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opencv--Human Face detector __OPENCV face detection based on depth learning

First of all, has been considering such a great opencv should change some of the outdated things, such as: detectors, recognizers and so on, sure enough, openv the big guys or secretly changed. Direct load Caffe Depth learning (SSD face detection) model has been OPENCV: (a powerful one) Here's the Python code: Use Pict

Face detection--unitbox_ human face Detection (target detection)

This is an introduction to the face detection of technology from the view of the article: "2016 ACM MM unitbox:an Advanced Object Detection Network". The code should not be put out, but the implementation is relatively simple. (Interrupt a sentence, the paper said speed can reach 12fps, I'm a little panic, we look at science does not) —————————— split line ——————

Some methods of face recognition in vivo detection of human face detection

human face recognition in vivo detection In biometric systems, in order to prevent malicious people from forging and stealing other people's biological characteristics for identity authentication, biometric systems need to have a live detection function, that is, to determine whether the submitted biological characteristics come from living individuals. In vivo

[Opencv-python] OpenCV part IX Object detection part X in computational photography

through the second stage of detection. If a window passes all the tests, the window is considered to be the face area.This plan is not very handsome!!!The author divides more than 6,000 features into 38 stages, and the first five phases feature numbers of 1,10,25,25 and 50 respectively. (The two features in fact are the best features obtained from Adaboost).According to authors, on a average, features out

OPENCV face recognition OpenCV human face matching analysis _c language

Machine Learning The purpose of machine learning is to convert data into information. Machine learning turns data into information by extracting rules or patterns from the data. Human Face recognition Face recognition is used to determine whether a human face is based on a hierarchical classifier to classify features. The correct recognition rate for each nod

Play Turn Android Camera Development (V): real-time detection of face and face frame based on Google's own algorithm (Network starter, complete demo).

the election. From the Android4.0 after the Android source of the camera app are used in this interface for human face detection. Below the source code:First, Googlefacedetect.javaConsider the next time you are ready to introduce JNI to detect faces with OPENCV, for this Zajia a new package org.yanzi.mode inside ready to put all the things about the image. New f

Human face detection--unitbox_ face detection

This article is reproduced from: This is an introduction to the face detection of technology from the view of the article: "2016 ACM MM unitbox:an Advanced Object Detection Network". The code should not be put out, but the implementation is relatively simple. (Interrupt a sentence, the paper said speed can re

Human Face Detection--grid loss:detecting occluded faces_ face detection and recognition

Grid loss:detecting occluded FacesECCV2016 The problem of occlusion is to be solved by area chunking. For the occlusion of face detection, it is more difficult to solve this problem from the angle of training data. We solve this problem from the point of view of defining a new loss function. By defining a novel loss layer to block the loss of face counting error,

[OpenCV Getting Started Guide] Article 7 Line Segment Detection and Circle Detection

[OpenCV Getting Started Guide] Article 7 Line Segment Detection and Circle Detection The Section 5 contour detection in [OpenCV Getting Started Guide] and section 6 contour detection in [OpenC

__canny Edge detection algorithm for edge detection in OpenCV

OpenCV provides four different edge detection operators, or High-pass filters: Sobel,scharr and Laplacian operators and canny operators, the specific detection steps are as follows: image filtering : The algorithm of edge detection is based on first and second derivative of image gray value, but the derivative is usual

HiSilicon Transplant opencv+ Vehicle detection

. cmake_exe_linker_flags:string=-LPTHREAD-LRT Continue make The following error may occur Code: Select All CMake Error at/home/xlab/zhouhua/opencv/opencv-2.4.9/cmake/cl2cpp.cmake:50 (String): String does not recognize Sub-command MD5 MAKE[2]: * * * [modules/ocl/opencl_kernels.cpp] Error 1 MAKE[1]: * * * [Modules/ocl/cmakefiles/opencv_ocl.dir/all] Error 2 Make: * * * [ALL] Error 2 Delete the contents o

Opencv learning notes (19th) -- Marker Detection and Recognition "Master opencv" chp.2

The second chapter describes how to implement the calibration-based Augmented reality on the iOS platform, including the following four aspects: 1. Build opencv project on iOS platform 2. Marker Detection and Recognition 3. Camera Calibration and marker pose estimation 4. rendering a 3D virtual object based on marker The first part is the development of the iOS platform. I am not too concerned about it. The

"OpenCV" Corner detection: Harris corner Point and Shi-tomasi Corner detection

; ", Source_window, maxcorners, Maxtrackbar, Cornershitomasi_demo); Namedwindow (Corners_window, cv_window_autosize); Namedwindow (Source_window, cv_window_autosize); Imshow (Source_window, SRC); Cornerharris_demo ( 0 , 0 ); Cornershitomasi_demo ( 0 , 0 ); It is also necessary to say that the OpenCV 2.4.2 in the corner detection of the sample code to trace some of the problem is that the surf shou

The procedure of pupil precise detection based on OPENCV and QT

This article is for the graduation design written by the pupil accurate examination procedures, declined any form of reprint.This blog is the author of the first two blog " QT and OpenCV - based camera (local image) Read and output program " and " based on OpenCV and QT Human Face (human eye) detection program based o

OPENCV-based human face recognition technology for PHP images _php tutorial

OpenCV is an open source computer graphics and image Library developed in C/s + +, very powerful and complete in research materials. The focus of this article is to describe how to use PHP to invoke local functionality. Face detection technology is just a branch of OPENCV application. 1. Installation Compiled from the

PHP image face recognition technology based on OpenCV

The technology introduced in this article is not original, but learned from a German named Robert Isele. He wrote a PHP extension openCV, which encapsulates only two functions, face_detect and face_count. OpenCV is an open-source computer graphics image library developed with C/C ++. it is very powerful and has a complete set of research materials. This article focuses on how to use php to call local functi

Opencv-python Study NOTE 2: Achieve eye follow (also called Face follow)

", CV. Cv_window_normal) CV. Resizewindow ("W1", -, -) #找到设备对象 capture= CV. Capturefromcam (0) #检测人脸函数 def repeat (): #每次从摄像头获取一张图片 frame=CV. Queryframe (capture) image_size=CV. GetSize (frame) #获取图片的大小 #print image_size greyscale= CV. CreateImage (Image_size,8,1) #建立一个相同大小的灰度图像 CV. Cvtcolor (frame, greyscale, CV. Cv_bgr2gray) #将获取的彩色图像, converted to grayscale image storage= CV. Creatememstorage (0#创建一个内存空间, face

Official Use of training and detection in opencv-opencv_createsamples, opencv_traincascade

I haven't written a blog for a long time, and my student's career ends. I will not summarize it. Today, I will record the Adaboost training and detection process in opencv, so that it is convenient for others ~~~ Ah, haha ~~~~ I. Basic Knowledge preparation First, opencv currently only supports training and detection

The road of OPENCV practice--Pedestrian detection

Pedestrian detection is a very hot and useful topic in the field of vision, especially in unmanned driving, the importance of pedestrian detection is self-evident.After the face detection, pedestrian detection is much simpler. The process is roughly the same as

C + + development face Gender Recognition Tutorial (3)--OPENCV Configuration and Imagewatch plugin introduction

Original address: is an important tool for C + + image processing, and the gender-aware project of this face is developed with the help of OpenCV. Although there are a lot of OPENCV on the Internet configuration tutorial, but for the sake of tutorial integrity, here is a special blog to introduce the

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