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Win7 Notebook camera Open method How does a laptop camera open?

Today, a netizen asked the editor such a question, how to open a notebook camera? At present, the vast majority of notebooks are equipped with a camera, in fact, the beginning of the author thought very simple, because the previous use of Windows XP system directly in my computer can see the video device can be opened to open the

Notebook computer Bluetooth how to open

  Notebook Bluetooth function does not know that everyone has not contacted, because want to use notebook blue and mobile phone docking some songs to the phone, but the notebook Bluetooth module is not familiar with, the most depressing is not know how to open notebook Bluet

Notebook water can not open the machine how to deal with? How much is the maintenance cost?

What if the laptop doesn't open? Notebook water, the first time to do is disconnect the power, shutdown, remove the battery, and then try to clean up, do not rush to boot, or easy to burn more hardware, if you encounter a laptop, you can try dismantling the cleaning method. 1, first time power off, and then the notebook built-in battery to take

IPython notebook installation and installation of the Web page can not open the problem __python

Installation is simple Pip install Ipython[notebook] or pip install Jupyter Notebook The first type of installation is about to be eliminated. After installation, enter Ipython notebook or jupyter at the command line notebook You'll open the

How to open the Win7 notebook camera

How to open the Win7 notebook camera Windows XP system, the way to open a notebook camera is very simple, you can go directly to my computer, you can see the camera device, the following figure: How to open a notebook c

How to open the notebook keypad

As we all know, notebook because of the need to take into account the portability, in the keyboard design up and down a lot of time, relative to the ordinary keyboard change is the most of the small keyboard removal. The manufacturer also takes into account the function of the keypad, also designed the function of the keypad for the notebook, just let him with our main keyboard area is integrated, below let

What should I do if my notebook drive doesn't open?

Notebook has its own CD-ROM, which is known to all, which is also very convenient for us to install the operating system and watch DVDs and so on, then the notebook optical drive can not open how to do? Notebook optical drive for some people is dispensable, but we have to admit that there is a CD-ROM drive or bring me

How to open spark with Jupyter notebook

The computer has Anaconda Python installed and then downloaded the spark2.1.0. Because the version is too new, some content on the web and in the book is no longer applicable. For example, on how to use Ipython and Jupyter, the tutorial gives you the option to open spark with the following statement into Ipython or Ipython Notebook:Ipython=1./bin/pysparkipython_opts= "Notebook"./bin/pysparkThen the goose ru

Lenovo Notebook Wireless network switch can not open how to do

Lenovo Notebook Wireless network switch can not open how to do Computer Tutorials Lenovo Notebook Wireless network switch does not open the solution One, the network card is disabled Notebooks have a switch to a network card, this switch if it is disabled then can not open

Python's IDLE cannot be connected and Jupyter notebook cannot open the browser __python

python IDLE cannot connect and Jupyter notebook cannot open the browser Problem Description WIN10 system due to firewall mechanism, installing Python and Anaconda will cause the following error:1. After installing Python, an error occurred while opening IDLE, unable to connect to the Python interpreter. Error message isIDLE ' s subprocess didn ' t make connection. either IDLE can;tStart a subprocess or pe

How to open the notebook keypad

When we use the desktop, we may like to use the right-hand keypad to enter numbers, because it is independent, not with its key to confuse, and on the right hand side, use is also convenient, but the notebook is not the same, it does not have a separate keypad, then how to open the notebook keypad? Most notebooks come with a keypad function, but they

Win7 System Notebook Touch pad how to open?

each notebook has a touch pad, when we do not have the mouse to use, the touchpad can replace the mouse, but want to use the touchpad, but also to open first. So how does the Win7 notebook touch pad open? Do not know how to open the friend, hurriedly come to see the followin

Win7 Notebook system WiFi Sharing wizard can't open the solution

Win7 notebook in the course of use, there must be a lot of users have encountered the WiFi Sharing wizard can not open the situation bar. Win7 Laptop WiFi Sharing wizard can not open how to do? System World official website Small series to share the resolution steps, interested users do not miss. Win7 notebo

WIN8 notebook computer to open lid automatic boot solution

It's convenient to use a laptop, because it's small and convenient for us to carry wherever we want. However, recently some users reflect that their own WIN8 system notebook computer as long as the lid will automatically turn on the computer, said very tangled. So, what's the cause? How do we deal with it? Next, small make up with everybody share WIN8 system notebook computer

How to open a notebook wireless network

1. General Notebook wireless network switches are on the keyboard, with the FN function key can be opened, the specific way to find a notebook keyboard on the FN key press and hold. And then locate and press the wireless key on the keyboard. The wireless network LEDs are visible at this point. Indicates that the wireless network is already open.

Win7 System notebook Touchpad Middle key cannot open new page

1. We first to install the mouse driver, this can be downloaded to Lenovo official website or use the Drive Wizard to download the installation, after installation we click on the "Control Panel to open the mouse" and then this mode Ultranav or ThinkPad tab; 2. Then we click on the "TrackPoint" setting in the Open interface, as shown in the following figure; 3. Select scrolling or magnifying glass fun

python3.6 install Jupyter, can't open notebook

python3.6 install Jupyter, can't open notebook, prompt modulenotfounderror:no module named ' Markupsafe._compat ', there is coding problem, the solution is to download a git base, Once installed, git base unloads the previously installed Markupsafe module, pip uninstall Markupsafe, and then re-installs the module in Git base, which is the same command as under Windows. After successful installation, go to t

How to open a notebook keypad

In general, we can see the notebook keyboard near the right Entel key near the keyboard is generally marked with letters and numbers, these are the combination of numeric keys and letters, which are displayed by default, but can be switched to the numeric keypad by pressing the NUM LK key at the top of the notebook keyboard. Press the NUM LK key again to toggle the letter key mode. The following figure:

notebook Bluetooth how to open?

notebook Bluetooth function I don't know if we've had any contact, recently, a company colleagues bought a notebook computer, from the manual to see with the Bluetooth function, because want to use the notebook blue and mobile phone docking some songs to the phone, but the use of the notebook Bluetooth module is not fa

Lenovo YOGA910 Notebook Open box detailed evaluation

Lenovo YOGA910 Notebook Open box detailed evaluation On portability, the average thickness of Yoga 910 is less than 15 mm and weighs only 1.4 kg, making it superior in portability. At the same time Lenovo Yoga 910 equipped with a 13.9-inch display, integrated IPs touch screen, the maximum resolution reached 3840x2160 pixels, pixel density of 315ppi.

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