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Internet product Research: online social + e-commerce = social Shopping

Article Description: Internet Product Research: online social + e-commerce = social shopping. What is the best social shopping (Social Shopping) website you've ever seen? In the future, will media companies become retailers, and will

How to build a personal brand path on social networking sites

Article Description: How to build a personal brand path on a social networking site. What are the business paths that LinkedIn can expand in the future? The investment community raised questions about the upcoming business social

From three aspects of why social media can not replace your SEO

With the development of social media, many enterprises or stationmaster began to fall into hesitation, hesitate is to take social media marketing or continue to use SEO. In fact, the author believes that in order to online marketing success, social

Perfect Integration of enterprise social networks into new social interaction modes

Social networking refers to the interactions between people in the society, and between people in the enterprise. Enterprises take a shared task as a link. Colleagues spend eight hours a day, and about seven and a half hours interacting around work.

The potential development of business social networking in China, realizing the expansion of Socialization

Commercial social networks in China started late, but developed rapidly. Representative websites include human networks and online business social platforms. Social networks have great development potential in China, where the concept of "connecting"

How a social app builds a highly scalable, interactive system

Abstract: This article aims to analyze how to build large scale distributed systems in the cloud from a technical perspective through the growth of a social app, including scalability of the platform, expansion of the network level, and expansion of

Picture class social applications: Analysis of UI design for Instagram and path

Article Description: Let me share the social applications of these pictures. Mainly speaking Instagram and path of these two, because of their revised experience is particularly shocking to me, especially the path after the revision of the interface

2016, 10 trends in text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics

Text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics help you transform the "voice" of customers, patients, the public, and the market on a certain scale. The technology is now widely used in a range of industrial products, from healthcare to

Social experience in the future of web2.0

Document directory Most network applications are trying to match the information where it is needed. Fragment network example Case Analysis Search in a single space Looking forward to a more interactive world How does it know?

Mobile Internet: Social development, network expansion

With the development of mobile Internet, more and more enterprises have been highly valued. From the continuous expansion of mobile internet coverage, the increase in speed and the continuous development of intelligent terminals, has created a great

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