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MySQL Start error solution: Failed to open log (file './mysql-bin.000901 ', errno 2)

Tags: databases atomic orm Cuda waiting UIL ... Solution EncPs-ef|grep MySQLThere is no MySQL process in the found, so reboot.Service Mysqld Start ErrorViewing the error logTail-100/usr/local/mysql/var/iz11yohng9az.err (host name. Err)180223 15:31:51 Mysqld_safe starting mysqld daemon with databases from/usr/local/mysql/var180223 15:31:51 innodb:the Inn ODB memory Heap is disabled180223 15:31:51 innodb:mutexes and rw_locks use GCC atomic builtins180223 15:31:51 innodb:com Pressed tables use zlib

Android Development Step by Step 67: Use Android Open source project android-async-http asynchronous download file

Android-async-http Project Address Https://,android-async-http, as the name implies, is an asynchronous HTTP request, but it also supports synchronous request , this article mainly uses the android-async-http to do the asynchronous request to download the

Keil how to generate the bin file "Keil How to generate a bin file"

-G Print Debug table-R Print Relocation information-S Print character descriptor-t print string table -y Print the contents of a dynamic segment-Z Print code and data size information Having finished with the syntax of the tool, here's how to use the own tool in Keil so that the. bin format can be generated after the project is compiled:1. Open a built project document, do not give an example to

[Go] in Eclipse open Android virtual phone, open file Explorer, below is empty no data, MNT, system three files

In Eclipse open Android virtual phone, open file Explorer, below is empty no data, MNT, system three filesThis is because the simulator is not selected for the sake of opening, you must first open an emulator (AVD), and then on the left to select the emulator, the right will

Baidu Cloud Android version Open preview file method sharing

Baidu Cloud software users to the detailed analysis to share the Baidu Cloud Android version of the method to open the preview file. Method Sharing: Through Baidu Cloud Android client can directly open the cloud online files. Just click on the appropriate

-Bash:/usr/bin/autocrorder:/usr/bin/Python ^ m: Bad Interpreter: no such file or directory

Today, I wrote a script in wingide. After it is uploaded to the server for execution, the following message is displayed: -Bash:/usr/bin/autocrorder:/usr/bin/Python ^ m: Bad Interpreter: no such file or directory Analysis:This is caused by different system encoding formats: The. Sh. py file edited in Windows may have i

The intent and use method of open file for Android programming development _android

This article illustrates the intent and usage of the open file of Android programming development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In writing file management system will be used to open a variety of different formats of the

Android open various types of file method summary

getexcelfileintent (FilePath);} else if (End.equals ("Doc")) {return getwordfileintent (FilePath);} else if (end.equals ("PDF")) {return getpdffileintent (FilePath);} else if (end.equals ("CHM")) {return Getchmfileintent (filEpath);} else if (end.equals ("TXT")) {return gettextfileintent (filepath,false);} Else{return getallintent (FilePath);}} Android gets a intentpublic static Intent getallintent (String param) {Intent Intent = new Intent () to

Android Open Local File

Android opens a local file, which is actually very common. And now there's a mobile version of Office. It's even easier to see the whole family of office buckets.The first thing to know is that the Android open local file is opened according to the type, that is, based on th

ANDROID〗ARM-LINUX-ANDROIDEABI-GDB report open Shared object File Error workaround

Perform:Prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gdb out/target/product/rk30sdk/ Symbols/system/bin/app_processError:Prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gdb:error while loading shared Libraries: Cannot open shared ob

Android calls system installed software to open file (go)

Android calls system installed software to open file (go)In the application how to call the system installed software to open a file, this is the problem we often encounter, the following is a way I used to share with you!This is a way to

How to open a local HTML file in the android Browser

= "@ + ID/wv1" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" /> Enter the following code in the main file: PublicClassTestdemo extendsActivity { /** Called when the activity is first created .*/@ OverridePublicVoidOncreate (bundle savedinstancestate ){Super. Oncreate (savedinstancestate );Setcontentview (R. layout. Main );Webvi

Android calls the software installed in the system to open the file

In applications, how to call the software installed in the system to open a file is a common problem. Below is a method I have used. Let's share it with you!This is a method to open a file:Java code /*** Open a file* @ Param file*

Use webview in Android to open the local file Selector

openFileChooser(uploadMsg, acceptType); } Openfilechooser is a hidden method.In this way, you can open a directory to upload files. However, in Versions later than 3.0, if the same webpage is opened in the android browser,There are also functions of photography and recording, and then directly upload the generated image or audio file, so we n

COCOS2DX Open file problem on Android platform

We have a project based on COCOS2DX + LUA, using PROTOBUF in the Network section, having to read the local file when initializing the Protobuf, and using Lua's to read the file on Windows,ios is no problem. The app under Android is the APK file. Since the APK is a compressed

Android studio ERROR: Unable to open PNG file, androidunable

Android studio ERROR: Unable to open PNG file, androidunableERROR: Unable to open PNG file; Error Code: 42 I recently used android stuidio to build a gradle project and reported an error during running.Error Code 42;ERROR: Unable

Android WebView processing h5 open local file browser features

); Uri uri = uri.fromfile (new File); Mopenfilewebchromeclient.mfilepathcallbacks. Onreceivevalue (New uri[] {Uri}); } else {mopenfilewebchromeclient.mfilepathcallbacks. Onreceivevalue (NULL); }} mopenfilewebchromeclient.mfilepathcallback = null; Mopenfilewebchromeclient.mfilepathcallbacks = null; } }In this way, the data returned is the data required by the H5 page, so that the H5

[Open source] Android apk One-click Generate confusing File script sharing (Python)

, what does it mean F.write ('-optimizations!code/simplification/ arithmetic,!field/*,!class/merging/* ' + ' \ n ') F.write ('-keepattributes sourcefile,linenumbertable ' + ' \ n ') f.write (' #不混淆四大组件 ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public class * extends ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public class * extends ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public Class * extends ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public class * extends Android.content.Broadcast

Android webview Environment Open camera, file management to upload

() + DateTime.Now.Month.ToString ()+ DateTime.Now.Day.ToString () + DateTime.Now.Hour.ToString ()+ DateTime.Now.Second.ToString () + DateTime.Now.Minute.ToString ()+ DateTime.Now.Millisecond.ToString ();FileName = FileTime + ". jpg";Nfiledir = Filedir + "/" + DateTime.Now.Year.ToString () + "/" + DateTime.Now.Month.ToString (). PadLeft (2, ' 0 ');if (Directory.Exists (Server.MapPath (request.applicationpath) + nfiledir) = = False){Directory.CreateDirectory (Server.MapPath (request.applicationpa

Android error: Unable to open class file R. Java

Hakuci Tag: Android You 've just installed eclipse, and attempted to create your first Android Application. When clicking create, you see an error similar to this: "error: Unable to open class file R. Java" If"Error:Unable to open class

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