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The driver that the printer sends to OneNote 2010 is unknown to the Microsoft OneNote 2010 driver.

Label: the driver that the printer sends to OneNote 2010 is unknown to the Microsoft OneNote 2010 driver. A printer driver error occurs in the Windows 2008 system log. After careful observation, the printer is selected by the connection terminal. The error is as follows: Figure 1: 650) This. width = 650; "Title =" 1.jpg" alt = "wkiom1rftu2dtpbwaahg2g4imee290.jpg" src = "

How to write a blog using OneNote and how to write a blog using OneNote

How to write a blog using OneNote and how to write a blog using OneNote 1. Go to the OneNote partition where you want to publish a blog and click the file in the menu bar. 2. Click send to blog 3. At this time, the word program will start to pop up the following dialog box (if you have never set it), click Register now 4. select another on

WIN10 system OneNote How do I turn on automatic sync? WIN10 system OneNote Open automatic Sync method

OneNote is a set of free form information acquisition and multiuser collaboration tools. Most commonly used on laptops or desktops, but this software is better suited for Tablet PCs that support stylus operations, where you can create notes using stylus, sound, or video, which is more convenient than simply using a keyboard. But recently some users of WIN10 systems have found that OneNote is not synchronize

OneNote new Notebook (text)

OneNote new Notebook (text) First, click the Start button, expand the Office2013 folder, and select OneNote software to open. OneNote After opening the software will automatically start the default boot, in the taskbar we can see its icon. OneNote Later we want to use, press the win icon to build +n

OneNote 2013 New features

OneNote is a digital notebook for creating and storing all your notes. Notes are automatically saved and searchable, so you can always find them when you need them. When you go out, they are inseparable from you, and you can access them with your favorite device or almost any browser. Step by step With OneNote apps on your favorite devices (Windows Phone, Windows 7 or 8, IOS, and Android), your notes will

How the WIN10 system opens OneNote cloud notes record life

OneNote is a very good cloud-note software that comes from Microsoft, the software tycoon. In the latest WIN10 system, Microsoft integrates OneNote into the system. Do you know how to open a OneNote cloud note under Win10?   Operation method 1. Click the Start button. 2. Select OneNote tiles. Or click on all

WIN10 Note (OneNote) Replacement action

WIN10 Notification Center comes with notes, corresponding to the system comes with OneNote, has been using the line. One day suddenly a nervous, unable to synchronize. Later, this is OneNote has always been the problem, no language.The onenote2016 that comes with Office is another version of OneNote that can now be synced. For maximum patience, or to continue usi

Experience Win8 OneNote High efficiency and great features

Today, the official opening of the play OneNote. The first to see the WIN8 system Metro OneNote application, its concise interface deep love! Very clear Notebook--zoning--page management level is easy to use, Next will have a few articles to dig into the excellent place of OneNote and share to everyone, here is a Microsoft official propaganda video, tog

Tip: Use OneNote 2010 to record notes while viewing a Web page or document

Do you often see interesting content while browsing the Web or looking at a variety of documents without knowing how to save it? Don't worry, let me help you. Below, let's take a record of what's on the Web page and tell you how to use OneNote 2010 to easily record your notes. Documents can take the same approach. Copy Paste method: 1. Browse the Web, find what you want to record, and keep the page window in front of you; 2. Press the Win+shift+n

Synchronize OneNote with Baidu online storage

Currently, there are many cloud storage options, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Baidu's recently launched Baidu online storage. SkyDrive's 25 GB free space is very attractive, but the client does not support Win2003 (the company's computer system Win2003), which has some limitations. Today, I registered a Baidu online storage disk with a space of 15 GB. I can also invite friends to resize it. Another advantage is that it is generally not Wall-protected, so I decided to choose Baidu

Office-002-onenote, Word, Outlook cancel first Letter size text

This article mainly describes how to cancel the Microsoft Office software OneNote, work, Outlook, such as the initial capitalization of the AutoCorrect entries, other Office Office software related settings, you can refer to this article for the corresponding settings. Hope to pro help, if there is a mistake, please the great God, I appreciate it!OneNote sets the default settings for AutoCorrect items such

The OneNote synchronization problem has finally been solved.

For a long time, the OneNote synchronization feature was quite disgusting. I once gave up OneNote, but today I finally found a solution. You can use the synchronization function of the quick disk. You only need to place the OneNote notebook in the synchronization folder of the quick disk (you need to specify it during installation), as long as the file changes,

Experience from using the Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a note taking application comes with the Microsoft Office Bundle, I downloaded it four days ago s Ince I feel like I desperately need a tool to help manage my scheduleas well as enforcing a mission on Myself because it had always been my weakness that I had little self-control.The inspiration I got for using this app are from my past working experience at Vodafone Sydney, where my boss Rachel have a notebook that's used for reco

OneNote online note service using email to save records tutorial

1. Visit the OneNote email account settings page:, and the user can renew their Microsoft account2. Select your frequently-used email account, such as Microsoft Live email, and save the email to take effect.3. Open the Microsoft online mailbox service. You can also select a Chinese mailbox.4, consistent with daily operations, new mail, recipient fill:, recommended to join the common cont

Win8.1 How to change OneNote screen capture shortcut keys

In the WIN8 system, the Win+s key is the OneNote screen clipping feature, but in the upgraded win8.1 system, the Win+s key combination opens the search function in the Super button, and the different open way makes the user a little unprepared, How are users going to make changes to the OneNote screen capture shortcut key by themselves, making it easier to operate? Operation Steps: 1, press win+r, input:

9.1.1_ using OneNote to do GTD

1. Create a Today -to-DOS partition2,Create a3+1Listing: collection basket , action list , future list daily and wait list , Project list ( work project personal area expansion ), can also be created according to their own preferences such as : wish list, etc. 3 , OneNote Mark : set up a today todo tagHere is a summary of the action list, work items, and individual areas4, Filter today to-dos , create a summary page , filter out today

How does OneNote start

1, first click the Start button--Expand the folder where the Office files reside, and select OneNote software to open. 2, open the software will automatically start the default boot, in the taskbar we can see its icon. 3, later we want to use the time, press the win icon built +n can quickly open OneNote software. 4. Choose a new Notepad--then a small Notepad window will pop up and c

The pain of the OneNote sync problem finally found a solution

All along, OneNote's syncing was disgusting, and I used to give up using OneNote, but today I finally found a solution. You can use the Sync feature of the fast disk, as long as the OneNote notebook is placed in the Sync folder of the fast disk (you need to specify at the time of installation), so as long as the file changes, the fast disk will be uploaded in real time. Also on another computer, just set u

OneNote 2010: how to quickly recognize and extract text from images

In OneNote 2010, there is a very powerful feature, namely, graphics and text recognition, which can be used to quickly extract the information in the picture. Operation Steps: 1, in the OneNote notebook page, find the picture that needs to extract the document information, then right click, in the shortcut menu to perform the "Copy Picture Text" command, as shown in Figure 1: 2, so that the t

OneNote for Mac shortcut keys

The following OneNote shortcut keys are not all, but all I carefully selected out, I hope to help you! Command + number keys Command + Shift + T Select title Tab Create a table in the middle of text Command +] Indent paragraphs from anywhere in a paragraph Command + D Insert the current date, as 15/6/6 Command + Shift + D Insert the curr

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