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How to build your own wiki

The neutrality and copyrights of wikis are very important, they are very difficult to build. In China? A Wiki is a collaborative work platform or called an open editing system. The so-called collaborative work, that is, it allows people browsing the

Moinmoin wiki engine Overview

OverviewMoinmoinwiki is an excellent open-source wiki engine. With the gun GPL protocol, the project has been active for many years. Among the many wiki engines, moinmoinwiki ranks first, but not many users in China (see: wiki engine comparison

Build the company's internal wiki system using open source software XWiki

One application background descriptionIn peacetime operation and maintenance work, the regular work of the document collation is very important, whether it is normal work or work handover, real-time preservation of documentation can improve work

Codeplex site wiki engine is open-source

The Wiki engine of codeplex is now open-source. In addition to basic la S such as lists and tables, wikiplex also provides embedded videos (such as flash, QuickTime, and YouTube), Silverlight components, and RSS sources, and provide corresponding

Open-source game engine experience and open-source engine experience

Open-source game engine experience and open-source engine experience It should be said that everyone playing the game has a dream of writing the game engine on their own. While there are no reports from new companies, take some time to study

Tomcat+mysql+xwiki building an open source wiki system

XWiki is an open source wiki system written in the Java languageXWiki has a variety of versions, standalone version can be downloaded directly after the standalone installation, the default integration of Jetty run, but this way to install XWiki, (C #) Open Source Resource Large collection _ Practical tips

I. AOP frameworkEnCase is a C # written and developed for. NET platform provides an AOP framework. EnCase uniquely provides the means to deploy aspects (aspects) to Run-time code, while other AOP frameworks rely on configuration files. This approach

3D engine-an Open Source engine that can be transplanted to Android

Document directory Horde3D OGRE3D Irrlicht jmonkey Catcake jPCT-AE min3d gamine Alien3D With the popularity of android in the world, more and more people are focusing on mobile devices equipped with android. However, due to the limitations of

C # Open-source resources

Project Management Sharpforge supports collaborative development and management of multiple software projects, providing your team with functions similar to SourceForge and codeplex. Sharpforge is A. NET 2.0 open source project developed by C. User

Mysql Database storage engine and branch status analysis _mysql

MySQL with the corresponding creators and internal developers of the departure, creating a variety of engines and branches, so that MySQL hopes to continue to flourish. In MySQL after 2008 years of Sun's acquisition and the 2009 Oracle acquisition

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