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[Opencv-python] OpenCV part IX Object detection part X in computational photography

face and eye detector.First we need to load the required XML classifier. The input image or video is then loaded in grayscale format.Import NumPy as NP Import = Cv2. Cascadeclassifier ('haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml'= Cv2. Cascadeclassifier ('haarcascade_eye.xml'= cv2.imread (' Sachin.jpg'= Cv2.cvtcolor (img, Cv2. Color_bgr2gray)Now we detect the face in the image. If a face is detected, it returns the rectangle where the face is locatedRegion Rect (X,Y,W,H). Once we have this position,

Object Recognition and scene understanding (6) Target Detection by hog + SVM in opencv

Reference: Pedestrian detection using hog features and SVM Classifier:Http:// Hog + SVM has excellent Pedestrian detection effects due to its characteristics, but it also has good effects on other targets. Here we will expand the scope. Carson2005's blog article describes how to use opencv to implement sample trai

(reproduced) using the SIFT and RANSAC algorithms (OPENCV framework) to achieve object detection and positioning, and to find the transformation matrix (Findfundamentalmat and findhomography comparison) pinned

transformation matrix. And the online about findhomography introduction is relatively few, so will let people misunderstand findfundamentalmat will calculate the transformation matrix.Try to return the matrix with the Findhomography function, in the template image, the object is already marked with a green box outline, according to the object's four boundary points, and the transformation matrix, you can get the transformed

Opencv extends latent SVM discriminatively trained Part Based Models for Object Detection

Opencv 2.4 implements the DPM program in C ++. The main difference between it and the previous C version is that it can detect multiple targets at the same time. During use, you can put the trained model in a folder, and put the image to be detected in another folder for detection. Unfortunately, the accelerated content is not considered. Latent SVM regression ¶ Discriminatively trained Part Based Models f

Opencv learning notes () -- Object Detection objdect Based on cascading Classifier

Document directory 1) load the cascade classifier 2) read Video Streams 3) use this classifier for each frame 4) display the target The target detection method supported by opencv is the classifier training based on the Haar feature of the sample to obtain the cascade boosted classification ). Note: In addition to haar features, the new C ++ interface can also use the HSV features. First, we will in

Opencv--brisk feature detection, matching and object finding

; - }Wuyi } theprintf"min Distance:%f", mindist); - Wu for(inti =0; i ) { - DoubleDist =matches[i].distance; About if(Dist 1.5*mindist,0.02)) { $ Goodmatches.push_back (Matches[i]); - } - } - ADrawmatches (IMG1, Keypoints_obj, Img2, Keypoints_scene, Goodmatches, Akazematchesimg, Scalar::all (-1), +Scalar::all (-1), vectorChar>(), drawmatchesflags::not_draw_single_points); theImshow ("Good match result", akazematchesimg); - $Waitkey (0); the ret

OpenCV, about object detection

the //Open operation (expansion corrosion operator) +Mat out; -Mat element = Getstructuringelement (Morph_rect, Size (3,3)); $Erode (Gray_diff, out, Element); $Dilate ( out, out, Element); - - //Find Outlines theMat DST = Mat::zeros ( out. Size (), cv_8uc3); -Vectorcontours;WuyiVectorhierarchy; theFindcontours ( out, contours, hierarchy, Cv_retr_ccomp, cv_chain_approx_simple); - intindex =0, Largestcomp; Wu DoubleMaxarea =0; - for(; index >=0; index = hierarchy[index][0])

OpenCV contour detection to calculate object rotation angle

The effect is still a bit of a problem, I hope we discuss togetherFindrotation-angle.cpp: Defines the entry point of the console application. FindContours.cpp: Defines the entry point of the console application. #include "stdafx.h" #include This is the original implementation of the Code of the blog post: documents:

[OpenCV Getting Started Guide] Article 7 Line Segment Detection and Circle Detection

[OpenCV Getting Started Guide] Article 7 Line Segment Detection and Circle Detection The Section 5 contour detection in [OpenCV Getting Started Guide] and section 6 contour detection in [OpenC

__canny Edge detection algorithm for edge detection in OpenCV

eliminate redundant (overlapping) Windows and find the best object detection location. A lag threshold (hysteresis thresholding) If the gradient amplitude of a pixel (a) exceeds a high threshold (maxval), the pixel is preserved as an edge pixel. If a pixel (D) gradient amplitude is less than the low threshold (minval), the pixel is excluded. If the gradient amplitude of a pixel (C) is between two threshold

Opencv learning notes (19th) -- Marker Detection and Recognition "Master opencv" chp.2

The second chapter describes how to implement the calibration-based Augmented reality on the iOS platform, including the following four aspects: 1. Build opencv project on iOS platform 2. Marker Detection and Recognition 3. Camera Calibration and marker pose estimation 4. rendering a 3D virtual object based on marker The first part is the development of the iOS p

"OpenCV" Corner detection: Harris corner Point and Shi-tomasi Corner detection

; ", Source_window, maxcorners, Maxtrackbar, Cornershitomasi_demo); Namedwindow (Corners_window, cv_window_autosize); Namedwindow (Source_window, cv_window_autosize); Imshow (Source_window, SRC); Cornerharris_demo ( 0 , 0 ); Cornershitomasi_demo ( 0 , 0 ); It is also necessary to say that the OpenCV 2.4.2 in the corner detection of the sample code to trace some of the problem is that the surf shou

OpenCV Pedestrian Detection _opencv

Note: This article is translated from: pedestrian detection OpenCV. Do you know the built-in pedestrian detection method inside the OpenCV? In OpenCV, there is a hog+ linear SVM model that can detect pedestrians in images and videos. If you are not familiar with the directio

OPENCV Video for Target detection _ video

than the minimum confidence If confidence > args["confidence"]: # Extract the index of the class label from the ' detections ', # then compute the (x, y)-coordinates of the bounding box for # the object idx = Int (det Ections[0, 0, I, 1]) box = detections[0, 0, I, 3:7] * Np.array ([w, H, W, H]) (StartX, Starty, EndX , EndY) = Box.astype ("int") # Display the prediction label = ' {}: {:. 2f}% '. Format (Classes[idx], C Onfidence *) Print (

Opencv hog detection for pedestrians

Navneet Dalal's OLT workflow description ByOpencviv» 2010-01-23 4: 23Navneet Dalal provides INRIA on the following websites Object Detection and localization Toolkit Http:// suryajaya leoputra provides its Windows VersionHttp:// /~ 12482661/hog.htmlCopy all the DLL's (boost_1.34.1 *. dll, blitz_0.9.dll, opencv

Detailed description of the components of the opencv motion detection and tracking (BLOB track) Framework

In the. \ opencv \ doc \ vidsurv folder, there are three doc FILES: blob_tracking_modules, blob_tracking_tests, and testseq. Among them, blob_tracking_modules must be read in detail. "FG/BG Detection"Module into msforeground/background segmentation for each pixel. "Blob entering Detection"Module uses theresult (fg/BG mask) of" fg/BG

HiSilicon Transplant opencv+ Vehicle detection

. cmake_exe_linker_flags:string=-LPTHREAD-LRT Continue make The following error may occur Code: Select All CMake Error at/home/xlab/zhouhua/opencv/opencv-2.4.9/cmake/cl2cpp.cmake:50 (String): String does not recognize Sub-command MD5 MAKE[2]: * * * [modules/ocl/opencl_kernels.cpp] Error 1 MAKE[1]: * * * [Modules/ocl/cmakefiles/opencv_ocl.dir/all] Error 2 Make: * * * [ALL] Error 2 Delete the contents o

Training and testing of Cascade classifier for OPENCV target detection __ image processing

: Opencv_createsamples is used to prepare positive sample data and test data for training purposes. Opencv_createsamples can generate positive sample data that can be supported by opencv_haartraining and Opencv_traincascade programs. Its output is a file with the *.vec extension, which stores the image in binary form. So the OPENCV-cascade classifier training and testing can be divided into the following four steps: Prepare training Data Train cascad

The procedure of pupil precise detection based on OPENCV and QT

This article is for the graduation design written by the pupil accurate examination procedures, declined any form of reprint.This blog is the author of the first two blog " QT and OpenCV - based camera (local image) Read and output program " and " based on OpenCV and QT Human Face (human eye) detection program based on the development. The main principle is: to

9 Tutorials for gesture detection and identification using OPENCV

The interaction between humans and robots constantly evolve and adopt different tools and software to increase the comfort of humans. In this article, I explore nine tutorials which show you different methods to detect and recognize hand. The OpenCV library is not enough to start your project. This library provides for you the software side, but for you also need hardware. In the hardware category enters a developed platform able to run the

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