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Linux source Pack make the RPM package Apache

First, look at the use and configuration of Yum Recently, as a result of the server needs, the intranet needs to build intranet Yum source. To build intranet Yum source needs to be divided into the following steps, as follows: 1. What is Yum 2, repo

OpenSSL upgrade prevent Heartbleed vulnerability problem

Post an informed answer: There is also a service that tests whether the Web site is affected: Test your server for Heartbleed (cve-2014-0160) (now long 503) According to the description on the page, this OpenSSL implementation vulnerability can

linux-What are binary packages, source packages, RPM packages, repositories

The "preface" is explained in the blog post:This article will be introduced by personal tone what is binary package, RPM package, source RPM package (srpm package), source package, and rpm common commands, source RPM installation (*.src.rpm), source

OpenSSL encryption principle

SSL Overview SSL is securesocketlayer ( SecuritySocket Layer Protocol), which can provide confidential transmission over the Internet. Netscape released the first web browser and put forward the SSL protocol standard, which currently has version 3.0.

LINUX-OPENSSL certificate issuing

======================================* OPENSSL======================================1. Install OPENSSL and confirm the location of the openssl. cnf file.$ Yum install openssl$ Rpm-qa | grep openssl$ Rpm-ql openssl -*2. Related directory settings,

CentOS 6.6 x86_64 RPM package creation tutorial

I. INTRODUCTION to RPM packagesThere are five basic operation functions for the RPM Package: installation, uninstallation, upgrade, query and verification.Linux software packages fall into two categories:1. Binary package: including the rpm

Customized RPM packages for Linux systems

FPM Packaging ToolsFPM's author is Jordansissel.FPM's GITHUB:HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/JORDANSISSEL/FPMThe FPM function is simply to convert one type of package into another type.1. Supported source-type packagesDir packages the directory into the

FPM customized RPM package made of Nginx RPM package

FPM customized RPM package made of Nginx RPM package 1. Install the Ruby module # yum-y install ruby RubyGems ruby-devel 2. Add Alibaba Cloud RubyGems Warehouse, foreign resources will affect download speed Gem sources-a

Install the LAMP environment in a full RPM package under RHEL5_3

Author: V40r [Mo Miao question]-B. H.S. T Source: James... (don't hit me !) We recommend that you directly use the package installation method in Linux with the package manager, but if the package manager does not exist, or the author: V40r [Mo Miao

Install Percona Server in rpm package

Install Percona Server in rpm package Percona XtraDBIt is an enhanced version of the InnoDB Storage engine and is designed to better use and update the performance of computer hardware systems. It also contains some new features in high-performance

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