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The encryption and decryption method implemented by PHP based on OpenSSL

About OpenSSL OpenSSL SSL is an abbreviation for the Secure Socket Layer protocol, which provides covert transmission over the Internet. Netscape Company introduced the SSL protocol standard at the same time as the first web browser, there are now 3.

OpenSSL User Guide

OpenSSLUser Guide Directory • Introduction • Compile • Run openssl.exe • Algorithm Programming API 4.1 symmetric algorithms 4.1.1 des 4.1.2 A es 4.1.3 RC4 4.1.4 EVP _ 4.2 Public Key Algorithm 4.3 Hash Algorithm 4.4 random number Algorithm • SSL

OpenSSL User Guide

Directory • Introduction • Compile • Run openssl.exe • Algorithm Programming API   •Introduction OpenSSL is a widely used open-source SSL implementation. Because various encryption algorithms are implemented for SSL, OpenSSL is also a widely used

Compiling OpenSSL under Windows (VS2005 and VC6)

Please be sure to install the openssl-0.9.8a. openssl-1.0.0 I did not compile successfully.How to compile OpenSSL under Windows (Vs2005 using Vc8 's CL compiler)1, when installing activeperl//initialization, need to use the Perl interpreter2. Use

Encrypt and decrypt data security 1 OpenSSL installation

Encrypt and decrypt data Security 1 OpenSSL installation650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Openssl.png "alt=" Wkiol1hkxqbd5hiyaaahmsiid1i733.png "/>OpenSSL official

OpenSSL-based HTTPS service configuration

OpenSSL-based HTTPS service configuration CA Server: Httpd server: Operating system version: RedHat 6.5 (x_86_64) 1. Install openssl 1. Source Code installation: Openssl: wget

Use OpenSSL APIs for security programming. Part 1: Security Services (III)

OpenSSL provides necessary capabilities Document options

Upgrade Apache Server OpenSSL

OpenSSL is a hot spot in the dark. At first, several small business machines of the company's rds were notified to fix the OpenSSL vulnerability. These machines were all independent small businesses and were stopped, after finding a simple document,

Use OpenSSL APIs for Secure Programming, Part 1: Secure handshake (2)

Prevent man-in-the-middle (mitm) Attacks Document options

Use OpenSSL APIs for security programming, Part 1: providing security services

Without secure server applications, secure client applications are not required. With OpenSSL, we can create secure server applications. This is not the case even though the document makes it look complicated. In this article, we will learn how to

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