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OneNote for Mac shortcut keys

The following OneNote shortcut keys are not all, but all I carefully selected out, I hope to help you! Command + number keys Command + Shift + T Select title Tab Create a table in the middle of text Command +] Indent paragraphs from anywhere in a paragraph Command + D Insert the current date, as 15/6/6 Command + Shift + D Insert the curr

Mac command line terminal How to uninstall software Mac command line terminal uninstall Software tutorial

How does the MAC command line terminal uninstall software? Mac OS system uninstall software way there are a variety of, uninstall tools, program icons dragged to the trash can, but what to do with stubborn residue of software? below to share Mac command line terminal uninstall Software tutorial, take a look at it!

Where is the apple Mac hidden wallpaper? Mac Hidden Wallpaper Search Tutorial

Mac hidden Wallpaper How to find? Is there a hidden wallpaper for Mac storage? Today small series to solve everyone's doubts, tell everyone how to find out the hidden wallpaper of Mac system, and to get the normal use, small series deliberately wrote a detailed graphic tutorial called everyone how to find, using the

Mac command line terminal How to create a file Mac command line terminal Create a file tutorial

How does a Mac command line terminal Create a file? It's really easy to create a large-capacity blank file in a Mac OS X system. This article small Lego for you to introduce two kinds of file creation tutorial, the first is to use the MAC command line terminal to create the file, the second is to use the disk tool appl

Tutorial on setting file sharing between mac virtual machines and external systems, mac virtual machines

Tutorial on setting file sharing between mac virtual machines and external systems, mac virtual machines How to configure file sharing between external systems and virtual machines, so that we can synchronize the operation, and the operation in one system will be reflected in another system. Open the Virtual Machine in use and click "Configure" in the upper-ri

How does Mac system encrypt folders? Mac folder Encryption tutorial

betterzip for Mac, click the "Add" file in the top left corner of the second icon, and select the files you need to package.Then, click on the top left corner of the first "save" file, fill in the file name and change the storage path according to your needs, and then in the-More options drop-down menu will have the password settings. In the encryption mode select-Encryption, and then click to save.Next, Betterzip will prompt you to enter your file p

Mac Tutorial: How to reset the MAC administrator password in single-user mode

recently, Langren34 shared a tutorial on the use of Single-user mode in MAC devices to reset the password of the user's administrator account, if you have this need, may wish to refer to. Single user mode can reset the MAC Administrator account password? If your Mac device's current system is El Capitan,

How does Mac read and write NTFS format? MAC read and write NTFS format HDD tutorial

We all know that NTFS-formatted Windows hard disk under Mac OS x system can only read can not write, this problem has been plagued by many new and old Mac users, the general solution is to install the NTFS plug-in to allow OS X to support NTFS-formatted hard disk write operations. In fact, after the release of OS X 10.9, OS X itself has the features of compatible and support NTFS files, but it is hidden by

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac tutorial (lan mac connection win7)

RDC software: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client 2.1.1 ( Familyid = 68347e0d-44d3-4065-99bb-b664b27ee1f0) With Microsoft office2011 for Mac installed Microsoft's remote desktop for Mac, it is just practical for Mac users who need to remotely connect to Windows like me. I found a simple

VMware10.0 installing Mac OS X 10.9 Ultra-Detailed tutorial

have Mac OS option); The first step is to create New Virtual Machine OS x 10.9 Ultra-detailed tutorial "alt=" VMware10.0 install mac OS x 10.9 Ultra-detailed tutorial "src="/HTTP/ "width=" 690 "height=" 410 ">Select Custom, then nextOS x 10.9 Ultra-detai

How to modify computer MAC address computer MAC address Modify graphics tutorial

to modify the MAC address of the computer, how to look after the changes to see the article: How to view the current network card MAC address1. Right-click on the Network Neighborhood property, then go to "Local Area Connection" and right click on the property to enter the NIC Setup entry as shown in:Network Neighborhood PropertiesLocal Area Connection Properties2. Click on the "Advanced" option to enter t

Compiling a tutorial on Mac OS to install the NGINX+PHP+MARIADB development environment, nginxmariadb_php tutorial

Compiling a tutorial on Mac OS to install the NGINX+PHP+MARIADB development environment, NGINXMARIADB Because of the urine nature of Oracle. MARIADB should have replaced MySQL. So abandon MySQL. 1, compile NginxDownload Nginx,openssl,pcre separatelyWhen you compile OpenSSL, you will be prompted warning! If you wish to build 64-bit library and then you have Toinvoke './configure darwin64-x86_64-cc ' *manual

"HTML Development mac OS App video Tutorial" No. 001, Getting Started tutorial

Tudou Sync update : using HTML to create a Mac OS App video tutorial. Official QQ Group: (1) App practice 434558944(2) App Learning Exchange 452180823 Baidu Network disk synchronization: Http:// share [Chinese documentary] Internet era Http:// Please note that sync update : Https:// Nysoft

Xp-win7-win8 Basics to Mastery Tutorial-system optimizer weight loss tutorial-windos Pack mac

Are you still using someone else's encapsulated system? Are you still worried about the virus after the downloaded system?Still in order to install the new system, the installation of the software is not necessary for themselves?Worried about rogue software binding browser home page?Worried that all of your programming software needs to be reinstalled when the system is re-installed?Now you don't have to worry.Xp-win7-win8 's packaging system from basics to Mastery Tutorials added system optimiz

PHP 7 installation for Mac systems: detailed tutorial and macphp7 tutorial

PHP 7 installation for Mac systems: detailed tutorial and macphp7 tutorial After PHP version 5.6 was released, it has been waiting for a long time. When the PHP 7 version advances, the question is, where is version 6? According to the official statement, PHP7 is twice faster than PHP5.6, and some friends say it is ten times faster. I am used to the

VMware12 Installing the Mac OS System tutorial

VMware12 Installing the Mac OS System tutorial 2017.09.13-Know no words-read 4,266Know notebook used for five or six years, and recently want to do some Mac OS tutorial, consider buying an apple notebook, but the minimum configuration is 6 K, but like this configuration of the notebook, personal really feel only suitab

Installation of Win8.1+mac OS X 10.10 Dual system tutorial in Windows environment

First of all, I would like to thank the future forum of the Great Gods of the posts without their share I can not smoothly loaded on Mac OS X 10.10!This essay is written mainly to prevent myself from forgetting, and to share my experience with you.This tutorial is for friends who use bios+mbr PartitioningFirst of all, introduce my Computer hardware informationInstallation Environment: win8.1 systemGuide Mod

Mac OS X Lazy Man Installation Tutorial (previous figure all hung up, so re-sent)

, please do not abort!Once added, we can view the boot menu from the Edit boot menu or delete your chameleon already installed chameleon.Above is the basic installation of the Chameleon steps and methods, the software has been included in Baidu network disk.Image writing: Install the MAC system, we need to install from the hard disk, then we need to write to the mirror space, the general tutorial teaches ne

The NTFS for Mac transfer data and delete data tutorial

The simple understanding of NTFS for Mac is that you can read and write NTFS-formatted partitions of Windows under the Mac system. It also includes systems such as Windows NT 4,2000,xp,2003vista,7 and 8. Do you know what NTFS for Mac is? how does NTFS for Mac transfer data ? how does NTFS for

Win7 Modify MAC Address method graphic Tutorial

selected primary key" Ndiparams, which will typically have a "(default)" String in the right column box, setting its value to the MAC address that you want to modify eventually, in the form "000b6af6f4f9". If this string is not available, readers can add this string themselves. Note: This step is to set an initial MAC address for the NIC. Step 5th, under the primary key of "networkaddress", continue to

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