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How to find the corresponding code line based on the address in the kernel oops

From chinaunix: http://bbs.chinaunix.net/thread-3672391-1-1.htmlDiscussion from Linus Torvalds: https://groups.google.com/group... 41/ed9c0a0cfcd31111 an oops: Oops: 0000 [#1] preempt SMP modules linked in: capidrv kernelcapi ISDN slhc IPv6 loop

The generation of OOPS messages. For example, locate the error location.

Generation of OOPS messages Post on analyzing the OOP process on the Internet. Read it later. Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_3e4774e30100ooey.html Oops message example 1. Reference NULL pointer   Unable to handle kernel Null Pointer Dereference at

Kernel debugging case (Oops error)

This article introduces common methods for manually debugging kernel bugs based on your own practices and online articles. 1. Steps1). Collect oops output, system. Map,/proc/ksyms, vmlinux,/proc/modules2). Use ksymoops to interpret oopsInstructions

Functions of system. Map Files

Reprint from linuxsir community basic knowledge edition http://bbs.linuxsir.org/showthread.php? T = 137498 & Highlight = system. Map Compile: Zhao Xun www.plinux.org (gohigh@sh163.net)Information about the system. Map File seems to be lacking. In

How many things do you really about. Net framwork?

Chapter 1: Basic. NET Framework (B) What is an Il?(B) What is a CLR?(B) What is CTS?(B) What is a Cls (Common Language Specification )?(B) What is a managed code?(B) What is a assembly?(A) What are the different types of assembly?(B) What is

[Original] ASP. net mvc Exception Handling Solution

Exception Handling is a required function of every system. Especially for Web Systems, a simple and unified exception handling mode is particularly important. When you plan to use ASP. when net MVC is used as a project, this problem occurs on the

[Web API series] 1.3-practice: use ASP. NET Web API and Angular. js to create a single page application (below)

[Web API series] 1.3-practice: use ASP. NET Web API and Angular. js to create a single page application (below)Exercise 2: Create a SPA Interface In this exercise, you will first create a web front-end for Geek Quiz and use AngularJS to focus on the

IIS/ASP. NET cookieless support not working as expected

Http://weblogs.asp.net/paulomorgado/archive/2008/08/01/iis-asp-net-cookieless-support-not-working-as-expected.aspx IIS/ASP. NET cookieless support not working as expected In one of the environments I work, Cookies cannot be used because the

Three of the Microsoft. Net Remoting Series Tutorials: Remoting event Handling Full Contact _ self-study process

It's not complicated to handle events in remoting, but there are some techniques that you need to dig out. It is these techniques, as if heavily guarded, that many people are intimidated by, or are unaware of, the use of events at the end of the

Open source. NET Obfuscation Confuserex Introduction

Original: Open source. NET Obfuscation Confuserex IntroductionToday we introduce an open source. NET Obfuscation--confuserexhttp://yck1509.github.io/ConfuserEx/Due to the use of. NET obfuscation in the project, there are many online searches, such

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