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Opendns, unique free DNS

Some friends may already know the opendns service, but I did know it through a foreigner's blog today. This website provides free DNS resolution, which is faster, safer, and smarter than the average ISP: FasterThe two features ensure that opendns is faster. First, it has a large and intelligent cache, which ensures that users can make profits from the huge

A picture of knowledge science--google free DNS server

Google, and the IP address of another free DNS server provided by Google is: Users can surf the Internet using a DNS server provided by Google.December 04, 2009 Google gave us a surprise, and a heavy blow to the OpenDNS.

Google releases DNS speed testing tool namebench 1.1

In August December, Google launched a new network service Google public DNS, allowing users to use Google servers for free to resolve network domain names, primarily to speed up browsing. However, for most common Internet users, DNS is completely unknown, not to mention how

Others # Baidu Second pass, MD5 encryption, Google Map Api key,google DNS optimization

This article topic: Baidu Second pass, MD5 encryption, Google Map Api key,google DNS optimizationBaidu Second biography,Http://        MD5 encryption,Http:// MD5 checksum SHA1 checksumHttp://

Using Google DNS can cause downloads to become slower

Thunderbolt Download core technicians in the testing process found that if the computer using Google-provided DNS services (, as the system default DNS server, it will be obvious that the download speed slows down. Technical personnel analysis found that after the use of Google

Specify a DNS server for Google Chrome browser

Today, I learned from netizens thatChrome can designate a dedicated DNS server for it.How should that be configured? It's simple, just right-click on the Chrome shortcut, open "Properties", add "-dns-server=DNS server address" at the end of the "target" item (note "-" preceded by a space), The DNS server address can be

Google's free DNS Service

Zhou haihan/Wen Google launched two well-remembered DNS servers after receiving a message from Gu O. That is Tested and available by myself. Some people say that 4.4.4 and are the same. After my test, the two IP addresses can be pinged but cannot be resolved by DNS. Below is the test result: Zhouhh @ zhhofs :~ $ Ping a

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