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How to create XML validator (validators; validators) from XML Schema

In order to check XML data for validity we have to prepare its schema XSD-file. this file will be loaded by a JAXP package to a schema objects instance. then we'll use schema to produce validator which can then be used to validate any document with type defined in outr schema

5 best free online Web site CSS Validator

Here is a list of 5 free online CSS validator sites. These sites allow you to validate your CSS code freely without any hassle. You can choose to upload the file, verify the CSS add URL, or simply copy and paste the full CSS code. The good point is that these sites not only point out the errors in the code, but they also recommend methods that can be resolved.All of these sites are useful for learners as we

[MySQL] table online redefinition-pt-online-schema-change_MySQL

[MySQL] online table redefinition-pt-online-schema-change MySQL does not support online table redefinition like Oracle itself, but we can use the open-source software percona-toolkit tool pt-online-schema-change for

Percona-toolkit Pt-online-schema-change (change the table structure online)

effective, for other types is not necessarily oh. For example: decimal The advantage is that you need to lock the table only when the Copy table structure 2. Adopt Percona tool to deal with Execute a statement that modifies a table Mysql> ALTER TABLE test1 add column nickname varchar (a) default ';Query OK, 0 rows affected (12.33 sec)records:0 duplicates:0 warnings:0 Can see the operation time is still a little long, after all, I only have 1 million data, and the table structure is simple. For

Pt-Online-schema-change of MySQL online DDL Tool

Pt-Online-schema-change of MySQL online DDL Tool MySQL DDL:DDL is a feature that makes all MySQL ddbas criticized, because in MySQL, when dDDL is performed on a table, it locks the table. When the table is small, such as less than 1 W rows, it has little impact on the front-end, if tens of millions of tables are encountered at that time, the front-end application

MySQL uses Pt-online-change-schema tool to modify level 160 million data sheet structure online

Tags: www sch contains lan Linux usr hang strong andPick to: This paper describes the problemof MySQL DDL , thept-online-schema-change of the work principle , and the actual use of The pt-online-schema-change tool modifies the 160 million-level data table structure on-line in the production environment. in a software

Percona-toolkit pt-online-schema-change Online modification of table structure

[Email protected] bin]#/pt-online-schema-change--user=checksums--password=checksums--recursion-method= " Processlist "--alter=" add column birth3 int "H=,p=3336,d=gaoquan,t=t1--executFound 2 Slaves:Bj-ecs-xhm-test-yl-21.domain.comBj-ecs-xhm-test-yl-20.domain.comWould check slave lag on:Bj-ecs-xhm-test-yl-21.domain.comBj-ecs-xhm-test-yl-20.domain.comOperation, tries, wait:Analyze_table, 10, 1Copy_

Principles and Application of pt-online-schema-change, ptonlinechangeschema

Principles and Application of pt-online-schema-change, ptonlinechangeschema If it is reprinted, please indicate the source of the blog: The copyright belongs to xiaoradish in the blog garden. Thank you for your support! PERCONA provides several tools for managing and maintaining MySQL. It is integrated into PERCONA Toolkit and provides tools such as slow query and analysis, master

How to Use pt-online-schema-change to change the primary key of a MySQL table, ptonlinechangeschema

How to Use pt-online-schema-change to change the primary key of a MySQL table, ptonlinechangeschema When the service runs for a period of time and finds that the original primary key settings are not reasonable, you want to change the primary key. This kind of requirement is quite large in actual production. Next, let's take a look at how pt-online-

Percona Toolkit Pt-online-schema-change Introduction

MySQL's online table structure is modified because of inefficient and blocking read and write. has been criticized. As for the principle of alter TABLE, see my previous article. MySQL modifies the large table structure online. After reading, found that the problem is still locked, and for the online update of this block is not very good processing, so can only be

Pt-online-schema-change principle Analysis

When you modify a schema by using the Pt-online-schema-change tool, a new table with the same structure as the original data table is created, and the data from the original table is progressively copied to the new table.For example, a ZS table with Id,name data columns, when adding a new column named UID to the table, use the following command:Root@localhost: My

SQL Server updatable subscription data online schema change (add field) scenario

Tags: from center consumer replica csdn original database table ICT catOriginal: SQL Server updatable subscription data online schema change (add field) scenarioThe reason for the inconsistency between conflicting and subscription data has been found before, and the number of database upgrades that have been discovered is the result of the addition of fields in the publication database and the automatic syn

Pt-online-schema-change principle Analysis

It is said that the Pt-online-schema-change in the Pt-toolkit toolset can modify the table structure on-line without locking the table, so what is the specific principle of this tool, please see below to explain:Restrictions on the use of tools:1) If the modified table has a foreign key, the t

How to use MySQL pt-online-schema-change tools

only be read and not written when InnoDB executes the DDL. To this end perconal introduced a tool pt-online-schema-change, which is characterized by the modification process will not cause read and write blocking.Working principle:If a table has a foreign key, the tool is not executed unless a specific value is specified by using –alter-foreign-keys-method.1 Create an empty table structure that is the same

Pt-online-schema-change use

The DB table structure of a company's business because of the constantly changing requirements, the table structure needs to be modified as the requirements change, changing the field type, adding fields. The most bitter force is that two of the main tables are particularly large, a 5000W or more, the other one more scary to reach more than 100 million. Used to be partitioned, followed by Given that the partitioning field has no practical significance, the advantages of partitioning have not be

SQL Server updatable subscription data online schema change (add field) scenario

wins '--4. Newly released copy schema change: false (Publication property) EXEC sp_changepublication @ Publication = n ' temp02 ', @property = N ' replicate_ddl ', @value = 0EXEC sp_changepublication @publication = n ' temp03 ', @prop Erty = N ' Replicate_ddl ', @value = 0--5. Create a subscription (subscriber new database)--6. Change the job owner, initialize 4 subscriptions, wait for completion ...--7. Publish change View definition, use a subscrip


#!/bin/bash# run the script needs to change 2 places: The first is the basic information, the second is--alter# basic information (need to change) user= ' xxx ' password= ' xxx ' host= ' xxx ' port= xxxxd= ' xxx ' t= ' xxx ' #--alter (need change) #--------------Example----------------#1. Add Field # pt-online-schema-change--user= $user --password= $password --host= $host --port= $port --alter "Addcolumnco

Change table structure online Pt-onling-schema-change

Pt-online-schema-change is a tool for Perona company, which solves the problem of not locking tables when changing tables, and does not affect the business, which is the principle: If there is a foreign key, the foreign key related table is detected according to the value of the Alter-foreign-keys-method parameter, and the corresponding setting is processed. Creates a new table with a modified

Pt-online-schema-change modifying field properties resulting in deadlock

) Waiting for this LOCK to be granted:Table lock table ' Newmall '. ' _cash_xxx_new ' Trx ID 1834696957 LOCK mode auto-inc waiting(2) TRANSACTION:TRANSACTION 1834696069, ACTIVE 1 sec fetching rows, thread declared inside InnoDB 2131MySQL tables in use 2, locked 21580 lock struct (s), Heap size 161320, 3 row lock (s), Undo log Entries 2MySQL thread ID 1007462, OS thread handle 0x7f0266772700, query ID 1925130797 xm_mall closing tablesUpdate ' cash_xxx ' Set status = 2 where orderId

MySQL plus field Pt-online-change-schema

1, installing DBD perl-io-socket-ssl percona-toolkitYum list|grep dbdyum list|grep socket|grep SSL yum-y install perl-dbd-mysql.x86_64yum-y install Perl-io-socket-ssl.noarc Hyum-y Install "Perl (term::readkey)" Wget PERCONA-TOOLKIT-2.2.17-1.NOARCH.RPMRPM-IVH percona-toolkit-2.2.17-1.noarch.rpm2. View Character SetShow variables like ' character% ';3, start adding fields:Pt-online-

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