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Propagation delay (propagation delay) and transmit delay (transmission delay)

Original: Http://wzw19191.blog.sohu.com/135110823.html The concept of propagation delay refers to the transmission of electromagnetic signals or optical signals in the transmission medium delay, and in the optical fiber or copper wire, the optical signal and electromagnetic signal propagation speed of more than 200,000 km/s, in the transmission medium transmission is electromagnetic signal or optical signal

FPGA static timing analysis-I/O port timing (input delay/output delay)

chips to FPGA by the system clock. Figure 1.3 FPGA data input model The input delay is the delay time from the external device to the FPGA input port. This includes the latency from the clock source to the FPGA, the latency from the external device, the TCO of data transmission from the external device, and the cabling latency on the PCB. As shown in Figure 1.4, It is the timing of the external device and

About 51 precision delay and Keil simulation delay time

Transferred from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_980e19e00101b5dh.htmlSometimes precise delay is required, such as the 18B20 temperature sensor is very strict in timing requirements and must be accurate to the microsecond levelFirst, with the NOP functionIn Keil C51, call the library function directly:#include//declared void _nop_ (void);_nop_ (); Produce a NOP instructionFunction: For the delay is very sho

"Linux Device Drivers" The seventh chapter time, delay and delay operation--note

); u64 get_jiffies_64 (void); proc/interrupts Processor-specific Registers The most famous counter register is the TSC RDTSC (Low32, High32); RDTSCL (LOW32); RDTSCL1 (VAR64); cycles_t get_cycles (void); Define RDTSCL (dest) __asm__ __volatile__ ("Mfs0%0,$9; NOP ":" =r "(dest)) Get current time

Delay loading external JS files, delay loading pictures (jquery.lazyload.js and Echo,js)

JS in the case of delay loading, most can not be separated from the two situations, namely the external JS file delay loading, as well as the delayed loading of web images:1. First of all, briefly describe the JS file of the 3 kinds of lazy loading mode:(1) (2) Set the specific delay time, the corresponding JS code is as follows:function Loadscript () { var my

Improved delay function delay (with msgwaitformultipleobjects waiting for messages or timeouts)

The second way to address the CPU usage of the delay function in the previous section (up to 50%) is to use the message mechanism to wait for messages or timeouts through API functions MsgWaitForMultipleObjects, thus avoiding the use of cyclic detection to make CPU usage too high. The complete modified version of the delay function code is as follows:[Delphi]View Plaincopyprint? Procedure

QT blocking delay and non-blocking delay (four methods of personal notes)

/***************************************************************************************** * Function Description: Millisecond non-blocking delay function* Parameter: Delay millisecond number* Other instructions: tested, available, but with high CPU usage*****************************************************************************************/void Vdpumngui::msecsleep (int msec){Qtime dietime = Qtime::curre

Ignored Magic--php Reference delay assignment (late data delay binding)

efficiency is slow, If you think about thousands of of the data is the same no need to pay attention, but if the processing is tens other data volume, complex SQL in many cases than simple SQL efficiency, then the use of circular query can not continue to optimize. But we look at the user information is also in the loop to query, this is very bad, my project team very do not want to see such a code, 10 posts are a person initiated, nearly 50 comments will have a lot of active users of data, so

Ignored magic-delay value assignment for php reference (late data delay binding)

The ignored magic-delay assignment of php reference (delayed data binding in later stages). we can see this topic. you know what I want to talk about today is the variable reference feature of php, but what is the delay assignment? This is mainly an idea I have recently optimized some features. I think it is still good and I plan to record it. Look at the pseudocode below the example: // This code may be

Internal delay and external delay for non-blocking assignment

Learning Verilog for a while, literally understanding that the difference between blocking and non-blocking is straightforward. The former is serial, mainly used to describe combinatorial logic, and is similar to the assignment in software; the latter is parallel and is mainly used to describe the temporal logic.However, when mixed with internal delay and external delay, various unexpected situations occur.

In VHDL, "Transmission delay" and "inertia delay"

The transmission delay is the easiest to understand the delay between the input change and the output change. The corresponding syntax is transportFor example B Inertia delay takes into account the capacitive effect, that is, if the input is a (relatively) narrow pulse, it will be ignored and will not react to the output.For example zIf x has a pulse less than 20

The delay script technology in javascript and the javascript delay script

The delay script technology in javascript and the javascript delay script Defer: When the script is executed, it will be delayed until the entire page is parsed and then running. How to delay the execution of a method in javaScript? SetTimeout () is executed only once.If you want to call it multiple times, use setInterval () or let the code itself call s

MyBatis learning-delay loading, mybatis-Delay

MyBatis learning-delay loading, mybatis-Delay Introduction   In resultMap, advanced ing can be implemented (one-to-one and one-to-many ing can be implemented using association and collection). association and collection have the delayed loading function. For example, we query the order and associate it with the user information. If you want to query the order information first, you can query the user inf

Delay loading of MEF notes and delay of mef notes

Delay loading of MEF notes and delay of mef notes Reference: Implementation of delayed loading parts in MEF Author: TianFangUsing System; using System. collections. generic; using System. componentModel. composition; using System. componentModel. composition. hosting; namespace delayed loading {interface ILogger {void Log (string message);} [Export (typeof (ILogger)] class ConsoleLogger: ILogger {public voi

Ignored Magic--php Reference delay assignment (late data delay binding)

See this topic you know what I'm going to say today is the PHP variable reference feature, but what about deferred assignment? This is mainly my recent optimization of some features of an idea, I think it is good, I intend to record it. Take a look at the following pseudo-code: This code someone would say why not use the table, because some business requirements without the efficiency of the table is 3 to 20 times times of the table///My project is basically this kind of writing, more than the

[jquery effect Delay (Duration,[queuename])] This method is used to set the delay for execution of the next item in the queue

This method is used to set the delay for execution of the next item in the queueInstance:[jquery effect Delay (Duration,[queuename])] This method is used to set the delay for execution of the next item in the queue

Detailed explanation on how PHP achieves order delay processing, and detailed explanation on php Order Delay

Detailed explanation on how PHP achieves order delay processing, and detailed explanation on php Order Delay Business Requirements Orders are a feature that we often encounter in daily development. Recently, when doing business, we need to implement the function of automatically canceling the order timeout and unpaid payment after the customer places the order. At the beginning, we confirmed several methods

A picture delay-loading plug-in with jquery (with picture delay loading principle) _jquery

Delayed loading of pictures is also called lazy loading, which is usually applied to pages with more pictures. If a page picture is more, and the page height or width has several screens, the page first load, only show the picture of the visual area, when the page scrolling, the picture into the visual area to load, which can significantly improve the loading speed of the page , fewer pictures concurrent requests can also reduce the pressure on the server. If the user only stays in the first scr

Windows command line BAT batch delay Sleep method (batch delay) _dos/bat

Windows batch files do not have a Linux-like sleep function for latency processing, there are 2 more practical ways to implement latency: 1, the use of wscirpt sleep function, precision 0.001 seconds Create a VBS delay file, and then invoke it in a batch file, using the WScript sleep function, to achieve the effect of sleep. Actual combat: 1 Create file Sleep.vbs: echo Wscript.Sleep 5000 > Sleep.vbs Sleep.vbs contents are as follows: Wscript.Sl

Three methods of ASP delay page delay-Application Tips

Two simple ways to delay ASP pages ASP delay of the first Copy Code code as follows: ' Setup the variables necessary to accomplish the task Dim Timerstart, Timerend, Timernow, timerwait ' How many seconds do your want them to wait ... timerwait = 5 ' Setup and start ' timers Timernow = Timer Timerstart = Timernow Timerend = Timerstart + timerwait ' Keep it in a loop for the

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