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What is Jupyter Notebook?

Jupyter Notebook, formerly known as Ipython Notebook, is an interactive notebook that supports the operation of 40+ programming languages. Can be used to write beautiful interactive documents.Linux, Jupyter notebook installation p

Jupyter Notebook PDF output support in Chinese

What is Jupyter notebook?Jupyter Notebook is an upgrade of Ipython Notebook. Jupyter is able to organize real-time code , formulas, and visualizations into cells to form a code-friendly notebo

Jupyter Notebook PDF output in Chinese, jupyternotebook

Jupyter Notebook PDF output in Chinese, jupyternotebookWhat is Jupyter Notebook? Jupyter Notebook is an upgrade of ipython Notebook. Jupyter

Jupyter notebook To install the Go kernel pits

Recently learning go, want to knock down go in Jupyter notebook, so Google, there are tutorials,Https:// ...Start moving bricks .... $ go get -u$ mkdir -p ~/.local/share/jupyter/kernels/gophernotes$ cp $GOPATH/src/* ~/.local/share/

Windows + Jupyter Notebook + MiKTeX + Pandoc output PDF

1. Install miktex1. Download install MikTeX2. Update maintenance (Admin), MiKTeX Update (Admin) 3. Configure ChineseMaintenance (Admin), Settings (admin), select Packages tab, select the option under Language support "Chinese,japanese, Korea N "Applicationthe next step is to open the Command window (execute as Administrator) "Initexmf-uINITEXMF--edit-config-file UpdmapA notebook will appear, and we will enter the font to be enabled: for Help . Map cwm

spark2.0 implementation of IPYTHON3.5 development, and configure Jupyter,notebook to reduce the difficulty of Python development __python

spark2.0 Implementation of IPYTHON3.5 development, and configure Jupyter,notebook to reduce the difficulty of Python development 1, spark2.0 installation will not say, there are many online, will not give me a message.2, we in the spark2.0 under the development of Python, do not need to install Python, direct installation anaconda can be.3, Anaconda download add

Installing Python's Jupyter notebook tool

Jupyter Notebook is a tool that runs Python through a Web pageSupport for segmented Python runs and intuitive viewing of resultsSupport multi-python environment, need to install (Conda)1. Download Anaconda3, I chose the 64-bit version of Installation3. Go to the command line for version installationInstall a specific versionConda Create--name python36 python=3.6Active versionActivate Python

Jupyter Spark Environment Configuration (online, offline can be achieved) _jupyter

Application scenarios in order to be able to develop spark programs in Jupyter, Bowen records the process of configuring spark development environment in Jupyter. Many blogs can not effectively build jupyter spark development environment. Prerequisite Components Spark Downloads Spark-2.3.0-bin-hadoop2.7.tgz Apache Toree Apache Toree has one main goal:provide the

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