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How does the router VPN service open?

Turn on the VPN service on the router, where we can access resources on the home network and easily and securely access data from the home network. The following will show you how to open the router VPN service. Using the router's DMZ (quarantine) settings or applications using networked storage, we are able to access resources on the home network over the Inter

Win2003 Open VPN Tutorial _win server

Need VPN first you want to make sure that your server has a service to start. 1.window Self-brought firewallWindows Firewall/internet Connection Sharing (ICS) stopped 2. Remote Registry ServiceRemote Registry Open 3.server ServiceServer Open 4.route Routing ServiceRouting and Remote Access opens 5.Workstation Service Ope

How to open the VPN Properties settings panel in a win8 computer

Set up a VPN connection, presumably many friends in the day-to-day operation of the computer have been involved? In the previous Win7 64-bit flagship download, we started the VPN settings is very simple, directly in the connection to the right menu can be found, but after upgrading to the WIN8 system, such a setup method is not, Presumably a lot of users have found it! This shortcut setting function is gone

Install an open-source VPN Server on CentOS 7

Install an open-source VPN Server on CentOS 7 One of my biggest concerns when I access the Internet is how to ensure the security and privacy of my data. While searching for answers, I found many anonymous methods, such as using a proxy website. However, third-party services cannot be fully guaranteed. What I need is a software that allows me to install and run on my own, so that I can ensure that only I c

How do apk files open?

APK file is well-known after the popularity of Android system, as our most common software installation package, how much do you know about it?   What file is APK? APK is the acronym for Androidpackage, the Android installation package (APK). APK is a file format similar t

Linux iptables open PPTP VPN dial-up failure solution

The company now uses iptables as the firewall in the LAN, the Internet is no problem. This time, because of the test, you need to connect PPTP VPN. The problem is, the VPN dial has failed and reported 619 errors. I have no problem with my cell phone or my home dialing. Landing the router, the PPTP support all open to try again, the result is not. Then find the

App Mall Download apk install package parsing error does not have permission Permission denied android-failed to open zip archive

1. Error message:03-31 16:48:43.740:info/activitymanager: Start proc for activity packageinstalleractivity:pid=620 uid=10026 gids={}03-31 16:48:44.749:warn/zipro (620): Unable to open zip '/data/data/ ': Permission denied03-31 16:48:44.749:debug/asset (620): Failed to open Zip archive '/data/ data/

Android cainiao notes-get the uninstalled APK icon, version, package name, name, whether to install, install, and open

I had nothing to do over the weekend. I took out the basic knowledge of Android and reviewed it. Today's topic is "getting uninstalled APK icons, versions, package names, names, whether to install, jump to install, open". 1. Get the APK icon You can use getApplicationIcon (ApplicationInfo) in PackageManager to obtain a drawable. However, in actual use, you can on

Open the APK in the Androidmanifest.xml garbled

Directly unzip the APK, open androidmanifest.xml display garbled, because this is binary characters, and open the file editor independent. (You can also open the view with UltraEdit, which is shown in clear text.) It just looks like it's not very convenient to search.Open the APK

[Open source] Android apk One-click Generate confusing File script sharing (Python)

There is a need for the project to be done today. To confuse our apk.Then spent an afternoon studying, and Python wrote a one-click generated script.Principle:My development environment is that ADT Bundle is an integrated development environment for the Android SDK with Proguard.You only need to export the code when you open the comment in choose Export exported apk will be automatic

Android uses Gradle implementation APK software multiple open

The core of setting up the software is that the setting ApplicationID is different, because Android takes the ApplicationID as the process identity and must be unique, it only needs to be changed dynamically when packaging.1. Setting the Build.gradle productflavorsproductflavors {Office { ApplicationID"" Buildconfigfield' String ',' Api_url ',' "" ' Resvalue"string","App_name","App_office" }Other { ApplicationID"

Note-android open files in various formats (APK, Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, audio and video, pictures, etc.)

Open the suffix. apk file, that is, start the installer;Apkfilepath file path public void installapk (String apkfilepath) { //create URI uri uri = uri.fromfile (new file Apkfilepath)); Intent Intent = new Intent (intent.action_view); Set the URI and type intent.setdataandtype (URI, "application/"); Perform installation mcontext.s

How to implement Android by clicking the link in the browser to open apk

installed, they ' ll get a nasty error. And I ' m not sure there's any-to-check.Edit:to answer your question, you can use Getintent (). GetData () which returns a Uri object. You can then use the Uri.* Methods to extract the data you need. For example, let's say the user clicked on a link to Data=getintent (). GetData (); String Scheme= Data.getscheme ();//"http"String host = Data.gethost ();//""listdata.getpathsegments (); String First= Params.get

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