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[Open-source] Open-source machine vision/Image Processing Class Library & Related "Machine Vision lab" Software

Older imageprocess lab: New version of imagelab lab: The new visual library and the functions in the lab are comprehensive. According to opencv, the functions are similar, but the performance cannot be compared with humans. After all, the other party uses Intel's MKL, however, I am very upset because I just wrote a mathematical library by hand. However, we are a visual lab, which is much more convenient than opencv

C ++ open-source machine learning library and machine learning knowledge framework (being updated)

engineers and research scientists, which aims to provide a similarly rich environment fordeveloping machine learning software in the C ++ language.7) eblearn is an object-oriented C ++ library that implements various machine learning models, including energy-based

Open source Pure C # Industrial Gateway + configuration software (four) communication principle of the upper and lower machine

First, Gateway features: ConnectingRecently a little busy, the update is slow. Thanks to the support of the park friends, there are now on GitHub . The goal is the best open source configuration, it seems a step closer ^ ^Previously mentioned is the gateway is the key link of the Internet of things, it is the role of connecting .The lower machine has the language

A brief introduction to the centralized control platform software of Kirin open-source Fortress machine

, backup and other policies consistent;2. The administrator of the Fortress machine can add and remove account permissions for any bastion machine on the centralized control platform, and do not need to remember the IP and username password of the fortress machine in the city.3. The auditor of the Fortress machine can

Learn about Microsoft Open Source Core machine learning technology DMTK

Remember November 9 Google study launched the second generation of open source machine learning software Library TensorFlow, Google said that in the establishment and training of neural networks, tensorflow speed is 5 times times faster than the first generation system, can

Virtualbox 2.1.4-open-source Virtual Machine Software

You may be familiar with virtual machine software such as VMware and Virtual PC. Virtualbox is a virtual system software developed by innotek, a German software company. It not only has rich features, but also has excellent performance. It is even more open-

Open source virtual machine software VirtualBox v1.5.2

For VMware, Virtual PC software, it may be familiar to everyone. VirtualBox is a German software company Innotek developed virtual system software, it is not only rich features, but also excellent performance. More open source, and became a release under the GPL licensed fre

Open-source Virtual Machine Software virtualbox v1.5.2

You may be familiar with virtual machine software such as VMware and Virtual PC. Virtualbox is a virtual system software developed by innotek, a German software company. It not only has rich features, but also has excellent performance. It is even more open-

VirtualBox v1.5.6-Open source virtual machine software

Open source virtual machine software VirtualBox has been updated to version 1.5.6. Some of the interesting changes include fixing the problem of seamless mode and Full-screen mode, improving the performance of Solaris clients, supporting read-only shared folders, supporting E1000 device emulation, and better compatibil

28 GitHub's most popular open source machine learning programs

Http:// machine learning has become a hot industry, after more than 20 years of development, machine learning has also been widely used, such as: Data mining, computer vision, natural language processing, biometric identification, search engine, medical diagnosis, DNA sequencing, speech

Excellent open source Software Learning Series (i)--from zero learning Spring4 and learning method sharing

constantly try to encourage yourself and tempt yourself. Because even say the flowers, learning is always the most boring thing in the world-the more you know, the more you know your ignorance, the more people will be nameless panic, thereby denying themselves.V. SummarySo that's the plan. In writing this article, I was just going to make this attempt. This is what I have mentioned in the article: to constantly encourage themselves, through sharing a

2016 GitHub Top 20 python machine learning Open source project (GO)

development, bug fixes, refactoring and other reasons that led to many submissions. While Scikit-learn is an early and relatively stable project, it has fewer submissions such as improvements or bug fixes. We compared the 2015 and 2016 projects, which are the top 20 projects. We can see no significant change in the contribution rate of Pattern, Pybrain and Pylearn2, and no new contributors. In addition, we can see a significant correlation between the number of contributors and the number of su

11 Open source projects for machine learning

processing framework. It includes a series of machine learning algorithms for image and audio, such as face detection, sift stitching, and so on. At the same time, accord supports real-time tracking of mobile objects. It provides a machine learning library from a neural network to a decision tree system. MahoutMahou

11 Open source projects for machine learning

, and so on. At the same time, accord supports real-time tracking of mobile objects. It provides a machine learning library from a neural network to a decision tree system. MahoutMahout is a well-known open source project, an open sour

How do I choose an open-source machine learning framework?

Although Machine Learning is still in the early stage of development, but its integration into the application of the relevant industries, the prospect of immeasurable, and its potential value is doomed machine learning will become the main application of the enterprise. This article and everyone to share is for differ

An open source, cross-platform. NET Machine Learning Framework

Microsoft launched the build 2018 conference for a. NET developer of Open source, cross-platform machine learning Framework ML. NET will allow. NET developers to develop their own models and integrate custom ML into their applications without prior knowledge of developing or tuning

Open-source Python machine learning module

video processing, machine learning and pattern recognitionA large number of packages are composed.9.SkdataSkdata is a library of machine learning and statistical data sets. This module provides standard Python language usage for toy problems, popular computer vision and natural language datasets.10.MILKMilk is a

Various machine learning open source projects featured TOP30

8,800 machine learning Open source projects for you to select TOP30. Licensed from AI Technology Base (id:rgznai100)This article is a combination of text, suggested reading 5 minutes.This article brings you 30 highly acclaimed machine le

The most popular 30 open source machine learning program in the 2017 GitHub

What machine learning programs have been the most watched in 2017 years. Mybridge a list of top 30 for us, with GitHub links attached to all of the following items. We compared nearly 8,800 Kaiyuan machine learning programs and selected the best of the 30. This is a very competitive list of all the outstanding

Facebook machine learning Open Source DL module _ AI

Recently, the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (FAIR) has open-source a series of software libraries to help developers build larger, faster, Gigaom reports. Model of depth learning. The Open Software Library i

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