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Using OpenCL to speed up Web applications

Because the image processor (GPU) has a highly parallel infrastructure, it can perform some type of application faster than traditional central processing units (CPUs). The Open Computing Language (OPENCL) is one of the most popular languages to harness the power of the GPU. A typical example is the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, which accelerates image and video processing by performing OpenCL routines on the use

Opencl: a Heterogeneous Computing Architecture)

disadvantages of opencl programming through an in-depth discussion of the opencl computing architecture. Related programming practices are carried out. The parallel programming tests on different devices show that the opencl parallel programming architecture can significantly improve the program running efficiency. As for the current situation, heterogeneous sy

OpenCL programming guide for interoperability with Direct3D and opencl programming guide

OpenCL programming guide for interoperability with Direct3D and opencl programming guide This article describes the interoperability between OpenCL and D3D 10.1. initialize OpenCL context for Direct3D interoperability OpenCL sharing is enabled by pragma cl_khr_d3d10_sharing:

OpenCL learning stepbystep (2) A simple OpenCL Program

Now, we start to write a simple OpenCL program, calculate the sum of the two arrays, and put them in another array. The program calculates with the CPU and GPU respectively, and finally verifies whether they are equal. The process of the OpenCL program is roughly as follows: The main code in sourcecode is: intmain (intargc, char * argv []) { Now, we start to write a simple

Opencl learning step by step (2) A simple opencl Program

Now, we start to write a simple opencl program, calculate the sum of the two arrays, and put them in another array. The program calculates with the CPU and GPU respectively, and finally verifies whether they are equal. The procedure of the opencl program is roughly as follows: The main code in source code is as follows: Int main (INT argc, char * argv []){// Create three buffers in the host memoryFloat *

OpenCL Learning Step by Step (2) a simple OpenCL program

transferred from: Author: Mike Old Wolf Now, we begin to write a simple OpenCL program that calculates the sum of two arrays and puts them in another array. The program calculates the CPU and GPU separately, and finally verifies that they are equal. The process of the OPENCL program is roughly as follows: The following are the main codes

Opencl learning step by step (1) install amd opencl app

Start learning opencl ...... Because old wolf's video card is amd 5xx's redwood, we will first introduce the installation of opencl app (accelerated parallel processing. : Http:// Installation notes: Useful information:

Ten reasons why Android shocould support opencl

Ten reasons why Android shocould support opencl> Wednesday, 1_l 3, 2013 In an earlier post, I explained why a Google Engineer's grievance with opencl was mistaken. Now here are ten reasons why Google shoshould make opencl the high-performance language of choice on Android:10. GPU vendors are the driving force behind opencl

Multi-GPU and multi-core CPU heterogeneous computing--1 for OpenCL

clearer. Figure 1 Cpu-gpu heterogeneous computing advocated by the OPENCL standardWe know that CPUs and GPUs have strengths, and the CPU is generally adept at handling irregular data structures and unpredictable access patterns, as well as recursive algorithms, branch-intensive code, and single-threaded threads. Such program tasks have complex instruction scheduling, looping, branching, logical judgments, and execution steps. For example, system so

Visual Studio 2013 and Intel SDK for OpenCL 6.1 environment setup

industry-standard OpenGL and OpenAL, which are used for three-dimensional graphics and computer audio, respectively, for the two standard. OpenCL extends the ability of the GPU to be used outside of graphics generation. OpenCL is run by Khronos Group, a nonprofit technology organization. In addition, OpenCL is a cross-platform standard and not a cross-platform t

Read opencl from Cuda

)[1 Cu]-[1 .. n PES] (Processing Unit: PU) The host manages all the computing resources of the entire platform. The application sends computing commands from the host to the processing units of each opencl device. All processing units in a computing unit execute the same set of commands.Process. The command stream can be in SIMD or SPMD mode. All applications written by

Opencl-sobel detection and opencl-sobel

Opencl-sobel detection and opencl-sobel Comparison of the time of the C version, neon, and GPU detected by sobel. Platform: LG G3, Adreno 330, img size 3264x2448 Sobel: C code Neon GPU 73 13 42 + 3.7 + 6.6 Unit: ms GPU time = memorytime + Queued time + Run time Sobel org Sobel vector Sobel vector + mem_fence Que

Xilinx announces Launch of SDAccel development environment for OpenCL, C and C + +

Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX), the world leader in Programmable technology and devices, announced today the launch of OpenCL, C and c+ at the 2014 International Super Computing 2014 + SDACCELTM development environment, increase unit power performance by up to 25 times times, thereby using FPGA to achieve Data Center application acceleration. SDAccel is the newest member of the Xilinx SDX series, combining the industry's first architecture-optimized compi

Learn the OpenCL development (i) architecture from scratch

Thank you for your attention reprint this article please specify: This article will be the first of my series of articles on "Starting from scratch for OpenCL development." 1 Heterogeneous computing, GPGPU and OpenCL OpenCL is currently a common standard for multi-cpu\gpu\ other chip heterogeneous computing (

AMD opencl university course (2)

1. opencl Architecture Opencl can implement parallel computing on hybrid devices, including CPU, GPU, and Other Processors, such as cell processors and DSPs. With opencl programming, you can achieve portable parallel acceleration code. [However, due to the different hardware performance of each opencl device, specific

Learning opencl development from scratch (I) Architecture

Thank you for your attention reprinted this article Please note: This article will be the first article in my "start from scratch for opencl development" series. 1 Heterogeneous Computing, gpgpu and opencl Opencl is a common multi-CPU, GPU, and other chip Heterogeneous Computing (heterogeneous) Standard launc

AMD opencl university course (1)

example: In a pair of images, you can perform a filtering operation on the pixels in a sliding window (for example, 3*3 pixels) to obtain the convolution of an output pixel. Multiply the row I of the first input matrix by column J of the second input matrix. The obtained vector and element of column J of the row I of the output matrix are obtained. This method is effective for one-to-one or multiple-to-one mappings between input and output data. Some data decomposition algorithms are based

Who is the master of sinking opencl and Cuda architecture in-depth analysis

Recently, khronos announced the first test version of opencl (Open Computing language). Once released, it was a big wave in the field of general computing! Opencl is an open and free standard for concurrent programming for general purposes of heterogeneous systems, initiated by Apple and jointly developed by many famous manufacturers in the industry. It is also a unified programming environment. It facilita

Learning opencl development from scratch (2) a simplest example and simple Performance Analysis

Welcome to repost, please note Http:// 1 Hello opencl Compile a simple example program to demonstrate the basic usage of opencl: 1. You can download an opencl SDK from the developer website of nvdia, AMD, Intel, or all opencl members. Although different companies support di

A simple example of using amd app opencl in Windows 7

Since Apple officially submitted its opencl to the khronos group Open Standards Organization in, it has received support from major companies such as AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel. Opencl can make full use of GPU data-intensive large-scale computing capabilities, so that many multimedia applications and even scientific computing can greatly improve performance. Here we

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