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Configure IPv6 DNS server on centos 7

???? ? ? ? ? In NS ?? F. F ??? In PTR? ???? # Chgrp named forward. Zone ???? # Chgrp named reverse. Zone ???? # Service named start Verify Configuration ???? [[Email protected] named] # Dig AAAA ???? ; ??? ; Global Options: + cmd??? ; Got answer:??? ;-> Header ??? ; Flags: qr aa rd ra; query: 1, answer: 1, authority: 1, Additional: 0 ??? ; Question Section:??? ; In AAAA ??? ;

Slow-DNS-lookup problem: ipv6-dns-lookup is enabled by default so that you have to wait for timeout

@ Zheng yu Summary I. symptom: Java httpclient initiates an HTTP request to the WebService interface under the x××× open. x××. com domain name from the master station data center, which is extremely slow. Troubleshooting: 1.1. wget test results No Specify the IP protocol and the interface for wget to access it. The time is 4.163 seconds, which is basically a waste of host parsing. If the IP protocol of the specified wget is IPv4, The wget test takes only 0.096 seconds. 1.2. WGEtCompari

Use IPv6 DNS to resolve IPv6 Domain Names (do not modify the hosts file)

Many websites, such as Google, are both IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-line access. resolution corresponds to many IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6. By default, the DNS server returns multiple IP addresses, while the local machine automatically selects the host based on the response speed of each address. General

Analysis of IPv6 DNS servers

have to carefully understand the tree structure of the DNS domain name space. You only need to specify a DNS server or use dynamic hosts to configure DHCP when setting the network, this allows your applications to access the DNS system through the Resolver embedded in the operating system and query the network resourc

DNS Shutdown IPv6

DNS server found on log APR 18:39:54 Landnsbak named[30011]: Formerr resolving ' ': 18:39:54 Landnsbak named[30011]: Formerr resolving ' ': 18:39:54 Landnsbak named[30011]: Formerr resolving ' ': 18:39:54 Landnsbak named[30011]: Formerr resolving ' ': 12

Server-based centos-ipv6 source-configure IPv6 network installation sources for each virtual machine system.

Three virtual machines are installed on a 2G memory desktop and run well, that is, swap is used more often. See the previous article. Now the platform is basically ready, with its own laptop as the general control, and four machines running on the lab desktop (one solid and three virtual machines), coupled with one server, can do a lot of things, because KVM is a bridge network, the three virtual networks are consistent with the real-world status. The

DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration.

, for example, 2014120901 Refresh time; refresh time, the first interval to the master server to check Retry time; retry time. If refresh fails, how long will it take to retry? Expire time; expiration time Negative answer ttl; ttl of the negative answer) The one Administrator emailThe first point represents @, But here @ is a macro, so it is replaced. Note: must not be omitted. If it is omitted, the syst

View the Host IP address resolved by the DNS host name and resolve the domain name to the DNS server

1. view the Host IP address resolved by the DNS host name Host CommandPurposeResolve a host name to an Internet address or an Internet address to a host name.SyntaxHost [-n [-a] [-c Class] [-d] [-r] [-t Type] [-v] [-w] [-z] Hostname | Address [Server]Hostnew [-a] [-c Class] [-d] [-r] [-t Type] [-v] [-w] [-z] Hostname | Address [Server]DescriptionThe/usr/bin/host

RHE5 Server management set up a DNS server step description [graphic]_DNS server

in non-chroot (normal) mode, all configurations are in the directory/var/namedA, is to the main area (the Domain name resolution IP address):1. Modify the DNS server master configuration file#vi/etc/named.caching-nameserver.conf Modify the following lines:Listen-on Port 53 {;}; Monitor native port 53 (IPV4)# Listen-on-v6 Port 53 {:: 1;}; Disable native port 53 (

Learn how to set up a static DNS server in Ubuntu

In XP, I had a long time ago when I was very upset with the DNS hijacking of China Telecom. I always transferred to, and got the wrong domain name and gave it a "114 search". The entire super hooligans of China Telecom. Therefore, in XP, it is easy to set all DNS servers as OpenDNS servers. It is also very easy to set in Ubutu. You can also s

Ubuntu 11.04 DHCP server and IPv6 memo

: 2222:/64 {advonlink on; region on; advvalidlifetime 3333; Limit 86400; advrouteraddr on ;};}; 3. Open net. ipv6.conf. All. Forwarding = 1 in/etc/sysctl. conf. 4. sudo/etc/init. d/radvd start (If the server is restarted when radvd is running, radvd automatically runs after it is started) 5. Run ipconfig on B: Local Ethernet Adapter connection: Connection to a specific

Use DNS benchmark tools to optimize Domain Name Server Performance

providers. If this box is selected, the Opendns and Zhongli Star (original Ultradns) domain name servers will be included. Whether to include the best local dns Service: If this box is selected, the best dns server in this region will be included. Next, we will answer questions related to the test and how to set the q

Steps for building a DNS server in RHE5 Server Management [Image]

/named directory in the chroot (Prison) mode. If bind9 runs in a non-chroot (normal) directory) in the/var/named directory.A. Forward to the main region (resolve the domain name IP address ):1. Modify the primary configuration file of the DNS server# Vi/etc/named. caching-nameserver.conf modify the following lines:Listen-on port 53 {;}; listens to port 53 (IPV4) of the Local Machine)# Listen-on-

A picture of knowledge science--google free DNS server

Google, and the IP address of another free DNS server provided by Google is: Users can surf the Internet using a DNS server provided by Google.December 04, 2009 Google gave us a surprise, and a heavy blow to the OpenDNS. They announced to all internet users a set o

Comparison and analysis of three public DNS server access speeds

At present, the more authoritative public DNS server providers have the Opendns,google-Dns,norton DNS, what are the actual access speeds of these DNS servers? This is directly related to the speed of our Internet access, after all

Build a DNS server by yourself

"" region. (7) because the server has a record of, it returns the IP address of to the first DNS server. (8) The preferred DNS server of the client sends the IP address to the client. (9) after the domain name is successfully r

The named process on the DNS server is always suspended. Please kindly advise!

The named process on the DNS server is always suspended. Please kindly advise! -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Jun 2 19:26:10 dns named [22520]: client #37104: RFC 1918 response from Internet for arpa Jun 2

Install the DNS server in Linux

with ". zone" store the entries we need to query. Resource record format:A fixed format for storing entries in the/var/named/*. zone file: [Domain] IN [[RR type] [RR data] Seven important parameters for domain name. in soa to manage this domain Domain name. in ns manage the Host Name of the server IN this domain Host Name of the domain name. in mx priority email server Host name. in a IPv4 IP Address Host

How to quickly build a local DNS server

DNS can complete the resolution of the Domain Name service, is a tour of the network "traffic Arteries", so many network operators take the opportunity to implant ads in order to win private interests, many users have to switch to a third-party DNS server. But now third-party DNS services are often affected by a variet

Linux Red hat 5 DNS server (I) domain name cache server, hatdns

Linux Red hat 5 DNS server (I) domain name cache server, hatdnsDetailed setup of multiple experiments on Linux Red hat 5 DNS server Required software packages: › Bind-9.3.3-7.el5.i386.rpm › Provide main programs and related documents › Bind-utils-9.3.3-7.el5.i386.rpm › P

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