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OneNote new Notebook (text)

OneNote new Notebook (text) First, click the Start button, expand the Office2013 folder, and select OneNote software to open. OneNote After opening the software will automatically start the default boot, in the taskbar we can see its icon. OneNote Later we

Office-002-onenote, Word, Outlook cancel first Letter size text

This article mainly describes how to cancel the Microsoft Office software OneNote, work, Outlook, such as the initial capitalization of the AutoCorrect entries, other Office Office software related settings, you can refer to this article for the corresponding settings. Hope to pro help, if there is a mistake, please the great God, I appreciate it!OneNote sets the default settings for AutoCorrect items such

OneNote recognition of text in Images

1. Right-click an image and select Copy text from pictures. 2. You can define the copy type language by yourself: Right-click and choose make text in image searchable --> select the appropriate language. 3. The search function in OneNote can not only search for pages based on keywords, but also search for Images Based on keywords. It extracts the

How does office OneNote recognize text in images?

OneNote is included in the Office component and can be used to record text, images, videos, and audio. By sharing a notebook, you can add and edit notes at the same time as other people in other locations, or just keep everyone synchronized and up-to-date. You can also carry an OneNote 2010 notebook with you to view and edit it from any computer or mobile device

OneNote 2010: how to quickly recognize and extract text from images

In OneNote 2010, there is a very powerful feature, namely, graphics and text recognition, which can be used to quickly extract the information in the picture. Operation Steps: 1, in the OneNote notebook page, find the picture that needs to extract the document information, then right click, in the shortcut menu to perform the "Copy Picture

How do I use full screen handwriting when writing text messages in S7898?

1. In standby mode, click "Information". 2. Click the "Write info" icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. 3. Click on the "Pinion" icon at the bottom of the screen. 4. In "Keyboard type setting", choose "Chinese" or "English", and here Take "Chinese" as an example. 5. Click "Full Screen handwriting". 6. After the completion of the above operation, when writing a text message, you c

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