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[OpenGL Basics] -- use the object-oriented method to encapsulate OpenGL functions (3) -- draw rectangles, basics opengl

[OpenGL Basics] -- use the object-oriented method to encapsulate OpenGL functions (3) -- draw rectangles, basics opengl What we implement today is to draw a rectangle on the Window object, and to customize the coordinates of the rectangle, the length and width, the color of the border size, whether to fill, and the co

iOS-----Opengl--opengl ES iOS Entry 3---> Texture mapping (texture)

glbindtexture (gl_texture_2d, _textureid);Specifies the value of the uniform variable for the current program object, and Parameter 1 represents the new value used (Gl_texture1) gluniform1i (_textureslot, 1);Draws a texture in the specified area.Note: The coordinate representation used to represent the texture range differs from the Uikit and OpenGL coordinates, ranging from (0,0) left down to (top) right.Texture Usage Range vertexConst Glfloat texco

Opengl basic learning topic (3) Several polygon painting styles, opengl topic

Opengl basic learning topic (3) Several polygon painting styles, opengl topic Digress The reason why smart people cannot succeed is that they lack perseverance.-- Isaac Newton (January 4-17, 1643-March 31) UK      It may be understood that when you want to take a deeper step, persistence, hard work, and intelligence are indispensable. I w

OpenGL 3 & DirectX 11: The war is over: the day when the drawing API is fighting?

(Image Source: Source:OpenGL 3 DirectX 11: The war is over CurrentlyDirectXAndOpenGLIn an age that has been quite popular, we gradually seem to have forgotten the grievances of the two. On the famous hardware websiteTom's HardwareIn this column, the author leads us to review the ups and downs in the "Drawing API war" and the future prospects of OpenGL

Bridge the gap between OpenGL and d3d (3): intersection? Union?

Document directory State object Compute shader Multithreading Summary Reprinted please indicate the source for the klayge game engine, this article address for The previous article discussed how to fill in the differences between OpenGL and d3d that were ori

3 DMAX Model Application in OpenGL

3 DMAX Model Application in OpenGL Fang Bin (Aircraft Design Institute of guihang group, Anshun 561000, Guizhou) Abstract: This article describes how to implement 3 DMAX data model program control in OpenGL 3D programming. The results can be used in aircraft flight motion simulation and real-time flight monitoring.

Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing Graphics

Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing GraphicsAfter defining the shapes to be drawn by OpenGL, you certainly want to draw them. Using OpenGL ES 2.0 to draw a graph may require more code than you think, because the API provides a large number of graphic rendering pipeline control interfaces.This chapter describ

OpenGL learning Process (3) First lesson: Initializing a form

color map; use Glutsetcolor () to do thi S.) Finally, you can use this routine to indicate so want the window to a associated depth, stencil, Multisamp Ling, and/or accumulation buffer. For example, if want a window with double buffering, the RGBA color model, and a depth buffer, you might call Glutinit DisplayMode (glut_double | Glut_rgba | glut_depth).3) glutinitwindowposition (int x, int y)Specifies the screen location for the Upper-left corner of

OpenGL ES entry (3) Projection -- Translated from beginning Android games

plane has its own coordinate system. Figure 7-2. It displays the cropping plane superimposed on the coordinate system from the camera's perspective. Figure7-2. Crop a plane (also called a projection plane) and its coordinate system. Note that the coordinate system of the plane is not fixed. We can operate on it to make our projection plane work in any coordinate system (e.g ., we can specify that the origin of OpenGL ES is in the lower left corner

OpenGL Study Notes 3 (Introduction to 3D scenario transformation)

Note: The following content is from OpenGL getting started tutorial. Select a part of content for learning ~~~ When we draw a geometric image above, do you think our plot scope is too narrow? Coordinates can only be from-1 to 1, and can only be the right X axis, Y axis up, Z axis vertical screen. These limitations cause a lot of inconvenience to our drawing. We live in a 3D world-if we want to observe an object, we can:1. Observe it from different lo

OpenGL ES learning notes (3) & mdash; texture, es learning notes

OpenGL ES learning notes (3)-texture and es learning notes First, I declare that this article is the author's note on learning OpenGL ES Application Development Practice Guide (Android volume). The Code involved is from the original book. If necessary, go to the Source Code address specified in the original book to download.

OpenGL Note 3

operation speed is fast, but it is slightly less convenient to program, and the image effect is also worse than the RGB color. StarCraft may represent the screen effect of a 256-color table. Although it can run smoothly on a very bad PC, from the current perspective, the screen effect is insufficient.Currently, the performance of PC is sufficient to use RGB color in various scenarios. Therefore, the index color is not mainstream in PC program development. Of course, some small devices, such as

Experiment 3 OpenGL Geometric transformations

Transferred from: . Experimental Purpose:Understand how an OpenGL program translates, rotates, and scales transformations.2 . Experimental content:(1) Reading the experiment principle, running the demonstration experiment code, mastering the OpenGL program translation, rotation, zoom transformation me

Opencv learning notes () -- Build opencv project "Master opencv" chp.3 that supports OpenGL

From opencv2.4beta, OpenGL can have interfaces to the highgui module. Based on the reading in chapter 3 of Master opencv, this article describes how to embed OpenGL virtual objects in opencv display. Note: To enable opencv to support OpenGL and not use pre-compiled libraries, use the cmake rebuild project. Note that en

Android graphics --- OpenGL (3)

matrix creates a transformation of the object to be presented from a special perspective. Projection and photography views in OpenGL ES 1.0 In ES 1.0 API, you need to create projection and photo views respectively and add them to the OpenGL environment. 1. Projection Matrix-to recalculate the coordinates of graphical objects so that they can be drawn according to the correct ratio, you must create a projec

OpenGL Learning Note 3 model transformation, view transformation, projection transformation, viewport transformation Introduction

transformations[1] The View and model transformations together form a "Model View Matrix", which is multiplied by the world coordinates of the object, resulting in corresponding visual coordinates.[2] If a projection matrix is defined in the program, the projection matrix will produce "clipping coordinates", which together define the "visual Body" (PS: Temporarily understood as a box, the object in this box can be displayed), the action on the scene outside the object will be cut off, Will not

OpenGL Study Notes (3)

specified vertex. 3. vertex ArrayVertex arrays are used to improve the rendering speed and performance of OpenGL. Using a vertex array to render a ry involves three steps:(1) Enable array. Up to 8 Arrays can be enabled, which are used to store different types of data: vertex coordinate, plane normal, rgba color, secondary color, color index, fog coordinate, texture coordinate, and multilateral Line Edge ma

[Post] cocos2D-X source code analysis from cocos2D-X learning OpenGL (3) ---- batch_command

Original post: cocos2D-X source code analysis learning OpenGL from cocos2D-X (3) ---- batch_command The last article introduced the quad_command rendering command, along with VAO and VBO. This article introduces the batch processing rendering command batchcommand. The batch processing command processing is relatively simple in render. 1 else if (commandtype = rendercommand: Type: batch_command) 2 {

Call OpenGL in cocos2dx (3.X)

Call OpenGL in cocos2dx (3.X) I have been using pomelo to write back-end data for the past few months. Now the project is coming to an end and I have finally had time to study OpenGL-related things. OpenGL itself is cross-platform, but the development environment of each platform is not the same. It is much easier to p

Linux OpenGL Practice Chapter -3 Framebuffer

);DrawGldrawarrays (glenum mode, glint first, glsizei count);//Direct read vertex data drawingGldrawelements (glenum mode, Glsizei count, glenum type, const glvoid* indices); Draw based on index (that is, all vertices are in an array, using an index to refer to the vertex data)The following is an example of drawing two triangles based on the API described above.#include Note: The code is written according to Red Book, some auxiliary code (such as Loadshader) is not posted, please refer to www.op

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