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DB2 physical database design for the OLTP environment: reliability, availability, and scalability

do not provide you with full protection when the disk is damaged. If the source disk is damaged, the damaged data is also transmitted to the target. In addition, this solution does not provide the instantaneous failover function, which is critical to 24x7 businesses. DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery features This is a low-cost and easy-to-manage replication solution. It provides high availability and disaster recovery solutions for some and all site faults. It also provides transient fai

Different database design for OLTP and DSS

OLTP database OLTP = online transaction processing DSS = Data warehousing online things processing Data Warehouse For example: aircraft booking, online trading, BBS, etc. example: Various resource information query system large number of online users and DML operations very few DML operati

DB2 physical database design for the OLTP environment: scale adjustment and capacity management

be seamlessly expanded based on changes in business needs. In addition, a good plan will take into account workload changes. The main goal of capacity planning is to determine the requirements of system resources, design a balanced system, and optimize resources to achieve the best performance and throughput to meet business needs. When we discuss database scale adjustment and capacity management, DB2

The traditional database is declining, the new OLTP database is developing hot (I.)

is not to say that other types of database is not good, but we have entered a database of a variety of times, different databases have their own characteristics and good places, not generalize. For consistency, for example, the bank's business needs to strong consistency to ensure that the money is in and out, and that the microblog application can abandon some consistency in exchange for high system throu

Parallel Database for OLTP and OLAP

Parallel Database for OLTP and OLAPJust ASurvey article on materials in parallel database products andTechnologies for OLTP/OLAP applications. It mainly covers majorCommercial/academic efforts on developing parallel DBMS to solve theEver growing large amount of relational data processing problem.Part I–parallel DBMSs1.

The traditional database is declining, the new OLTP database is developing hot

Tags: hp Amazon Main Table user add cares about using References: (1) "OLTP Through The Looking Glass, and what We Found there" (2) The End of an architectural Era. VLDB 2007 More and more programs ape start to do mobile app development, really do the bottom system development Program Ape is still a few. See the domestic database system development information is not very much, I also put my own understa

Analysis of MySQL database OLTP benchmarking _ PHP Tutorial

Analyze the MySQL database OLTP benchmark test. Analysis of MySQL database OLTP benchmark test sysbench is an excellent benchmark testing tool that can accurately simulate the I/O mode of the MySQL database storage engine InnoDB disk. Therefore, the basic analysis of MySQL

Analysis of MySQL database OLTP Benchmark Test

Analysis of MySQL database OLTP Benchmark Test Sysbench is an excellent benchmark testing tool that accurately simulates the I/O mode of the InnoDB disk of the MySQL database storage engine. Therefore, based on this feature of sysbench, we will use this tool to benchmark and verify MySQL database support from simple to

2014 OLTP Memory Database lock test

According to Microsoft, because the memory database uses Optimistic Concurrency Control, transactions do not need to be locked to lock resources to ensure consistency. Microsoft believes that there are very few conflicts and failures in the transactions in the memory database, so it is assumed that all parallel transactions are successful. Therefore, writing does not block reading and writing. The followin

(Excerpt) _ Database Design entry classic: Building a quickly executed database model _ 8.1 requirements for different database models

are linked to the same dimension. Data mart can be considered as a group of dimensions of a single large fact table (or a star schema of one or two fact tables) and its link.8.1.4 database model AdjustmentThe biggest problem with database model adjustment is that the adjustment must be carried out in the design phase and should be done before all development wor

Database design--11 important database design rules

Tags: blog http io using ar strong data SP problemBrief introductionBefore you start reading this article, I have to tell you clearly that I am not a master of database design. The 11 points listed below are the personal insights I have learned from my own experience in project practice and reading. I personally think they have provided a great help to my database

Practice the truth About database design experience __ Database

If the database design is likened to Sherlock Holmes, according to a variety of conditions, restrictions, rules, the ladder of Cocoon, looking for the mutual links, step-by-step in-depth case of the middle, the final settlement of the case. But the first need to solve the case, then for the database design to use a lon

Design of tree structure (hibernate mapping of a tree to database and design of database tables) __ Database

Database model (ID-PID): A father has many children, and a child has only one father, such a structure is a tree. In a database table, the ID and PID (parent_id) are designed. A tree is stored by ID and PID. From the object-oriented design point of view, in the tree node class is not suitable for PID, a node has 1 or 0 fathers, and 0 or children. So the

"Introduction to Database Design Classics" Reading notes--Chapter One: the past and present of database modeling

Tags: Time table transaction post customer service sharing cannot SSI"The beginning of the database design classic", is now learning this book, although the previous read a similar book, may be due to previous experience, some of the book said something only digested part, now relive side understood more. So read the first time read do not understand it does not matter, after a a year to read again, or will

11 Database Design Guidelines and 11 database guidelines I have followed

. Let's take a look at what these two types are. Transaction type: For such applications, the end user pays more attention to addition, deletion, modification, and query, such as adding, reading, updating, and deleting records. For this type of database, we officially call it OLTP (Translator's note: Online Transaction Processing, Online Transaction Processing ). Analyticdb: For such applications, end users

(Excerpt) _ Database Design entry classic: Building a quickly executed database model _ 8.2 writing efficient queries

warehouses. Therefore, in a data warehouse, as few tables as possible for large and complex queries, so as to reduce the number of tables in the join query. For OLTP databases and data warehouse databases, too many tables are connected simultaneously during queries, which has the greatest impact on query performance. The data warehouse is also deteriorating due to the huge amount of data. Some common experience in adjusting SQL code performance: ●

Database Design Skills (I) design database categories allow data types of commodities

Transfer http://www.wgjz.com/database/other/20070515/89173.html When it comes to databases, I don't think we have to talk about the data structure first. In 1996, when I first went to college to study computer programming, the teacher told us that computer programs = data structures + algorithms. Although the current development of programs has gradually transitioned from process-oriented to object-oriented, I strongly agree with the formula that the

Software design Scheme (Database design principles) __ Database

Database technology is the most effective means of information resource management. Database design is the core and foundation of establishing database and its application system, it requires to construct a better database mode for the specified application environment, set

Three major paradigms of database design and three major paradigms of Database Design

Three major paradigms of database design and three major paradigms of Database Design In order to establish a database with low redundancy and reasonable structure, certain rules must be followed when designing the database. In re

MYSQL database design and database design example (1) _ MySQL

MYSQL database design and database design example (I) preparations before bitsCN.com database design and database design

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