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At Intel™The processor transplanted OpenGL * games to Android * (Part 1)

has its strengths and weaknesses (see table 1 ). This document does not describe any of the four methods. There are only two ways to transplant OpenGL code from other platforms: the SDK package class for OpenGL ES and the NDK that can be used to develop OpenGL ES in C/C ++. For the other two methods, the SDK Canvas ap

OpenGL learning Process (1) Introduction to OpenGL

, Glu, aux, respectively, that the function belongs to the OpenGL Core Library, the utility library or the auxiliary library:1) OpenGL Core Library functions: 100+, with GL as the prefix, used to build a variety of geometric models, coordinate transformation, produce lighting effects, texture mapping, produce atomization effect, such as all the two and three-dime

OpenGL Learning Notes: (1) OpenGL environment setup under Mac

What is 1,opengl? OpenGL (Full-write open graphics Library) is a professional graphics program interface that defines a cross-programming language, cross-platform programming interface specification. It is used for three-dimensional image (two-dimensional also), is a powerful, easy to call the bottom-level graphics library.What 2,

OpenGL Programming Guide Reading Notes 1-1th OpenGL overview

OpenGL rendering Pipeline OpenGL first receives the user-provided geometry data (vertices and geometry) and enters it into a series of shader stages for processing, including vertex coloring, subdivision coloring (which itself contains two shaders), and the final geometry coloring, which is then fed into the rasterization unit (rasterizer). The Rasterization unit is responsible for Tu Yuanshong the metadat

OpenGL 3 & DirectX 11: The war is over: the day when the drawing API is fighting?

make OpenGL good performance, they had to make comprehensive modifications to the API; in the Core Specification of OpenGL 2.0 pure, they plan to delete outdated and redundant feature features, leaving only the features that best fit the current mainstream hardware architecture, so that developers can slowly move from the old OpenGL

MySQL (CAPI) VC instance and Code Download (1) (3) _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

MySQL (CAPI) VC instance and Code Download (1) (3 ). 4. CREATETABLEhard (quchar (11), cochar (11), jenumeric (3, 0) insertintohardvalues (A, 1, 3) insertintoh 4. maximum sorting of query data (only one statement can be used for wr

Bootstrap 3 how-to #1 download and Configuration

Bootstrap 3 is released. After a few simple steps, we can use the bootstrap style sheet, icons, and JavaScript to configure a simple site.Preparation Bootstrap is not only a code set, but also an online community. To get started, you need to start with a familiar Bootstrap Website: The current version is 3.0. You should see the above page. Here, you can find the following content:Document If this is your first visit to this s

Upload and download files on the Http server (3) (1)

Upload and download files on the Http server (3) (1) I. Introduction The general process has been explained in the first two chapters. When designing an Http server, I designed a four-layer structure. The bottom layer is the network transmission layer, that is, socket programming. The next layer is the Request and Response layer, called Request and Response. The

iOS-----Opengl--opengl ES iOS Entry 3---> Texture mapping (texture)

glbindtexture (gl_texture_2d, _textureid);Specifies the value of the uniform variable for the current program object, and Parameter 1 represents the new value used (Gl_texture1) gluniform1i (_textureslot, 1);Draws a texture in the specified area.Note: The coordinate representation used to represent the texture range differs from the Uikit and OpenGL coordinates,

OpenGL learning notes (1) -- basic usage of OpenGL in Windows

For more information, see 1. Check whether the graphics card of the Local Machine supports OpenGL. The confirmation method is as follows: Search for the following two files in the system directory (c: \ windows \ system32 by default for WINXP: Opengl32.dll and glu32.dll, if any, indicate that your video card has implemented the

OpenGL programming in QT (1) steps required for OpenGL programming in QT

, the answer is: Create a cube... then it will crash. Assume that you have a certain degree of C \ c ++ programming basics, and then you are familiar with QT. If not, it is recommended to take the QT tutorial of bean, although it has not been updated for a long time.Iii. Preparations First of all, you should configure ubuntu. See my other article :. Create a famous workstation-configure Ubuntu Then install QT and creater, and enter the terminal: Sudo apt-Get install qtcreator QT-SDK Open create

1.1 from C++builder 6.0 to OpenGL (1)

Http:// chapter on the Bridge to OpenGLThis chapter is mainly for the future of OpenGL programming to do some groundwork work. The main content is: OpenGL component package installation, how to extract the useful information from the VC + + 6.0 OpenGL program, glut Library settings.1.1 from C++builder 6.0 to

Another step toward OpenGL [1]: relearning OpenGL

;int maxTextureSize;int maxLights;int maxAttribStacks;int maxModelViewStacks;int maxProjectionStacks;int maxClipPlanes;int maxTextureStacks;int pixelFormat; // get vendor string str = (char*)glGetString(GL_VENDOR);// get renderer string str = (char*)glGetString(GL_RENDERER);// get version string str = (char*)glGetString(GL_VERSION);// get all extensions as a string str = (char*)glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS);// get number of color bits glGetIntegerv(GL_RED_BITS, colorBits[0])

OpenGL ES learning notes (3) & mdash; texture, es learning notes

OpenGL ES learning notes (3)-texture and es learning notes First, I declare that this article is the author's note on learning OpenGL ES Application Development Practice Guide (Android volume). The Code involved is from the original book. If necessary, go to the Source Code address specified in the original book to download

1.openGL Exploration

vertices of the triangle, it is time to start setting up the Vao. First, we should enable the vert variable in the shader program. These variables can be turned on or off, which is off by default, so we need to turn it on. The vert variable is a "property variable (attribute variable)", which is why there is a "Attrib" in the OpenGL function name. We can see more types in the subsequent articles.

OpenGL (1)

:// you cannot download from the above address, use the following connection:Http:// install glut in Windows:1. Unpack the downloaded package and obtain 5 files.2. Search for "Gl. h, and find the folder where it is located (if it is visualstudio2005, it should be the "Vc \ platformsdk \ include \ GL

3 DMAX Model Application in OpenGL

3 dmax ase model description and OpenGL Control After creating a model in 3dmax, save the model as an ASE file (ASCII file) in a triangular mesh mode. in the program, we need to create a corresponding model data structure. This article uses the C language data structure as an example. The example ASE file contains a simple pyramid and sphere. The specific content is as follows (the header is omitted ): *

Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing Graphics

Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing GraphicsAfter defining the shapes to be drawn by OpenGL, you certainly want to draw them. Using OpenGL ES 2.0 to draw a graph may require more code than you think, because the API provides a large number of graphic rendering pipeline control interfaces.This chapter describ

SharpGL learning notes (1) platform construction and Opengl hello World and sharpgl learning notes

time, so you can use it to write a CS. However, bloggers still believe that learning things should be driven by economic benefits and work needs. Otherwise, they should not learn things. In this age of explosive knowledge, it is necessary to advocate time saving, try to use time on the cutting edge. We use vs2010 C # To build a blank windows form application. First, put the three dll files in the downloaded SharpGL (except for serialization. dll) Introduce C #, and then select SharpGL for "se

OpenGL ES entry (3) Projection -- Translated from beginning Android games

object size is always the same as its actual size. This projection mode is usually used in open gl2d plotting. (2d actually uses OpenGL to project objects in 3D space to the screen ). Perspective projections (Perspective Projection ):This projection mode is just like our eyes looking at things. Objects farther away from our retina look smaller. This projection mode is usually used in 3D drawing of OpenGL E

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