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Top Open Source Data Analytics Apps

. PentahoPentaho describes itself as a "comprehensive data integration and business Analytics platform." The company primarily promotes the commercial versions of its software, which is based on the open source Community versi On. Companies can use it alongside tools like Ha

ebay Open Source Pulsar: Real-time Big data analytics platform

, corresponding to the epl is also capable of dynamic updates without service interruption. A typical deployment structureEPL Sample:Event Filtering and routingInsert INTO Substream Select D1, D2, D3, D4From rawstream where D1 = 2045573 or D2 = 2047936 or D3 = 2051457 or D4 = 2053742; Filtering@PublishOn (topics= "TOPIC1")//Publish sub stream at TOPIC1@OutputTo ("Outboundmessagechannel")@ClusterAffinityTag (column = D1); Partition key based on column D1SELECT * from Substream;Aggregate comput

Wlk Data Simulation Software Rawr instructions for use the software is open source, it is a good choice for interested developers of WPF

Wlk Data Simulation Software Rawr instructionsChapter directory:Introduction to Rawr Rawr Source Rawr features Meanings of Rawr on Wow Rawr Ii. Rawr instructions Log on to read characters Overall framework Attribute settings Item/attribute comparison Other Talents Tri-Rawr Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Simple Chinese-based item name I

Open source real-time log analytics Elk Platform Deployment

Open source real-time log analytics Elk Platform Deploymenttime 2015-07-21 17:13:10 51CTO recommended blog post Original ThemeLogstashElastic SearchOpen SourceOpen source real-time log analytics Elk Platform DeploymentLogs primarily

Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source software posture

are interested in and start your journey on the cloud immediately. Microsoft joins hands with the open source community to launch a special program for Open Source geeks.Cloud experience week for popular open-source

33 Open Source Crawler software tools available to capture data

To play big data, no data how to play? Here are some 33 open source crawler software for everyone. Crawler, or web crawler, is a program that automatically obtains Web content. is an important part of the search engine, so the search engine optimization is to a large extent

Open source real-time log analytics Elk Platform Deployment

I've recently learned a little about elk:ELK consists of three open source tools, Elasticsearch, Logstash and KiabanaOfficial website:| Elasticsearch is an open source distributed search engine, it features: distributed, 0 configuration, automatic discovery, Index auto-shard, index copy

Orange, an open-source data mining software that supports Python programming interfaces

From: P = 352 If you are familiar with Java, we often think of WEKA when thinking about data mining, and the data mining: Practical machine learning tools and techniques written by Ian H. Witten has a Chinese version, so there are many users. Recently, I want to use python to process data and find a

, Data analysis based on open-source software

);Fig.savefig('temp.png ') Run: liuyu :~ /Mytars/epd_free-7.3-2-rh5-x86_64/bin/workbench $../python2.7 A. py 2. installation to participate in, I installed the license is R-2.15.2 2 installation successful 3. The installed version is gsl-1.9, the installation location is liuyu :~ /Gsl4. after installing the above four open source libraries, my.

Sgeo China Center: Open source GIS software, online tutorials, data related Materials __ Reprint

-Geoscience Foundation data set · OSGeo-North Calolena State education DataSet-North Carolina Geographic Data set · Data sample of Open Street Map-open Street MAP · NETCDF Data set-time series temperature and precipitation Geo-spa

Android uses open source tools Chkbugreport Analytics Bugreport

Original: First, Chkbugreport IntroductionChkbugreport is an open source tool that can parse the Bugreprot you get into HTML files that are appropriate for reading. The exported HTML file contains charts and analytic conclusions based on the bugreport data. Its

Build a WebGIS system using open-source software (6) Data Format

[The copyright of this article is owned by the, reproduced by the author's consent.] The data downloaded from the National Geographic information center is in the shape file format. The shape file data consists of three files, *. SHP, *. DBF, and *. shx, which respectively store space data, attribute data

App Analytics_ Apple's new app data analytics feature is officially open to developers

Earlier this month, Apple released a new application data analytics platform that allows developers to learn more about the app's usage data. Initially, the APP Analytics feature was limited to part of the test. Today, Apple is fully open to App

Analyze the potential risks of using open source software in an enterprise _ open source software

Many companies choose to use Open-source Software (OSS) to build more flexible products, but there is also a potential risk that software vendors and IoT manufacturers need to understand the risks hidden in the software supply chain. Known risks For example, a criminal can t

Common Classic Open source software Automation Development Test framework/Tools (2015) _ Open source software

, controlled loads, and three modes of service assurance. (4) Jenkins is an open source software project designed to provide an open and Easy-to-use software platform that makes it possible for continuous software integration. A c

Software classification (free software, open source software, public software ......)

Software can be roughly divided into: Free Software and non-free software Types of Free Software and non-free software.The following are some terms that are frequently mentioned when discussing free software. They explain which types overlap with others or are part of o

"Open source framework that thing 13": Application based on open source framework is the future development of small and medium-sized software companies

source framework, often with high cohesion, low coupling, high-quality code, dedicated team, can keep the project continuous progress. Or take tiny frame for example, tiny main project Total 621 issues , there are requirements, and improvements, with bug . As a result of good knowledge accumulation system, make use tiny frame people more use stronger, more use more cool! The equivalent of having a strong backup team in service for your project. T

Summary of some open source software features and corresponding model analysis in "software reliability" thesis

and others after studying the reliability growth model based on NHPP, the model of S shape reliability growth based on modified NHPP was proposed for the S shape of the mean function. Can be expressed as: The reason for introducing the S-type curve is that the failure data of the software presents an S-shaped curve, and it can be understood that the learning process of the Test team members is taken into a

Open source framework that thing 13: the future trend of open source and small and medium-sized software companies

Application based on open source framework is the development trend of future small and medium-sized software companiesThere have been such things around my friends around me: story 1 : a June in Beijing engaged in java developed for many years, germination of the idea of entrepreneurship, Want to build a development team and want to do a big game. But sl

Open source A common source of small software--system database service management software

Tags: blog http using file data io Art Shing July 27, 2014 22:28:34 GitHub Address: Https:// want to program enthusiasts to change the add ... Development environment: Visual Studio. Net Framework 4.0 Everyone in the software development process, is inseparable from the database, no matter what database you use, will be registered in the sys

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