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[OpenCV Study Notes 1] OpenCV programming Overview [workshop]

OpenCV programming Overview (Basic read/write operations for matrices, images, and videos) Introduction to programming with OpenCV OpenCV programming Overview Author: Gady Agam Department of Computer Science January 27,200 6 I

"OpenCV & CUDA" OpenCV and CUDA combined programming

One, using the GPU module provided in the OPENCV At present, many GPU functions have been provided in OpenCV, and the GPU modules provided by OPENCV can be used to accelerate most image processing. Basic use method, please refer to: The advantage of this method is simple, using Gpumat to manage the data transfer betwee

Matlab and C ++ mixed programming (dependent on OpenCV), and Matlab OpenCV

Matlab and C ++ mixed programming (dependent on OpenCV), and Matlab OpenCVMatlab and C ++ hybrid programming is actually to compile C ++ code into executable files and function interfaces that Matlab supports calling through Matlab's Mex tool. In this way, you can use the functions that have been compiled in Matlab, even though this function is written in C ++. C

Cuda and OpenCV combined Programming (i) __ programming

Learning computer image processing algorithm of children's shoes, you have to learn Cuda, why. Because image processing is usually a matrix operation, it is very important to calculate the calculation time of millions at this time is essential. OPENCV itself provides a number of CUDA functions that meet the needs of most users. But not absolutely, sometimes we need to define a kernel function to optimize, of course, you can also use OpenGL or multithr

MATLAB and C + + mixed programming, add OpenCV Library

Recently in the Exercise Medicine Software optimization work, this software framework and algorithm language is fully implemented by MATLAB, although the MATLAB matrix operations, numerical computing ability is powerful, but the speed is unbearable. Software immediately ported to C + + is not practical, so the use of joint programming, the speed of an intolerable algorithm to C + + implementation, C + + in the implementation of code in the process of

[go] matlab mixed with C + + programming, add OpenCV Library

The original address peak back to the jade turnRecently in the Exercise Medicine Software optimization work, this software framework and algorithm language is fully implemented by MATLAB, although the MATLAB matrix operations, numerical computing ability is powerful, but the speed is unbearable. Software immediately ported to C + + is not practical, so the use of joint programming, the speed of an intolerable algorithm to C + + implementation, C + + i

Introduction to OpenCV programming (basic read and write operations of matrix/image/Video)

PS. Due to the limited length of the CSDN blog post, some of the content in this article has been cut off.On the wiki of OpenCV Chinese website, there is a more readable and complete version, welcome to browse. OpenCV Wiki: Introduction to OpenCV programming (basic read and write operations of matrix/image/Video) Int

Configuration and programming example for the first time using opencv

"threshold segmentation". Click it to perform binarization segmentation on the opened images. Add the message response function onthreshold () to this button ()://----------------------------------------------------------------------------Void copencv_dlg1dlg: onthreshold (){// Todo: add your control notification handler code hereUpdatedata (true );If (m_cvimage = NULL)MessageBox ("no source image found! "," Warning ");Else{Iplimage * DST = cvcreateimage (cvsize (m_cvimage-> width, m_cvimage->

MATLAB and C + + mixed programming--Call OPENCV

Recently we have put together the whole project, the project is more complex. Because we do the retrieval system, so we use ASP. NET (C #), but the implementation of the algorithm is in MATLAB, so we have to use MATLAB to generate dynamic link library DLL, and then call Matlab in C #, this configuration problem alone for one weeks, However, the solution has been resolved, the resolution will have time to write a blog out later.Although our entire project has been able to run through the C #, but

Linux calls OpenCV programming (i) __HTML5

Linux under OpenCV programming Two methods of compiling and running OPENCV program in Linux environment First method: Command line (methods using command-line arguments) XX. C:GCC ' pkg-config--cflags--libs opencv '-o img_1 img_1.c xx. cpp:g++ ' pkg-config--cflags--libs opencv

OPENCV programming at the same time on win and Android

when designing a project for Android image processing based on QT, you can start debugging on Windows First, and then convert the code to adnroid when it is mature. This is the case only for widgets, if the use of Qtquick is the same. The following steps are specific:1, when the project was created, choose Android and Desktop two categories (provided that the installation time has been selected)so, in the process of programming, we can choose by switc

OPENCV Image Video Programming framework

? ? ? Contact OpenCV for several years, has been only used OpenCV read images, video, display images or video, because the company image algorithm is a front-end application, so has not used the OPENCV built-in functions, all the algorithms must be converted to C. So the purpose is clear, OpenCV for Me is a demo demo a

MATLAB and OPENCV hybrid programming under Ubuntu

Always wanted to learn the Mex interface function, but it was not used before, so no special care. This time because of running someone else's code, feel or make a matlab wrapper, this will be more convenient. But this involves a Mex mash-up and calls to OpenCV. Thus, there are a lot of problems involved, including configuration problems, compilation problems, parameter transfer problems, and so on. However, once you can master him, you are equivalent

OpenMP parallel Programming Application-accelerating OPENCV image stitching algorithm

OpenMP is a parallel programming approach for multiprocessor programming that provides a high-level abstraction of parallel programming. Simply by adding simple instructions to your program, you can write efficient parallel programs without worrying about detailed parallel implementation details. Reduces the difficulty and complexity of parallel

Programming Experience: About OPENCV source Debugging Good Article reprint ~

So long to see the configuration of the article on the Opencv+vs+cmake, especially about the OpenCV source debugging articles, a few two write the best, so reproduced to share to everyone, I hope you do not spend "unnecessary" time in the configuration. First article: "VS2010 recompile OpenCV2.4.9 for debugging source code", 1. Tools Download and insta

OPENCV Programming-> Windows7 lowered with Iphnoe camera

Fingertip Heat original, reproduced please specify from Http:// //////////////////////////////////////////////////First install the Webcamera software on the iphone, Windows7 the Webcamera software on the system.On the Webcamera on the WINDOWS7 system, such as the following:Click Enter settings such as the following:Open the Webcamera software on your iphone:Set in connection settings: ipport: port:800Click Connect, the computer shows a demo sample such as

[Android programming experiences] Implementation of Camera (OpenCV) Auto Focus and touch focus

Preface I recently wrote a mobile AR system from scratch. There are too many pitfalls !!! The entire project uses the OpenCV third-party library, but for cameras, the method is basically the same as that of native Camera. Implementation Taking JavaCameraView of OpenCV as an example, you must first customize your own Camera. The main code is as follows: import java.util.ArrayList;import java.util.List;impo

"MFC" fingerprint type recognition (OpenCV + matlab mixed programming)

Busy for the most part of the semester fingerprint, palm processing, here a little to sort out someGoal Find the center point and Triangle Point of fingerprint image, count the number of interval ridge lines, complete the fingerprint classification. Function The processing that needs to be done includes: Segmentation foreground and background (using gradient map, direction field realization); Enhanced fingerprint image (through equalization, Edge convergence, smoothin

Ubuntu under C,C++,OPENCV cuda programming __linux

My first Ubuntu under the C program. C language 1. First confirm that you have the GCC compiler in the terminal input GCC--version view your GCC version. As shown, if there is no error occurs, it is installed 2. Create a new file of. C with a terminal Type vim hello.cin the terminal (file name is optional, but you need to use. C as the extension).3. After the creation press I enter the edit mode to enter the following code, then ESC exit screenwriter mode, in English state input: Wq (don'

1.0.x-learning opencv and MFC mixed programming-video motion detection

Source code: New Content in version 1.0.x Video motion detection Ø create menu items, learning opencv --> opencvr entry --> video motion detection The menu items are set as follows: Create a Class Wizard ØEdit code Voidccvmfcview: onmytestsport () { // Todo: add your command handler codehere // Alt + F8 sort out the code Cvcapture * capture; Capture = cvcreatecameracapture (0); // enable the camera

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