. Hello World: 1

Database Review 4--View

update described here contains update, INSERT, delete three operations But we found that even if we were updating the simple view on a single relationship, we would have problems, such as update the status value of a vendor in a good Vendor table: update good_supplier set status = 10 where S# = ‘s1‘; DBMS translated into update S set status = 10 where status > 15 and S# = ‘s1‘; execution, and the definition of the view good_supplier does not change, then the execution of this sentence vendor S1

Java Review Road 4

Static use in Java1. Static variables (class variables).2. Static methods (class methods). In fact, the main method we've been writing about is static methods.Need to note:1 static members can be called directly in a static method, but not non-static members directly.If you want to invoke a non-static variable in a static method, you can access the non-static variable by creating the object of the class and then through the object.2, in the ordinary m

2014 soft test programmer-frequent test knowledge point review notes [Chapter 4]

51cto college specially sorted out "2014 soft test programmer-General test knowledge point review notes [summary]" in the soft test preparation season to help schools pass through smoothly! For more software proficiency test counseling and questions, please pay attention to the 51cto college-soft exam classification! View summary:2014 soft test programmer-frequent test knowledge point review notes [summar

Review Html+css (4)

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 8 binary 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Ten One " + + + + + 16 binary 0 1

Python Review and Collation 4: Sequence (string/list/tuple)

0. DescriptionA sequence is a generic term for some of the data types of python, such as strings, lists, and tuples, which are collectively referred to as sequences because their members are arranged in an orderly manner and can be accessed by the subscript offset to one or more of its members .The idea is to first introduce the operators and the built-in functions that apply to all sequence types, and then describe each of these sequence types separately .

Future-oriented employees (Harvard Business Review, 10th, 2016), people who rely on good quality to rise to high levels, but the behavior is more and more low. 4 stars

0.61 (ideally 1.0) #5205: When any professional judgment produces noise, the algorithm should be considered to replace the artificial decision. But in most cases, this approach is too extreme, or unrealistic. #6176: Most of the training did not improve the performance of the Organization, because the staff quickly re-use the original way of doing things. #8187: The organizational system that prescribes roles, responsibilities and relationships has a huge impact on individual thinking patterns a

iOS Review Note 4: Memory management

A basic principle1 Why memory management is requiredBecause mobile devices have limited memory, each app occupies a limited amount of space.When the app takes up too much memory space, the system issues a memory warning, which reclaims some unused memory.For example, class objects and instances that are no longer used.2 Managing ObjectsAny object that inherits from the NSObject class3 Memory AreaHeap: Actively allocating space, requiring managementStacks: Local variables, automatic managementFor

Architecture Review 4--thread-level parallelism

basic concepts of the operating system course, are not reviewed here.7.5 Storage IdentitiesStorage Identity (also known as coherence) refers to a convention that each process sees when multiple processors concurrently read and write operations on different storage units are ordered to be completedStorage Consistency is guaranteed to be visible to all readers when a cell in a shared storage space is modified, and it does not involve: When to make a write data visible Processor P1 an

Objc-C Knowledge Point Review 4 NSString and NSMutableString

Objc-C Knowledge Point Review 4 NSString and NSMutableString 1. NSString // NSString: unchangeable string. Once created, you cannot modify // initialization method // create an empty string NSString * string1 = [[NSString alloc] init]; NSLog (@ "% @", string1); // create an NSString object NSString * string2 = [[NSString alloc] initWithString: @ "iPhone"] based o

C Basic Review 4

>2:fibonacci (n-1) + Fibonacci (n-2)As with recursive invocation cost: More than one redundant computation, each recursion triggers the other two recursive calls.Using the iterative method to achieve:1 LongFibonacci (intN)2 {3 Longresult;4 LongPrevious_result;5 LongNext_older_result;6result = Previous_result =1;7 while(n>2){8n-=1;9Next_older_resu

Struts2 knowledge Review 4

action name Namespace: namespace for jump action Method specifies the method in the jump action.Example: (2) UI tags include form tags, non-form tags, and Ajax tags. Struts2 form tag benefitsBenefit 1: a set of built-in stylesBenefit 2: it automatically displays the tag value based on the value in the stack, and does not need value = "$ {user. name} as before} Theme attribute: Specifies the topic of the form.XHTML: DefaultSimpl

C # Review notes (4)--c#3: Innovative Ways to write code (extension method)

thread-safe. groupby groupingSuppose you want to observe the number of bugs that the program appears in, grouping them into categories:Bugs. GroupBy (bug = Bug . AssignedTo) new {Developer = list. Key, Count = list. Count ()}) = = X.count);The result is a igroupingWhen you study enumerable classes, you tend to feel confused about what happened--for example, an overloaded version of GroupBy has 4 type parameters and 5 "no

Java Review 4 Java basic data types

For Java basic data types, I'm really interested in reference data types, and here I'm mostly talking about application data types.The recommended two URLs for Java basic data types are:1. data type:Class, interface type, array type, enumeration type, annotation type; When a reference data type is created, it first allocates a piec

Data Structure Review 4 tree

1. Two Fork search treeCharacteristics:1. Each element has a key, and each element must have a different key.2. The key 3. The subtree still satisfies the conditions.Indexed binary search tree: The field with Leftsize on the left side indicates the number of left-side nodes +1.Insert: Compare the key of the inserted node and the root node in turnDelete:

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