opencv rectangle detection

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OpenCV Contour, bounding box, minimum rectangle, minimum closed circle detection

Import CV2 Import NumPy as NP # function Cv2.pyrdown () is to reduce the image resolution to the original half img = Cv2.pyrdown (Cv2.imread ("g:/python_code/opencvstudy/ Images/timg.jpg ", Cv2. imread_unchanged) # Convert the image to grayscale, then binary ret, Thresh = Cv2.threshold (Cv2.cvtcolor (Img.copy (), Cv2. Color_bgr2gray), 127, 255, Cv2. thresh_binary) image, contours, hier = cv2.findcontours (Thresh, Cv2. Retr_external, Cv2. Chain_approx_simple) for C in contours: # bounding box: #

[OpenCV function] contour extraction; contour drawing; contour area; External rectangle and opencv rectangle

[OpenCV function] contour extraction; contour drawing; contour area; External rectangle and opencv rectangleFindContours Search for a contour in a binary imageIntCvFindContours(CvArr * image, CvMemStorage * storage, CvSeq ** first_contour,Int header_size = sizeof (CvContour), int mode = CV_RETR_LIST,Int method = CV_CHAIN_APPROX_SIMPLE, CvPoint offset = cvPoint (0

[Opencv-python] OpenCV part IX Object detection part X in computational photography

face and eye detector.First we need to load the required XML classifier. The input image or video is then loaded in grayscale format.Import NumPy as NP Import = Cv2. Cascadeclassifier ('haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml'= Cv2. Cascadeclassifier ('haarcascade_eye.xml'= cv2.imread (' Sachin.jpg'= Cv2.cvtcolor (img, Cv2. Color_bgr2gray)Now we detect the face in the image. If a face is detected, it returns the rectangle where the face is locatedRegio

OpenCV extract the outer contour and add a rectangle outside the frame

This period of time has been using OPENCV image processing problems, found that although the function can be called more, but directly find the corresponding code is still very difficult, on the line to find the connected domain, and in the connection outside the box, for the habit of using the mat rectangle operation of me, I really feel the code is little less, in order to prevent later use, Special recor

opencv-Circle and Rectangle recognition

A recent project used image recognition, has never touched OpenCV, after a variety of tutorials, and finally understand some. The whole process is probably getting the image--image binary, grayscale (cvtcolor)--Image noise Reduction (gaussianblur)--Contour Recognition (cvfindcontours)--shape judgment. Most of the tutorials are professional, various parameters analysis can not understand, after a variety of search finally understand. Recognition Circle

Summary record--(OpenCV take arbitrary position rectangle correction algorithm)

diagonal rectangle, but the diagonal rectangle is still not coming. It would be nice to get the smallest rectangle enclosing the diagonal rectangle on the original image with Cvsetimageroi (). Cvsetimageroi (), can be set to a diagonal rectangle. It seems that its argumen

[OpenCV Getting Started Guide] Article 7 Line Segment Detection and Circle Detection

[OpenCV Getting Started Guide] Article 7 Line Segment Detection and Circle Detection The Section 5 contour detection in [OpenCV Getting Started Guide] and section 6 contour detection in [OpenC

Measurement method of ICDAR2013 text detection algorithm (II.) Rectangle matching and Deteval

This is the second part, the first part please click the measurement method of ICDAR2013 text detection algorithm (a) Evaluation levelsMain content: ICDAR2013 method for Rectangle Matching, or bbox Matching foucsed evaluation Image Text detection task If not specifically stated, the following: The evaluation/measurement method is only for the text localization al

Paper 69:haar-like Rectangle Traversal Detection window demo MATLAB source code [reprint]

Haar-like Rectangle Traversal Detection window demonstrates MATLAB source codeCLC Clear Close all;% haar-like feature Rectangle Calculation board = 24 detection window Width num = 24 % Dete

OPENCV Study Notes (7): Usage of cvrectangle and Cv::rectangle

The first time you use Cvrectangle to draw a rectangle, you encounter a problem:Error: There is no appropriate conversion function from "Cv::mat" to "cvarr*" , we have checked the data, and summarized the following.Comparison of Cvrentangle and Cv::rectangle function prototypes:C: void cvrectangle( cvarr*img, Cvpointpt1, Cvpoint pt2, CvscalarColor, intthickness=1, intLine_type=8, intShift=0)

PYTHON+OPENCV Select a frame in the video and then use the mouse callback to implement the picture rectangle frame

, I actually read the online code, such as picture after my frame is like thisThe heart is broken, the baby just want a rectangular box ~Originally I want to draw a rectangle box, there is a rectangle box with the mouse drag size changes, and only a rectangular box, the mouse lifted, the rectangle is determin

OpenCV draw straight Round ellipse rectangle

,1,8,0);Cvrectangle (srcmat3,cirpoint1,cirpoint2,circolor,1,8,0);Cvellipse (srcmat4,cirpoint1,axes,angle,start_angle,end_angle,circolor,1,8,0);Cvnamedwindow ("Exam301", cv_window_autosize);Cvshowimage ("Exam301", (iplimage*) SRCMAT1);Cvnamedwindow ("Exam302", cv_window_autosize);Cvshowimage ("Exam302", (iplimage*) SRCMAT2);Cvnamedwindow ("Exam303", cv_window_autosize);Cvshowimage ("Exam303", (iplimage*) SRCMAT3);Cvnamedwindow ("Exam304", cv_window_autosize);Cvshowimage ("Exam304", (iplimage*) SR

Obb directional bounding box algorithm for collision detection of rotating rectangle

In the cocos2dx of the collision detection of the rectangle needs to do a collision check of the rotated rectangle, because the game does not use the box2d and other physical engine, so the obb (oriented bounding box) direction bounding box algorithm, the algorithm is based on the SAT ( Separating axis theorem) separates the Axis law.  Separation Axis law: Two co

Graduation Design python OPENCV realization of plate recognition rectangle correction

(New_right_point) point_limit (Heig Th_point) Point_limit (left_point) car_img= Dst[int (left_point[1]): Int (heigth_point[1]), int (left_point[0]): Int (new_right_point[0]) car_imgs.append (car_img)elifLEFT_POINT[1] > Right_point[1]:#Negative AngleNew_left_point = [Left_point[0], heigth_point[1]] Pts2= Np.float32 ([New_left_point, Heigth_point, Right_point])#characters are only highly needed to changePts1 =Np.float32 ([Left_point, Heigth_point, Right_point]) M=Cv2.getaffinetransform (Pts1, pts

The procedure of pupil precise detection based on OPENCV and QT

This article is for the graduation design written by the pupil accurate examination procedures, declined any form of reprint.This blog is the author of the first two blog " QT and OpenCV - based camera (local image) Read and output program " and " based on OpenCV and QT Human Face (human eye) detection program based on the development. The main principle is: to

Collision detection algorithms: Point and rectangle collisions, point and circle collisions, rectangular collisions, circular collisions

Point and Rectangle collision/** * * @param x1 Point * @param y1 point * @param x2 rectangle View x * @param y2 rectangle View y * @param w Rectangle View Width * @param h Rectangle v Iew High * @return */public static boolean iscollsion (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, i

"OpenCV" Corner detection: Harris corner Point and Shi-tomasi Corner detection

; ", Source_window, maxcorners, Maxtrackbar, Cornershitomasi_demo); Namedwindow (Corners_window, cv_window_autosize); Namedwindow (Source_window, cv_window_autosize); Imshow (Source_window, SRC); Cornerharris_demo ( 0 , 0 ); Cornershitomasi_demo ( 0 , 0 ); It is also necessary to say that the OpenCV 2.4.2 in the corner detection of the sample code to trace some of the problem is that the surf shou

X-ray and Rectangle detection collision in 2d game

Cc.exports.LineCollideRect (Startline,endline,rect)--detection of collisions between vectors and rectangles--Get the four vertex positions of a rectangleLocal p = {CC.P (RECT.X,RECT.Y), CC.P (Rect.x + rect.width,rect.y), CC.P (Rect.x+rect.width,rect.y + rect.height), CC.P ( Rect.x,rect.y+rect.height)}Local bRight = Pointposinvector (startline,endline,p[1])--the first point of the record rectangle is on the

Collision Detection Algorithm: point-and-rectangle collision, point-and-circle collision, rectangular collision, and circular collision

Collision Detection Algorithm: point-and-rectangle collision, point-and-circle collision, rectangular collision, and circular collision Point and rectangle collision [Java] /** * * @ Param x1 * @ Param y1 * @ Param x2 rectangular view x * @ Param y2 rectangular view y * @ Param w rectangular view width * @ Param h rectangular view height * @ Return

Opencv learning notes (19th) -- Marker Detection and Recognition "Master opencv" chp.2

The second chapter describes how to implement the calibration-based Augmented reality on the iOS platform, including the following four aspects: 1. Build opencv project on iOS platform 2. Marker Detection and Recognition 3. Camera Calibration and marker pose estimation 4. rendering a 3D virtual object based on marker The first part is the development of the iOS platform. I am not too concerned about it. The

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