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Image retrieval: content-based Image Retrieval Technology _ Image Retrieval

Background and significance In the Web2.0 era, especially with the popularity of social networking sites like Flickr and Facebook, images, videos, audio, text and other heterogeneous data are growing at an alarming rate every day. For example,

Secrets Taobao 28.6 billion massive image storage and processing architecture, mass small file storage solutions

On the afternoon of August 27, in the IT168 System Architect Conference Storage and system architecture sub-forum, the Chairman of the Taobao Technical committee, Taobao core engineer Zhangwensong to us a detailed description of the Taobao image

Uncover Taobao 28.6 billion mass picture storage and processing architecture (turn) __ Storage

secrets Taobao 28.6 billion massive image storage and processing architecture (turn)Application Server Linux Network application data structure Nginx "IT168" August 27 afternoon, in the IT168 system Architects Conference storage and System

Large-scale video surveillance systems will be dominated by cloud storage

  With the popularization of HD technology, 720 p and P videos have blossomed everywhere. Meanwhile, based on the pursuit of clarity, smart analysis and processing, cameras with 500 million, 800 million, or even tens of millions of higher

Design Web sites for IE for Pocket PC

The information contained in this document only represents Microsoft Corporation's views on the document and issues on the date of publication. Since Microsoft must respond to the ever-changing market conditions, the information should not be

What is maid storage?

What is maid storage? Maid, that is, massive arrays of idle disks. Snia defines maid as a storage system comprising an array of disk drives that are powered down individually or in groups when not required. Maid storage systems reduce the power

2009 Global 50 Best Sites

From Sina Science and Technology report, the United States "time" weekly 2009 "50 Best Sites", photo-sharing site Flickr, social bookmarking site delicious, microblogging site Twitter, Google and video site YouTube, etc. on the list. The following

Good things to share: Talk about the system architecture of large high concurrent high load Web sites

Reprint please retain the Source: June-Lin Michael's blog ( url: I have done in the Cernet dial-up access platform, and then in yahoo&3721 engaged in the

Research on the vulnerability of online bank security

When we have not had time to lament the fast and convenient internet banking, viruses and hackers have been the success of many users have scared a shiver. Does it mean that enjoying a convenient life must be exchanged with its own safety?   "User

77 network economy innovation models-11. online community

77 network economy Innovation Models 11. online community ---- The network is a virtual world, and all content in the real world is reflected on the network. In the real world, things are clustered by groups. In the online world, various

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