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Simple use cases for PHP libevent extensions

Tags: signal space Lin while assignment NIS Libev EOL OOPThe PHP libevent extension has a very powerful feature. The following excerpt from Baidu Encyclopedia:Libevent is a C language, lightweight open-source high-performance network library, mainly

Session [PHP]

Label:1. Start the sessionSession_Start ()Creating a session with the Session_register () functionThe Session_register () function is used to login a variable for the session implicitly to start the session, but requires the option to php.ini the

PHP Import SQL file _php tutorial

PHP Import SQL file PHP Import SQL file sqlphp PHP Import SQL file Basic ideas 1. Open the SQL file and put it into a variable (string type) 2. Use regular to replace comments ("--" and "/**/") 3. Use explode to split into an array and strip each

PHP Redis

Tags: des blog http io ar os using SP strongFirst, RedisRedis is a high-performance Key-value database that uses memory as primary storage, data access is very fast, and of course it provides two mechanisms to support data persistence storage.

PHP crawl pages in several ways _php tutorial

When we develop the network program, we often need to crawl non-local files, in general, the use of PHP simulation browser access, HTTP requests to access the URL address, and then get the HTML source code or XML data, we can not directly output

PHP using Phpmailer with QQ mailbox Implementation email

Tags: return purpose also has TAC direct ATI IMA use serverBecause of the project needs, to achieve to our site users to send mail, so there is this blog. The following is a combination of online examples of my own practice. Hope to be of help to

PHP Execution System external Command systems () EXEC () PassThru ()

Tags: Reporting table data http BSP int open file handle implementation PHP中调用外部命令,可以用如下三种方法来实现:方法一:用PHP提供的专门函数(四个):PHP提供4个专门的执行外部命令的函数:exec(), system(), passthru(), shell_exec()1)exec()原型: string exec( string $command[,

PHP CLI Commands custom parameter passing

Tags: purpose make row container existence name Var_dump INI file run mergeAll PHP distributions, whether compiled from source code or pre-created versions, are provided with a PHP executable by default. This executable can be used to run the

Turn: Understanding Streams in PHP

Tags: blog http io ar os using SP for fileThis article turns from: Open source Chinese community []This article title: Understanding Streams in PHPThis address:

PHP connection Microsoft MSSQL (SQL Server) Full introduction

Tags: images variable com Error folder x11 contains table PHPHttp:// Connect Microsoft MSSQL (SQL Server) Full introductionNoisy font: [Increase decrease] Type: Reprint time: 2016-11-27 I want to commentIn the study

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