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Use of Android URI (Universal Resource Identifier)

Use of Android URI (Universal Resource Identifier) Uri 1. Universal Resource Identifier ("URI "). Uri indicates the data to be operated. Each type of resource available on Android-images and video clips can be represented by Uri. A URI is generally

Java Magic Hall: URI, url (with URL Protocol Handler) and urn

First, prefaceThe past has been confused about what is the URI what is the URL, it is time to make a good understanding of them! This article as a study note, in order to query later, if there are flaws please correct me!Second, from the URI.1.

Uri usage in Android intent

IntentIt should be something special in Android. You can specifyProgramThe action to be executed (such as view, edit, dial), andMaterials. After all settings are specified, you only need to call startactivity (), AndroidSystemWill automatically find

Intent binds URI

The following is the commonly used intent Uri and its example, including the common intent used in most applications. 1. Open a webpage. the category is intent. action_view. Uri uri = URI. parse (" /"); Intent intent = new

Uri, URL, urn Class URI public final class URI Extends object Implements comparable >, Serializable Indicates a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) reference. Except for some minor differences mentioned below, such instances represent a URI

Android Common URI

Some URIs about contacts:To manage the URI of a contact:ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URIThe URI of the phone that manages the contact:ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Phone.CONTENT_URITo manage the URI of the contact's

Android development, URI such as: texting, sending MMS, calling contacts, etc.

One, direct calls, and three different is that this direct call, rather than open the dial-up interface Uri uri = uri.parse ("tel:10086"); Intent Intent = new Intent (Intent.action_call, URI); Second, open the dial-up interface, type is

The URI and example of common intent for Android development

Reference: following is the URI of the commonly used intent and its examples, including the common intent used in most applications. One, open a Web page, the category is Intent.action_viewuri uri =

Java in the desktop class and bulk in browser open URI

There are more than one page URL, I need to see if the Web page is normal, I recently found that it hurts, I want to copy the URL one by one, put into the address bar, this once the URL of a number, really hurt, the beginning do not know how to

Java distinction between URL and Uri

Java Code { DP. Sh. toolbar. copytoclipboard (this); Return false; } "Href =" "> String urlstring ="Http: // 8080/SWP/mainpage? AA = 11 & BB % 3d22"; Uri uri = URI. Create (urlstring );

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