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Project manager's Project tracking

What do project tracking follow? It is aimed at three aspects of planning, task and project members and is intended to understand the actual progress of the project. Understanding of the completion of the work of the member, the completion of the entire project plan and so o

CMM (Project Planning and Tracking Project Management)

Simple planning and tracking are only part of project management. Here we will start with project management to sort out daily management experiences and methods.I. Basic responsibilities and methods:A. Evaluate the project.B. Plan the project:Including:The selection and cropping of this software process (specifically, the selection of the life cycle process and

Readmine Project management and defect tracking tools

Official website: Address: Source: Description:Multi-Project SupportFlexible role-based access controlFlexible problem-Tracking system // Chart and CalendarNews, documentation, and file managementFeeds and email notificationsWiki attached to a projec

Project management Practice "Four" bug Tracking Management "bug Trace and Management"

First of all, to everyone say sorry, this article delayed so long to meet with you.As for the bug tracking and management of the need and benefits, I do not say here, the following describes several bug tracking and management software.First, BugnetBugnet is a very good open source software, based on. NET Framework2.0, using the Web site project developed by Asp.

Project management Practice "Four" bug Tracking Management "bug Trace and Management"

First of all, to say sorry to everyone, this article delay so long to meet with you.As for the need and benefits of tracking and managing bugs, I'm not here to say, here are a few bug tracking and management software. First, Bugnet Bugnet is a very good open source software, based on. NET Framework2.0, using the Web site project developed by Server, a

Defect tracking Tool JIRA and team collaboration with project management tools Conflunce

you need; Export: The page and even the entire space can be exported as Html,pdf,xml file; Refactoring: efficient information manipulation; Security: Advanced permissions and security, permission control is very reasonable, convenient; Notice: To track the content change of the page through Mail/rss; Customization: color, style, the layout of the entire site can be customized; Example:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://

[PM Tools] software project progress tracking table v4.0

The software project progress tracking table is a tool for managing multiple projects of the company. It is divided into project overview and project processes by scientific project management methods, you can separately manage the overall

Rewritten Blob tracking tests Project

Although the Blob tracking tests project officially provided by opencv has many algorithm features that can be verified by one compilation, beginners often do not know what commands to write to use this project, to help me understand this vs framework, I wrote a very simple Blob tracking tests

Linux Project and Transaction tracking tool Jira set up the detailed installation of Chinese

the official verification code is using a Google authentication code system, need to access Google services, otherwise unable to brush out the verification code. Cracked part of my side for the time being not written. The last is the mail configuration, mail configuration Jira program for testing the message is more user-friendly, you can see in the test Message page sent after the status of the message. You need to check the settings section of the message and the account you want to send the

Reimbursement multilevel Approval Workflow project in ASP.NET plus tracking service

I'll add the tracking service for the reimbursement multilevel Approval workflow project in The SqlTrackingService class represents a fully functional tracking service. Use this service to collect and store trace information, to store trace profiles, and to provide these when the workflow runtime engine requests it. The SQL

Unity3d in Ugui use scrollbar after saving, project start error cause tracking

I recently updated the Unity3d version to 4.6.2. When you use the new UI, you'll see a couple of errors when you close the project and often reopen the project again.Looking for a lap, found that the scrollbar control has a bug. The slider for the entire space disappears.The console outputs theM_TransformInfo.worldAABB.IsValid () ... Isfinite (Outdistanceforsort) isfinite (Outdistancealongview) ... Isfinite

Project Management Dafa Archive-mind mapping, prototyping tools, interface testing, design patterns, versioning, unit testing, continuous integration, code review, Bug tracking

, people are dynamic, fully motivate and play the role of human activity, and then with these tools to manage, can be more powerful.Management, is always for the sake of clear, clear, orderly, but not for the management of the implementation of any means, in addition to motivate and play the role of Human initiative. Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. Reprint Contact QQ 30952589, add friends please indicate.

"Project tracking and supervision" in cmmi4 process domain"

The purpose of project tracking and supervision is to establish appropriate visibility into the actual progress, so that managers can take effective measures when the software project performance significantly deviates from the software plan. Project tracking and supervisio

Edo project! Web Gantt! Supports "Gantt Chart", "tracking Gantt Chart", "calendar View", and "Network Diagram"

Edo releases the latest web Gantt chart! Three new views are added: Tracking Gantt charts, calendar views, and network diagrams. Key tasks and Key Path Display are added. The four views are as follows: 1. Gantt Chart 2. Tracking Gantt charts 3. Calendar View 4. Network Diagram Yidu Gantt chart is the leading Gantt Chart solution in Web development. It is develo

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