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<转> How to manage open source software community: Open Source project Management method </转>

This post was last edited by Jimila on 2012-10-5 12:55 Transferred from: Original: How did the open source community form? How does open source project manage? In th

Open source A common source of small software--system database service management software

Tags: blog http using file data io Art Shing July 27, 2014 22:28:34 GitHub Address: Https:// want to program enthusiasts to change the add ... Development environment: Visual Studio. Net Framework 4.0 Everyone in the software development process, is inseparable from the database, no matter what database you use, will be registered in the sys

[4] Open-source software bug tracking and management

management tools with superb technology [ [14] ].] However, most defect tracking systems seem to focus too much on how to manage bugs, but ignore the effective combination with automated quality evaluation tools. On the other hand, many researchers try to use open-source projects Source code Design new project quali

Discussion on bug tracking and management of open source software

homepage makes it ideal for every programmer to publish and maintain their own programs with the mission of building the world's most convenient, easy-to-use, and user-friendly online bug management tools through superb technology []. However, most bug tracking systems seem to focus too much on how to manage bugs, ignoring the effective integration with automated quality assessment tools. On the other hand, many researchers try to design a new projec

30 open source project management software recommended

This article recommends 30 free project management software, some of which are desktop applications and some web-based platforms, among which there are no lack of excellent open source software.Teamlab TeamlabIs a free and open-source

[Reprinted] 30 open source project management software are recommended

This article recommends 30 free project management software, some of which are desktop applications and some web-based platforms, among which there are no lack of excellent open source software.Teamlab TeamlabIs a free and open-source

Use open-source software Subversion for personal document management

Article Title: use the open-source software Subversion for personal document management. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

Six Linux-based open source photo management software recommendations

. RawtherapeeRawtherapee Home Http:// is written in C + + and uses the GTK + frontend to read raw format files using Dcraw. It attracts attention because it is one of the oldest raw converters on the Linux platform that have a usable GUI. Developers explain the reason for open source, said not to stop developing software, b

Advanced embedded power management based on open source software

-free business models. In addition to further optimizing the performance, compressing the size, and improving the reliability of the Linux technology in consumer electronic products, building a sound and elastic power management system has become an increasingly important project and requirement, it will also become an important tool for Linux to replace traditional RTOS, WinCE/mobile, and Symbian, and occupy the leading position of the

Bug Tracking Management Open source software

Http:// Project management and Defect tracking tool Redmine Redmine is an open-source, web-based project management and defect tracking tool. It uses calendars and Gantt charts to support project and progress visualization. It also supports multiple project

PHP Open Source Software "personal Management system"--Technical specification

, mainly for technical exchanges, look at everyone's good technology. If you have a better specification or method, you may wish to inform one or two. QQ Group: 152448006 Address: Original link: "Editor's recommendation" PHP "Personal Management system" I want you to develop together. The perfect login module of PHP personal Management

Wlk Data Simulation Software Rawr instructions for use the software is open source, it is a good choice for interested developers of WPF

Wlk Data Simulation Software Rawr instructionsChapter directory:Introduction to Rawr Rawr Source Rawr features Meanings of Rawr on Wow Rawr Ii. Rawr instructions Log on to read characters Overall framework Attribute settings Item/attribute comparison Other Talents Tri-Rawr Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Simple Chinese-based item name I

Open source software configuration management process (2)--github

Second, the github--exchange cooperation excellent placeGitHub is not just a communication and collaboration tool, it is not only an open source software collaboration platform, but also a symbol of an open source culture. Open

Ubuntu14.04 install the open source tree-based notes management software WikidPad2.2

WikidPad is an open-source free wiki-style tree-based note management software, similar to Notepad. Based on Python, it supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms. WikidPad has a great influence in foreign countries, especially open-

Several open source graphical Redis client management software

TopRedis ClientSeveral open source graphical Redis client management softwareProject Introduction: The Use of Java writing, rich features, the disadvantage is slightly poor performance, the network is bad, will occasionally break.Project Address: Https:// to TopRedis StudioSeveral open

Market calls for open source software for mold management

Recently participated in the management of some precision molds and stamping processing enterprises, found that the market urgently need mold manufacturing and collaborative processing management software.The requirements of modern molds are high precision, high value, tight output time, and more and more complex. Mold Enterprises have been aware of the previous general mold has been overwhelmed by the high

Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source software posture

are interested in and start your journey on the cloud immediately. Microsoft joins hands with the open source community to launch a special program for Open Source geeks.Cloud experience week for popular open-source

Install the open-source project management software Redmine in Ubuntu

Recently, I want to configure a Trac on my machine to manage my own small projects, but the results are disappointing. Trac depends on countless Python libraries and must be outdated Python2.4, however, my default installation of javastugutsy is Python2.5. It is really uncomfortable to install two python programs. Fortunately, when looking for the Trac dependency library, I found Redmine, an open-source pro

Use the latest open-source software to build a log management system

We already know that OSSIM is one of the few open-source SIEM/security management platforms, and there is no integrated log management (LM) system yet. However, if you want to, you can DIY a log management system and use the latest technologies. First, you need to use logs

Build the ROR development environment in windows and install the open source project management software redmine

the following command in the pop-up command line to update RUBY: Gem update -- System 6. Run this command to update rails: Gem update. Now the environment is complete. Next we will install the project management software redmine: 1. Download redmine and decompress it. 2. Copy the redmine compressed folder to the rails_apps directory in the installrails directory. 3. Start installrails. 4. Select configure-

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