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Making the Internet faster and safer OpenDNS new ways of surfing the internet

DNS is used whenever you use the Internet. Every time you send an email or surf the internet, you must rely on DNS. DNS is responsible for the ing between host names and interconnected network addresses, which is handled by computers. If the

On the problem of domain name resolution

I have several domain names registered in Domain name provider a: A1,A2,A3. Where A1 is a frequently used site master domain name. A1 frequently unresolved issues, confirming that the problem is not a cloud host (IP can be accessed normally). Each

Use DNS benchmark tools to optimize Domain Name Server Performance

Generally, the performance and timing problems of dns are caused by suspicious query results. In this case, no matter whether the dns is parsed or not, the consequences are the same. What should we do for actual problems such as long response time,

How to distinguish the different artificial network faults in the domestic Internet environment

Add by Zhj: Learning, the original GFW available means so much ah, of course, I guess the real means should be more than this. And GFW are constantly escalating.Author Twitter: @davidsky2012 Posting to Moonlight blog post

How to differentiate different human network faults in the domestic Internet Environment

As we all know, there may be various artificial network faults on the Internet in China, making it impossible for us to access many websites. However, because many people are not familiar with the network, they are often unable to distinguish

DNSMASQ (Simplified Chinese)

dnsmasq (Simplified Chinese)From ArchWiki Jump to:navigation, search Translation Status:This is the English page dnsmasq translation, the last translation time: 2012-06-18, click here to see the translation of the English page changes. DNSMASQ

Independent Blog Building Tutorials

Blogs, also translated into blog posts, blogs or tribal pavilions, are Web sites that are usually managed by individuals and are not regularly posted on new articles. Articles on blogs are usually arranged in reverse order from new to old according

A picture of knowledge science--google free DNS server

Learning stems from the solution of problemsDuring the previous time, an Oracle software was installed on the virtual machine, the network connection of the virtual machine and the host machine was bridged mode, the static IP address and the gateway

Solve DNS hijacking and DNS pollution through open-source programs at the same time

We know that some network operators perform DNS operations for some purpose, so that the correct IP address cannot be obtained through the domain name through the normal internet access settings of the ISP. Common means include DNS hijacking and DNS

How Windows 8 Systems share wireless implementation mobile internet

Operation Steps: 1. First confirm the wireless card switch on, the driver has been successfully installed, wireless network function can be used normally. Open Control Panel---View network status and Tasks, click "Change adapter Settings" on the

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