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The encryption and decryption method implemented by PHP based on OpenSSL

About OpenSSL OpenSSL SSL is an abbreviation for the Secure Socket Layer protocol, which provides covert transmission over the Internet. Netscape Company introduced the SSL protocol standard at the same time as the first web browser, there are now 3.

OpenSSL User Guide

OpenSSLUser Guide Directory • Introduction • Compile • Run openssl.exe • Algorithm Programming API 4.1 symmetric algorithms 4.1.1 des 4.1.2 A es 4.1.3 RC4 4.1.4 EVP _ 4.2 Public Key Algorithm 4.3 Hash Algorithm 4.4 random number Algorithm • SSL

Complete steps for adding a new algorithm to OpenSSL by using the source code method (example: Digest algorithm Sm3) [non-engine method]

Introduction to OpenSSL OpenSSL is a rich and self-contained open-source security toolbox. It provides the following main functions: SSL protocol implementation (including SSLv2, SSLv3 and tlsv1), a large number of soft algorithms

OpenSSL source code structure

OpenSSL source code mainly consists of the eay library, SSL library, tool source code, sample source code, and test source code.The eay library is a basic library function and provides many functions. The source code is stored in the crypto

[Opensc-devel] OpenSSL pkcs11 engine + etpkcs11.dll on windows?

[Opensc-devel] OpenSSL pkcs11 engine + etpkcs11.dll on windows? Opensc_alias at swing. beOpensc_alias at swing. beThu Oct 21 15:03:30 UTC 2004 Previous message: [opensc-devel] a trivial patch against openct-CVS Next message: [opensc-devel]

Using the OpenSSL management certificate and SSL programming part 3rd: Export MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLLs to Def and Lib for msvc use

Export the MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLL to Def and Lib for msvc useBefore we used MinGW to compile OpenSSL into a dynamic library, we got the following 2 DLL files:Libeay32.dllSsleay32.dllThen use the following script to generate the module definition

Qt5.9.0 full version dynamic compilation (VS2017) supports Webengine, ICU, OpenSSL

Early adopters Qt5.9.0 full version dynamic compilation (VS2017) supports Webengine, ICU, OpenSSL moduleThis version has only the release library;haveDevelopmentdocumentation;qtlib_vc-x86-shared.7z:Http://

Install PHP (compile add) corresponding dynamic expansion module in Centos 7 (Linux) environment (take as an example)

54312402In the CentOS 7 environment to build a good LNMP environment, found that the installation of PHP has a lot of extensions are not installed, their own installation of a lot of problems encountered in the Internet to find information there is

Solution to LIBEAY32.DLL loss when Windows 7 program cannot be started

Solution to LIBEAY32.DLL loss when Windows 7 program cannot be started If a Windows 7 user reports that a program cannot be opened, a system error window is displayed, prompting LIBEAY32.DLL to be lost and cannot start the program. What should I do

Windows Self signed Driver

In particular, microsoft®instituted a device driver certification process for itsWindows®desktop and server operating systems to ensure the drivers isFunctional with their products.INF (or information) files is scripts which tell the Windows

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