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"Open source framework that thing 13": Application based on open source framework is the future development of small and medium-sized software companies

source framework, often with high cohesion, low coupling, high-quality code, dedicated team, can keep the project continuous progress. Or take tiny frame for example, tiny main project Total 621 issues , there are requirements, and improvements, with bug . As a result of good knowledge accumulation system, make use tiny frame people more use stronger, more use more cool! The equivalent of having a strong backup team in service for your project. T

Open source framework that thing 13: the future trend of open source and small and medium-sized software companies

Application based on open source framework is the development trend of future small and medium-sized software companiesThere have been such things around my friends around me: story 1 : a June in Beijing engaged in java developed for many years, germination of the idea of entrepreneurship, Want to build a devel

Open source A common source of small software--system database service management software

mssqlserver" (the first version of the software is used in this way). The second option is to use the software directly to obtain and control system services, the second version of the software has been to the current release of the source code is used this way. Because the first version of the time is longer, the

Three types of business models for open source software

Open source software generally has a good community, and the use of distributed software engineering system, the system has been quite perfect and constantly updated, continuous operation. Most open source projects are based on th

7 Top Open Source BI (business Intelligence) software and reporting tools

In this information age, every minute produces huge amounts of data per second. In the massive data, it is very important to dig out useful data and to display the data in a more humane and intuitive way. This article will introduce 7 top open source BI (business Intelligence) software and reporting tools for the analy

"Open source small software" Bing Daily wallpaper keeps desktop wallpaper up to date

Publish a small open source software, Bing daily wallpaper. The small software can automatically get Bing's beautiful picture set as wallpaper, and support randomly switch historical wallpaper, view wallpaper story. Welcome to dow

iOS Development-Tips: Mac Open source small software pushmebaby, what back end, test app push only rely on xcode!

{2Self =[Super init];3 if(Self! =Nil) {4 //can be pre-filled with a devicettoken, do not fill it can be manually entered after5Self.devicetoken =@"";6 //here is the push message format, the app receives the actual push effect as follows7 /*8 {9 @ "APs": {Ten @ "alert": @ "This is some fancy message.", One @ "badge": @ "1" A } - } - the content of the alert--is the information displayed in the notification bar. the badge--is the n

Create a small command line program for chatting with Gtalk based on open-source software

Because Gtalk is developed based on the jabber XMPP protocol, we only need to download a Java XMPP protocol class library to chat with Gtalk, in fact, I hope all im vendors can communicate with each other, so that I can install only one client and chat with everyone. Here we download the open-source smack Java XMPP package provided by igniterealtime, which is: Http://

Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source software posture

Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source

Analyze the potential risks of using open source software in an enterprise _ open source software

Many companies choose to use Open-source Software (OSS) to build more flexible products, but there is also a potential risk that software vendors and IoT manufacturers need to understand the risks hidden in the software supply chain. Known risks For example, a criminal can t

Common Classic Open source software Automation Development Test framework/Tools (2015) _ Open source software

languages, You can also use the Seleniumwebdriver API. C. Appium implements true Cross-platform Automation testing, Appium supports any test framework. If you only use Apple's uiautomation, we can only use JavaScript to write test cases, and we can only run test cases with instruction. If you only use Google's uiautomation, we can only use Java to write test cases. (8) Watir (Web application testing in Ruby) is an open

Software classification (free software, open source software, public software ......)

Software can be roughly divided into: Free Software and non-free software Types of Free Software and non-free software.The following are some terms that are frequently mentioned when discussing free software. They explain which types overlap with others or are part of o

Differences between open-source software supported by the community and open-source software supported by commercial companies

I have completely completed the service today, but I do not have any official MySQL documentation. There are a lot of Apache and PHP, not to mention Linux. Therefore, Oracle is attracting more people to participate in their training in this way. Therefore, it is not a good thing for a good commercial software to be controlled by a profit-making business company. Another problem I don't understand is that s

Seven popular business intelligence products (non-open source)

wireless Internet access devices, or publishes and subscribes to channel content via email, anytime, anywhere, SAS Business Intelligence provides valuable information and answers. With a customizable development environment, SAS provides a flexible and scalable interface and Support Service, and provides software packages, SAS Business Intelligence provides th

"Drools-open source Business rules engine" example of getting started (including source code)

 The instance is transferred from: Easy to understand application Example 1: Now we are simulating an application scenario: a site that is associated with a business-generated point issuance operation. such as Alipay credit card repayment bonus points. Issuance points may be accompanied by different operating strategies and seasonal adjustments, the number and rules of issuance are completely di

Open source VS. Business, messaging middleware things you don't know.

November 23, the new Torch Network middleware technical expert Tuo teacher in the dba+ Community Middleware user Group has a theme for "open source VS business, message middleware You do not know of those things," the online share. Small series specially sorted out the essence of the content, for everyone to learn to c

Like open source software, we also need "open source TCM" movement!

Like open source software, we also need open source TCM movement!Today in an Exchange group inside, met a friend said: "My teacher hopes that his efforts can flourish." I think this is the mind of every person of insight, now the social wine is also afraid of deep alley , es

<转> How to manage open source software community: Open Source project Management method </转>

development is not all part of community development. First we can subscribe to its mailing list, a general understanding of the daily work in the community, and then we can find the problem after submitting a bug to the community to solve, and finally developer Info, which can be found in the code base: carefully at the contributors and find that the number is not too much. In addition to the Apache Foundation's own core membership, there are

Open source Project Small toy---all kinds of robot open source hardware

Some small toy website Author: doskey Date: October 10, 2012 1 ReviewsTinkerforge-http://www.tinkerforge.comA website for an open source robot. Made in Germany. Things are good just too expensive.arduino–http://www.arduino.ccThe famous open source circuit project. The price

Summary of some open source software features and corresponding model analysis in "software reliability" thesis

open source software. If the version update time is too early, it will affect the reliability of open source software, because there may be a large number of errors in the software, af

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