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AWS and OpenStack Service comparison, OpenStack service Chinese translation of English words

Use AWS Services OpenStack Services The Chinese interpretation of OpenStack words Dashboard AWS Console Horizon The horizon of the world; Calculate compute EC2 Nova Star Internet Vpc Neutron Neutron Object storage S3 Swift Swift; agile. Block storage Ebs

Openstack-m version (Mitaka) built on (Centos7.2) + + + 10, OpenStack Object storage Service (SWIFT)

10. OpenStack Object Storage Service (SWIFT) configuration: I added two hard drives (SDB,SDC) to the compute node for storage, and the compute node in my build is the storage node, because the computer can't pull more virtual ... Brief introduction: There are four main components of Swift: Swift-proxy-server, Swift-account-server, Swift-container-server, Swift-object-server Swift-proxy-server (Proxy

OpenStack Learning Note (vii): OpenStack Dashboard Service build configuration

-- Dashboard Service Build configuration1.) Install dashboard [Email protected] ~]# yum-y install Openstack-dashboard 2.) Configure dashboard [[emailprotected]~]#cp/etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings/etc/ openstack-dashboard/local_settings.bak[[emailprotected]~]#vim/etc/

DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration.

DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration. DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, a

OpenStack Restart Service Command Collation summary _openstack

OpenStack Service command set for restart Recent company projects need to use OpenStack because OpenStack Restart Service command more, so on the Internet to find the next data, sorted down, hope to help readers! Restart OpenStack's entire

Configure the DNS service in Liunx and the DNS service in Liunx

Configure the DNS service in Liunx and the DNS service in Liunx When you Ping the host name, you can map the IP address of the host, and vice versa. Configure and specify the DNS server to quickly deploy the cluster. You do not need to modify the HOSTS file on each host to r

Installation deployment of the OpenStack Mirroring Service (Image service)

The OpenStack Mirroring Service (glance) allows users to discover, register, and recover virtual machine images. Glance provides the rest API to query the metadata of virtual machine images and to obtain mirroring. With glance, virtual machine images can be stored on a variety of storage, such as simple file storage or object storage (such as the Swift Project in OpenSt

OpenStack Deployment Installation (Icehouse version)-Control node (Controller)-Compute service (NOVA)

Nova is a compute service that can start a virtual machine instance. These services can be configured on a separate node or on the same node. Most services run on the controller node and run the virtual machine service on a dedicated compute node. This time, we deploy the compute to the control node.4.1 Install Compute Controller services (Installation Compute service

OpenStack builds enterprise private cloud four: Networking service (continuous update ...)

add a role to a neutron user:# openstack role add --project service --user neutron admin Create a neutron service# openstack service create --name neutron --description "OpenStack Networking" network Create a Network

DNS. COM is free of charge for DNS domain name resolution service and can be accelerated

For domain name management, we must select a third-party DNS service provider when using domain name resolution During website construction, even free domain names are more stable than the original domain name platform. After all, most domain name registration platforms only provide domain name registration services. Stable resolution services are specialized by third-party businesses.If we are a Chinese we

RHEL4-DNS Service (8) DNS Client Configuration

Article Title: RHEL4-DNS Service (8) DNS Client configuration. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. The previous articles introduced the configuration of DNS servers (for

DNS domain Name service and build cache DNS server detailed (2)

DNS domain Name service and build cache DNS server detailed (2)1.DNS Service Installation: BIND, full name is Berkeley Internet name Domain, this software is maintained by ISC/etc/named.conf: The main function is to define the working properties and areas of the bind process

Openstack-liberty Version Glance service Deployment (II)

Glance Mirroring Service:Glance consists of three main components: Glance-api, glance-registry, and image storeGLANCE-API: Accepts the creation, deletion, and read requests of the system image.Glance-registry: Mirrored registration Service for cloud systemsGlance installation:[[emailprotected] ~]# yum -y install openstack-glance python-glance python-glanceclient[[emailprotected] ~]# vim /etc/glance/glance-a

OpenStack Identity (Keystone) identity service, architecture and middleware _openstack

The OpenStack Identity (Keystone) service provides authentication and management user, account, and role information services for OpenStack Cloud running OpenStack compute, and for OpenStack Object Storage provides authorization services. Keystone architecture Keystone has

OpenStack m installation Compute (NOVA) service

--regionregionone computeinternalhttp://controller:8774/v2.1/%\ (tenant_id\) s[[emailprotected] ~]#openstackendpointcreate--regionRegionOnecompute Adminhttp://controller:8774/v2.1/%\ (tenant_id\) s Third, the installation of Nova services[email protected] ~]# Yum install Openstack-nova-api openstack-nova-conductor openstack-nova-console

The OpenStack family of file Share Service (Manila)

OpenStack File Share Service (Manila) for CentosIntroduction:Manila is the File Shareservice project for OpenStack. To administer the OpenStack File Share service,it are helpful to understand a number of concepts like Share networks, Share S,multi-tenancy and back ends the c

OpenStack Component Deployment-Add a custom Service to Keystone

Catalogue The catalog Keystone certification process allows Keystone to provide validation capabilities for a new project Service finally Keystone Certification Process User uses credentials (Username/password) to Keystone authentication and obtains a temporary token and Generic catalog (global catalog), and temporary tokens are stored in the keystone-client (cache UUID locally) and Keystone-backend. User uses this temporary Token to send to Keystone

Implementation and start verification of the Nova-extend service in the secondary development of openstack nova

Openstack Nova secondary development-Nova-extended service This article mainly describes how to start openstack Nova-extend services. This service is used for secondary extension and development of some requirements of openstack, such as node inspection and dynamic migratio

Openstack Service Default Port

Block Storage (cinder) 8776 Publicurl and Adminurl Compute API (NOVA-API) 8773 EC2 API   8774 OpenStack API   8775 Metadata port   3333 accessing S3 API Compute ports for access to virtual machine consoles 5900-5999   Compute VNC Proxy for browsers ( openstack-nova-

Differences between hadoop Distributed File System and openstack Object Storage Service (SWIFT)

Recently, a student asked me about the difference between the hadoop Distributed File System and openstack Object Storage Service, and said a few words to him. I personally think that data processing and storage are preferred. There is no absolute quality. It should be used based on specific applications. I found some online saying: this is the original: http:// OS "Both ha

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