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Graduation Thesis-e-commerce crime where? --A brief discussion on some misunderstandings about e-commerce-Graduation Thesis

Once upon a time, the emergence of the "web economy" led to a new concept, the term one after another to emerge, it is bringing. From the eye economy, to the online survival, from the business, to business-to-business ... Swirling bubble really let

Java Open source Fresh e-commerce platform discussion and solution of concurrency problem and lock mechanism in-oms Order system (source code can be downloaded)

Java Open source Fresh e-commerce platform discussion and solution of concurrency problem and lock mechanism in-oms Order system (source code can be downloaded)Description: Discussion and solution of concurrency problem and lock mechanism in OMS

Top 10 practical open-source e-commerce tools

Top 10 practical open-source e-commerce toolsGuideAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, goods sold by online retailers in the second quarter of this year are worth $97.3 billion. This accounts for about 8% of total retail sales in the United States

On the market pattern of business-to-business E-commerce in China

In 2006, China's e-commerce total turnover of about 500 billion yuan, of which business-to-business E-commerce accounted for about 95%, while in all business-to-business turnover of about 97% of the money transaction is done online. By contrast,

E-commerce Summary (eight) How to create a small and refined e-commerce website Architecture

The front has written some e-commerce website related articles, these days have time, on the previous write the site structure related articles, summarize and tidy up. In the past, some of the content is coherent, so you can also systematically know,

Let's take a look at the "Research on Manufacturing Enterprise Management and E-Commerce Standards" three years ago "!

Author: Li an-yu 1. Development Trends and project significance XML, as an open standard for data representation, injects new vigor into web applications and network computing. XML describes information in a unified format, which is scalable and

Security Protection Technology in E-commerce

I. Preface E-commerce appeared in 1990s and has not been developed for a long time. However, compared with traditional commerce, e-commerce has an amazing development speed. E-commerce security has become the biggest obstacle in the development of e-

22 foreign e-commerce systems

Document directory Drupal & E-commerce Adding e-commerce functions to websites is becoming more and more important. Whether out of fashion or practicality, this article introduces 22 of the most commonly used e-commerce systems in foreign

E-commerce development trend: community-based e-commerce analysis

In my opinion, e-commerce is e-commerce, and community-based e-commerce serves e-commerce subjects and is subordinate to each other.First, we will list several key points in the article, and then discuss them one by one.1. Let's take a look at what

Three forms of socialized e-commerce

Article Description: 3 forms of socialized electronic commerce. Social electronic commerce is already a very hot topic, there are many news reports in this area, from the Amoy rivers and lakes of Taobao, and then to today's hot group

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