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What is the real role of the design portfolio site?

What is the real role of the design portfolio site? Original address: What is the real role of a design portfolio website? Original Fabricio Teixeira Translator: Noturnot Reviewer: leviding What is the real

The first national Portfolio marketing software SKYCC evaluation is not only multi-directional

Always walk in the marketing software market front-end SKYCC, these years no lack of pride, the country's first multi-user mass software, the country's first group of classified information mass software all to the user has been pleasantly surprised,

30 beautiful single-page portfolio website design cases

A single-page website is a website with only one page. Such websites generally use the anchor to achieve smooth navigation. Many designer portfolio websites also use the single page type, which is well designed. Today, I will share with you 30

The first part is the process improvement method first.

Document options Level: IntermediateNandu, rational High-Level Technical Specialist,

Use jQuery & amp; CSS3 to implement the flip portfolio slider. Use jquery

Use jQuery & CSS3 to implement the flip portfolio slider, and use jquery As a Web developer, I think you must have seen a variety of image slider effects. There are many ways to display products or personal works, one of which is to use a mesh-style

How to create an excellent personal website?

Requirement 1: Determine the website subject and locate the website reasonably To create a website, you must first solve the website content problem, that is, determine the website subject. PC magazine in the United States rated 10 things of the top

Exquisite & Creative WordPress new theme set

Today, I have organized some exquisite and creative new WordPress Themes, which are basically integrated with the latest design concepts, from simplicity to responsiveness.Engo-Smart & Minimal WordPress Theme-MORE INFO Engo is a smart,Clean &

Share nine jquery plug-ins required for single-page website development

Date: 2012-7-25 Source: As a simple, fast, and easy-to-maintain page design solution, single-page websites are increasingly favored by Studio, portfolio, or personal blog website users, we can use different special effects to enrich and

ThemeForest Website Template Design Competition Outstanding Award-winning works

From January 1 to 31st, foreign well-known design website ThemeForest held a fierce website template design competition. Many designers participated in the competition and submitted many excellent works. The winner's list was selected and announced

The latest 70 best single-page website design cases (Part 1)

A single-page website is a website with only one page. This type of website has been very popular, and many people still like it. However, not every website is suitable for a single page. It is generally suitable for scenarios where the content is

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