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OpenGL draws game role shadow and opengl draws game roles

OpenGL draws game role shadow and opengl draws game roles In game development, many Q-version games simply draw a translucent elliptical shadow, such: The advantage of this method is that the implementation is simple, but the performance is obviously not true. As a Q-ver

OpenGL programming in QT (1) steps required for OpenGL programming in QT

I. Preface I spent some time studying ogre at home during the summer vacation, basically a wiki tutorial every day. After finishing the preliminary tutorial, I felt that I could not proceed, because there were a lot of things that I had to understand, so I wanted to get in touch with something more "low-end. Open-source, of course, OpenGL is required. If we use QT for cross-platform applications, we will spend some time studying it. But at that time,

OpenGL basic graphics programming-OpenGL BASIC program structure

OpenGL basic graphics programming-OpenGL BASIC program structure Author: Unknown Article Source: game developers in China hits: 1043 updated: The program structure compiled with OpenGL is simila

OpenGL basic graphics programming-OpenGL in Windows NT

parameters, these functions can actually derive more than 300 functions.OpenGL functions are higher than OpenGL core functions. These functions work by calling core functions. These functions provide simple usage, which reduces the programming burden of developers. OpenGL's practical functions include texture ing, coordinate transformation, polygon differentiation, and drawing some simple polygon entities

3D Battle Network Game C + + framework based on C/s architecture _03 Client detail design with OpenGL, QT Basics

This series of blog mainly on the background of the game to introduce 3D PvP Network game Common Development technology and C + + advanced programming skills, with this knowledge, you can develop small and medium-sized game projects or 3D industrial simulation projects.The author will be divided into the following thre

Overview of OpenGL programming lectures based on VC ++

Preface With the development of computer multimedia, visualization, and graphics technologies, we can use computers to precisely reproduce the colorful 3D objects in the real world and give full play to our creative thinking, it is the most fashionable VR technology to simulate and transform the real world through human-computer interaction. With this technology, construction engineers can directly design beautiful building models. Military commanders can simulate the battlefield for military d

OpenGL basic Graphics Programming (ix) OpenGL colors

Nine, OpenGL colorAlmost all OpenGL applications aim to draw color graphics within the screen window, so color plays an important role in OpenGL programming. The color here is not the same as the color concept in painting, it belongs to the RGB color space and is only displayed on the monitor screen. In addition, the s

OpenGL basic graphics programming-OpenGL color

Almost all OpenGL applications aim to draw color images in the screen window, so Color plays an important role in OpenGL programming. The color here is different from the color concept in the painting. It belongs to the RGB color space and is only displayed on the monitor screen. In addition, the screen window coordinates are measured in pixels. Therefore, each p

Win32 OpenGL programming (7) 3D view transformation, the key to true 3D

Win32 OpenGL programming (7) 3D view transformation-the key to true 3D Write by nine days Yan Ling (jtianling) -- Discuss newsgroups and documents Abstract This article introduces the concept of view transformation from the camera metaphor, explains the key functions of view transformation, and uses an example to demonstrate the dynamic changes in the graphic display effect respons

Win32 OpenGL programming (15) bitmap display

parse and read the data through a fixed structure, lamothe (Windows game programming master skills, 3D game programming master skills) is introduced in the book, but I will not do this, it is not the same as learning OpenGL. As described at the beginning, Windows API is us

Win32 OpenGL programming (10) view Transformation

the same machine at the same time (in fact, any game can be used for reference). What? Is there any way to operate on a single mouse? Where are you confused? Is it useless to insert four mouse clicks? Well, we recommend that you look at what I previously wrote about multi-Mouse. Four people play with the four mouse at the same time, it's not impossible ^ in the past, World of Warcraft seemed to have a game

OpenGL ES programming guide for iOS Chapter 2

, the coloring machine of OpenGL es2.0 can better clearly and concisely express operations and improve efficiency. The establishment of OpenGL es2.0 applications requires a lot of work. By default, you need to re-create some basic configurations for OpenGL es1.1. · OpenGL es1.1 provides some fixed functional pipelines,

Qt + OpenGL game development materials

Qt + OpenGL game development materials Beginning in December 29, 2012, I finally ushered in the last winter vacation of the University. This winter vacation is really long. There are nearly four months in total. During this period, the school asked us to create a graduation project and write a preliminary paper. Graduation Design is still good, because I have done a good job in the preliminary research. The

Introduction to OpenGL and introduction to programming

To be precise, OpenGL is called the high-performance graphics algorithm industry standard. Write all to open graphics library. It is the most widely accepted 2D/3D graphics API in the industry. Is a specification that defines a cross-programming language and cross-platform programming interface. It is used for three-dimensional images (two-dimensional ). Applicat

Android 3D Game Study Notes (1)-OpenGL Basics

back to the topic of triangle plotting. We can do this in four steps. First, enable vertex array and color array for some initialization content. Gl. glableclientstate ( _ vertex_array); // enables the vertex coordinate array. Gl. glableclientstate ( _ color_array); // enables the vertex color array. Specify the vertex coordinate data for the paint brush. Gl. glvertexpointer (3, _ fixed, 0, myvertexbuffer ); The first parameter is the number of vertex coordinates, the seco

Game programming and Game types

Game programming refers to the use of computer programming languages, such as C programming language, C + +, Java, etc., to write computer, mobile phone or game consoles. The current popular game

OpenGL programming principles in Windows 95/NT

Cai Mao, mailbox 9693, Xi'an Jiao Tong University ---- Scientific computing visualization, computer animation and virtual reality are currently three hot spots in computer graphics. The core of these three hot spots is 3D Realistic Graphics. Since OpenGL (opengraphicslibrary) is cross-platform, simple, efficient, and fully functional, it has become a de facto industrial standard in 3D graphics production methods. Since windowsnt3.51 supports

GPU programming of OpenGL core technology

The author introduces: Jiang Xiewei, IT company technology partner, it senior lecturer, CSDN Community expert, guest editor, best-selling author, national patent inventor; published books: Teach You architecture 3D game engine, electronic industry press andUnity3d Actual combat core technical details of the electronic industry publishing house. CSDN Video URL: 3D game engine

OpenGL programming in Linux

Linux-based OpenGL programming-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. OpenGL is an industrial standard 3D computer graphics software interface. It is released by SGI and widely used on Unix, OS/2, Windows/NT, and other platforms, including Linux. On W

OpenGL programming in QT (5) illumination and texture filtering

gl_nearest and gl_linear together. Texture looks better, but we are more concerned about speed, so we use low quality textures. Min_filter is used when the image is drawn less than the original size of the texture. Mag_filter is used when the image is drawn much larger than the original size of the texture.This is actually used in game programming. For example, there are many models in large scenarios, but

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