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Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing Graphics

Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing GraphicsAfter defining the shapes to be drawn by OpenGL, you certainly want to draw them. Using OpenGL ES 2.0 to draw a graph may require more code than you think, because the API provides a large number of graphic rendering pip

OpenGL Getting Started Tutorial 1

understand, now just need to know that this function can showwindow, and wait for the window to close before returning, which is enough. )In the Glutdisplayfunc function, we set the "Call Mydisplay function when drawing is required." So the Mydisplay function isUsed for drawing. Observe the three function calls in Mydisplay and find that they all start with GL. This function, starting with GL, is OpenGL.Standard functions, the functions used are described below.

OpenGL Getting Started Tutorial 3

straight lineA point is painted as true, and if 0, the factor points that should be drawn on the line will be painted as virtual.Here are some examples:Disclaimer: The picture is from, which is the drawing of the book "OpenGL Programming Guide", due to the old version of the book (first edition,1994) is already circulating in the network, I hope not to touch the copyright issue.Example code:void Mydisplay (void){Glclear (Gl_color_buffe

[Translation]opengl Extension Tutorial 1

[Translation]opengl Extension Tutorial 1Original Address [Translation]opengl Extension Tutorial 1 Brief introduction Detect Extensions Using the extension Glew Gett

OpenGL tutorial (4) shader (1)

Original post address: This chapter begins to learn how to use shader. In the past, many people often used OpenGL fixed pipelines to do some programs. shader is rarely used, while modern GPU programming and shader applications are indispensable. Although shader programming is used, A little more code, but more flexible. The shader pipeline diagram of Open

Change the error code after qt4 In the QT OpenGL Chinese tutorial (1)

creator3.1.1 + freeglut3(For the configuration process, refer to the previous blog) Correction 1: As in the previous tutorial, it is the most basic correction. Basically, the code of each tutorial must be corrected with error 1. Correction 2: the first three tutorials only need to be corrected by correction

OpenGL tutorial (23) Shadow Mapping (1)

Original post address: When light is projected onto an object, a shadow is generated on an object such as the ground or wall. In computer graphics, there are many technologies that can produce shadows. In this tutorial, we will learn the most common shadow mapping technology. The problem of shadow in OpenGL can be summarized as: how to determine wh

OpenGL learning Process (1) Introduction to OpenGL

, Glu, aux, respectively, that the function belongs to the OpenGL Core Library, the utility library or the auxiliary library:1) OpenGL Core Library functions: 100+, with GL as the prefix, used to build a variety of geometric models, coordinate transformation, produce lighting effects, texture mapping, produce atomization effect, such as all the two and three-dime

OpenGL Series Tutorial Two: OpenGL overview

Introducing State Machines Glbegin () and Glend () Glflush () and Glfinish () OpenGL Introduction OpenGL is a software interface for graphics hardware. It is designed as a hardware-independent interface that can run on a variety of different hardware platforms. OpenGL programs can also work across networks (in the form of client-server), even if the client and

OpenGL Learning Notes: (1) OpenGL environment setup under Mac

What is 1,opengl? OpenGL (Full-write open graphics Library) is a professional graphics program interface that defines a cross-programming language, cross-platform programming interface specification. It is used for three-dimensional image (two-dimensional also), is a powerful, easy to call the bottom-level graphics library.What 2,

At Intel™The processor transplanted OpenGL * games to Android * (Part 1)

has its strengths and weaknesses (see table 1 ). This document does not describe any of the four methods. There are only two ways to transplant OpenGL code from other platforms: the SDK package class for OpenGL ES and the NDK that can be used to develop OpenGL ES in C/C ++. For the other two methods, the SDK Canvas ap

OpenGL Programming Guide Reading Notes 1-1th OpenGL overview

OpenGL rendering Pipeline OpenGL first receives the user-provided geometry data (vertices and geometry) and enters it into a series of shader stages for processing, including vertex coloring, subdivision coloring (which itself contains two shaders), and the final geometry coloring, which is then fed into the rasterization unit (rasterizer). The Rasterization unit is responsible for Tu Yuanshong the metadat

1.openGL Exploration

graphics rendering pipelines, I recommend Durian software related articles the graphics Pipeline chapter.What did the shaders actually do? It depends on what kind of shader.Vertex ShadersVertex shader is mainly used to transform points (x, y, z coordinates) into different points. Vertices are just a point in the geometry, a point called Vectex, and multiple points called vertices (pronounced Ver-tuh-seez). In this tutorial, our triangles need three v

OpenGL 3 & DirectX 11: The war is over: the day when the drawing API is fighting?

make OpenGL good performance, they had to make comprehensive modifications to the API; in the Core Specification of OpenGL 2.0 pure, they plan to delete outdated and redundant feature features, leaving only the features that best fit the current mainstream hardware architecture, so that developers can slowly move from the old OpenGL

Jquery ligerui tutorial Table (3) check box, multi-header, grouping, summary, and details jquery ligerui tutorial getting started jquery ligerui tutorial table (1)

;} Lock Column If the fixed column function is enabled, frozen: True. The check box column is locked by default. you can remove it by setting the frozencheckbox parameter. Frozencheckbox:False Related Events If you do not know how to use the event, refer Jquery ligerui getting started Jquery ligerui tutorial table (1) Multiple Headers If columns is configured as a tree, it can be changed t

PHP/MySQL 3-3 (1) _ PHP Tutorial

PHPMySQL 3-3 (1 ). 1. welcome to the third and last course of this tutorial. If you have learned the first and second lessons, you have mastered the basic functions for installing and programming MySQL and PHP. Welcome to the third and last course of this

iOS-----Opengl--opengl ES iOS Entry 3---> Texture mapping (texture)

glbindtexture (gl_texture_2d, _textureid);Specifies the value of the uniform variable for the current program object, and Parameter 1 represents the new value used (Gl_texture1) gluniform1i (_textureslot, 1);Draws a texture in the specified area.Note: The coordinate representation used to represent the texture range differs from the Uikit and OpenGL coordinates,

OpenGL Series Tutorial Eight: OpenGL vertex buffer Object (VBO)

memory or AGP memory because the data should be easily accessible. Glbuffersubdataarb () Similar to Glbufferdataarb (), Glbuffersubdataarb () is used to copy data into VBO, but it only copies part of the data into the buffer that already exists, starting at the given offset. (The total size of the buffer must be set using the Glbufferdataarb () before using Glbuffersubdataarb ()) Gldeletebuffersarb () You can use the Gldeletebuffersarb () function to delete one or more vbo that are

Simon iPhone-OpenGL ES tutorial-05

, 0, // bottom right1, 1 // top right}; Note: We use glshort instead of glfloat. Add the above Code to your project. Look, is this similar to our texture array? Now we need to modify the drawing code. You do not need to draw the code of the triangle, but directly start with the code of the rectangle. The code for drawing a new rectangle is as follows: Glloadidentity ();Glcolor4f (1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0); // newGltranslatef (1.5, 0.0,-6.0 );Glrotatef (Rota

Nehe OpenGL Tutorial OpenGL window ported to vs2013 Win7 environment

1. Configure the OpenGL environment to download glut (OpenGL utility Toolkit) Local. After decompression there are two Lib files, two DLL files and one. h file.2. Glut.lib and Glut32.lib are copied to X:\Program Files (x86) \microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\vc\lib.3. Glut.

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