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IIS Log Analysis tool (dot IIS log Analyzer) use a graphics tutorial

The server has recently suffered hacker intrusion. Intruders are skilled, delete IIS log files to erase traces, you can go to the Event Viewer to look at the warning message from W3SVC, often find some clues. Of course, for Web servers with very large access, it is almost impossible to rely on manual analysis-there's too much data! A Third-party log analysis tool can be used to describe only one of the IIS

Apache log interpretation, Apache log what each column represents?

, all content of the CGI program output to STDERR (Standard error, standard faulty device) will go directly into the error log. This means that any well-written CGI program, if there is a problem, the error log will tell us more about the problem. However, there are drawbacks to outputting the CGI program error to the error log, and there will be many things in t

Rsyslog+analyzer+mysql Implementing Log Collection Display

+mysql+loganalyzer implement log Display collection?1. Get ready for MySQLYum-y Install Mysql-server2. Configure Rsyslog(1) Install Rsyslog-mysql//rsyslog connected to MySQL module650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 8lts6@2@@ ' V~v_kwcu3i]jc.png "alt=" Wkiol1cgbl6bwlalaaadvikc4oc477.png "/>(2) rsyslog.conf # # #MODULE # # #段中:$ModLoad Ommysql# # #RULE # # #段中Facility:priority:omm

SQL operation: determines whether the path is on the server and whether the database operation log is transferred to Zhujiang online

exist, output information 2 is shown, and the message "file not found" is displayed ".However, when the path contains spaces, such as C:/program files, directly use exec master .. xp_cmdshell 'dir C:/program files ', the system returns the same result as shown in Figure 2. We need to perform additional processing to get the correct returned result:  (1) exec master .. xp_mongoshell 'dir "C:/program files/Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL "'This method can be directly executed in the query

How to solve the problem of Apache log file too big

Original address: Apache server For some years, though Nginx has been robbed of many thunder in recent years, I still love Apache.Like its powerful concurrent processing power, and the free choice between forker and the worker mode of pleasure, haha.Familiar with the Linux Apache operation of the friends, how many will encounter the

Apache log analysis overview

) [client] record the IP address of the client 4) File does not exist:/home/htmlfile/tradedata/favicon. ico first describes the error. for example, if the client accesses a file that does not exist or has a path error, the error 404 is returned. II. practical log analysis script After learning about the definitions of logs, I will share some log analysis scripts posted on the Internet. 1

Ubutun under Webalizer analysis Apache log

/webalizer.conf-n /freelamp/logs/freelamp.log writes this sentence to crontab, we can the log statistics results.Install III-------------------------------------------- recently in the Linux Resin server log analysis, the

Apache Log Analysis Overview

describes the error. For example, if the client accesses a file that does not exist or has a path error, the Error 404 is returned. Ii. Practical log analysis script After learning about the definitions of logs, I will share some log analysis scripts posted on the Internet. 1. view the number of apache Processes Ps-aux | grep httpd | wc-l 2. Analyze the

[Web Server] APACHE Log childpidXXXXXXexitsignalSegmentationfault (11) Solution

The newly opened vps is centos6. Configure the web server as usual, as shown below: httpd/2.2.15php/5.3.3 with eAccelerator with Zend Guard Loader v3.3After modifying the apache configuration file, it is customary to check the configuration file first. /etc/init.d/httpd configtestEverything works, and then reload the configuration file. /etc/init.d/httpd reloadEverything was supposed to be correct. I couldn't open the website for testing. I checked th

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