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Source code to provide! Android Instant Messaging and SNS Open source project summary

using Ali hundred Chuan Yun Wang. will also continue to improve the construction of the project structure. Full Blog update, GitHub project maintenance.Introduction:The "about a ball" app is an Android-based social app platform for ball games that registers "about a ball" and you can communicate with your contacts. You can also find nearby people who like to pla

Android apps 02-Android IM: a similar mobile QQ Instant Messaging Open Source implementation, android02-android

Android apps 02-Android IM: a similar mobile QQ Instant Messaging Open Source implementation, android02-androidAndroid apps 02-Android IM: an open-

Android Apps Analysis 02-android im: an open-source implementation of instant messaging similar to mobile QQ

()); OUT.PRINTLN (params); Out.close (); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader (New InputStreamReader ( Connection.getinputstream ())); String Inputline; while ((Inputline = In.readline ()) = null) { result = Result.concat (inputline); } in.close (); } catch (

The open-source program of huanxin opens the era of Instant Messaging cloud open-source platform, open-source instant messaging

platform ". As Liu Junyan pointed out, most of the top Internet projects in the world today are based on open-source projects and bring out ecosystems such as Linux and Android. In recent years, developers' demand for open source has become increasingly vigorous. Today, the

Open Source: Android app Novice Guides Open source Control

Open Source: Android app Novice Guides Open source ControlWhen an app first touches a user or has a large version update, the user is often the novice guide, and a good beginner's guide

[Note] Sign in to the app Android client (Open Source) and app android

[Note] Sign in to the app Android client (Open Source) and app android [Note] Sign in to the app, Android client, and server using the Bmob

Android open-source git40 App source code, androidgit40app

) eoe open source client (Oschina-android) Open Source Chinese client (Gnucash-android) Accounting and wealth management software (Notes) Xiaomi Notes (FileExplorer) Xiaomi File Manager (SoundRecorder) Xiaomi Record

Android Open source Git40 app Source

game (android_packages_apps_calculator) Enhanced Calculator for CyanogenMod systems ( App Source protection (eoe-android) EoE Open Source Client (oschina-android)

Android Open source Git40 app Source

game (Android_packages_apps_calculator) Enhanced Calculator for CyanogenMod systems (eoe-android) EoE Open Source Client (oschina-android) Open source China Client (gnuc

"Android Small app" cervical exercises Android Open source project

The previous time in the understanding of the answer has been in the IT industry predecessors, what about the protection of health knowledge to share to the IT newcomer? , replied to a picture, comments inside have friends hope through the program can be achieved, I tried to achieve through the program after the effect, is open source out, we can casually modify.To achieve this effect, in fact very easy to

Android development engineers should use the Smart Cloud App open source framework so quickly

focus on the app's UI and UE design, and relatively complex protocol and error handling and other matters can be ignored. Wit Cloud currently offers 3 sets of Sdk:ios platform native SDK, Android platform native SDK, Apicloud cross-platform SDK. Developers can choose their own according to the project, where the Apicloud version SDK can be developed at once with H5 technology, with iOS and Android two plat

Open source Android Weather app-android learning Journey (73)

I posted a simple weather app on GitHub that shows the weather slices in every city and county in the country as followsSource code I put it on GitHub. I hope you can go to download, modify after the upload maintenance, my code is very simple. As a kind of, I hope you and I together to maintain, common progress Simpleweather My GitHub home page, the following will be uploaded more project

Including the background Android food APP open source code, androidapp

Including the background Android food APP open source code, androidappProject Overview Light food is positioned as a food recommendation APP that combines food, social networking, and LBS services. It provides a platform for sharing food and goods while discovering the surr

Android open-source plan-one-week app development and androidapp Development

Android open-source plan-one-week app development and androidapp DevelopmentQuestions about the open source program of mobile development enthusiasts One-week app development planFirst

Open source Android Traffic assistant app based on Baidu Map SDK

;android–>build under Eclipse, where SHA1 fingerprint is the digital signature we want.(4) Get AK Copy to Project?? After completing the above steps, you can obtain an Access application (AK) and then copy the AK to the Api_key location under the project Androidmenifest.xml file.(5) Running the project?? So far, you can already run the app on a real machine or simulator. Note, however, that the simulator ru

How to create an Android OCR app with the Tesseract open source OCR engine

Tesseract is an open source OCR engine that complies with the Apache License 2.0 protocol. Here's how to compile Tesseract on the Android platform and how to quickly create a simple OCR application. Reference Original: Making an Android OCR application with Tesseract Tesseract An

Open source an Android candid app "Silent shoot" pea pod, FlyMe store has been online

, each time GetView, according to isimageedit display whether each picture appears in the upper right corner of the tick box, according to IsSelected to determine whether the check box is selected7: The bottom of the Cool tab card is the user's code, the simulation degree of 100%, their own implementation of the drawing code, through the Viewpager offset value, to set the brush alpha value, to achieve the effect of fading, very praise, it is worth a look, I am not understand anyway ...8: Use Asy

Open source Android App Incremental Update library version upgrade

Open source Android App Incremental Update library version upgrade After a few days of refactoring, I've refactored an example of an incremental update of an Android app that I've written before, refactoring for an

"Sticky Notes" sign in App Android client (open source)

, connected to WiFi} }Else{return 3;//Return 3, no connection. }return 3; }//Get IP PublicStringgetlocalipaddress() {Try{ for(Enumeration for(Enumerationif(!inetaddress.isloopbackaddress ()) {returnInetaddress.gethostaddress (). toString (); } } } }Catch(SocketException ex) {LOG.E ("IP address is:", ex.tostring ()); }return NULL; }//Get Mac PublicStringgetlocalmacaddress() {Wifimanager WiFi = (wifimanager) getsystemservice (Context.wifi_service

Open source an Android app cloud playback

git address is Https:// spin cloud broadcast because of business tuning off the server, it seems to be possible to useSo open source a cloud playback project. Let everyone change, add resourcesThis app is for cloud play Android versionThe principle is to get the connection, to request

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