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OpenStack Cloud Computing Quick Start Tutorial (1) OpenStack and its composition introduction _openstack

This tutorial is based on the Ubuntu12.04 edition, and it will help readers build a openstack minimized installation. I am the top of the Wuyue, translation more use of transliteration method, so the individual words and the original discrepancy, please understand. I am not a major in English, I think the most important thing is to understand the technology, and not the four level and grind in the boring English-Chinese translation, so my goal is loya

OpenStack Learning Note (i): Introduction to OpenStack Environment

infrastructure of the third tier (routing) service. Additionally, a DHCP Service provides the IP address information for the instance. 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_2553194413.png "title=" Rk1-services.png "alt=" Wkiol1ddhtesihp_aakdkqcucae035.png-wh_50 "/> Network Option 2: Self-service network the Self-service network option increases the Vendor Network option third tier (routing) enabled services Se

II. structure analysis of the introduction of OpenStack

Introduction to OpenStack Architecture analysis written in frontLearning Goals: Understand the logical relationships of OpenStack components; Understand the communication and deployment relationships of the various components of OpenStack; Understand the work flow of

Detailed introduction and summary of Openstack network knowledge data _openstack

( | Gw ( ____|_______________________|__________---------------- Provider (172.24). 4.0/24) As a result, VM1 and VM2 are not in the same two-tier network, two Instance virtual machine network environment is also achieved isolation. As you can see from the topology, there are three more new parts: Router: The Router1 in the topology Router-gateway: That is, Gw ( in the topology, mainly for Router1 to access Provider network behind the virtual m

OpenStack introduction and related materials

-started-with-openstack.htmlOpenStack China Portal: and configure O [url] penStack Nova on Ubuntu:]Centos installation: OpenStack Compute (Nova): source yellow pages-

OpenStack and its composition introduction 1

The first part of OpenStack and its composition introduction one, cloud computingCloud computing is a computational model that abstracts resources such as computing power, storage, networking, and software into services so that users can enjoy them remotely over the Internet, and pay in the same way as traditional public service facilities. requirements, ease of access, dynamic change, and unlimited virtual

Vi. Introduction to OpenStack extension topics

Introduction to OpenStack extension topic in frontLearning Goals: Learn about the automated deployment of OpenStack Understand the issues that exist when Hadoop is cloud Learn about Ceph and the application of Ceph in OpenStack Learn about OpenStack and

Open Source PAAs scenario: Deploying Cloudfoundry on OpenStack (a) Introduction

Directory (?) [-] About OpenStack OpenStack is an Apache licensing and is a free software and open source project developed by NASA and Rackspace OpenStack is a project managed by a cloud platform it's not a software. The project is composed of several major components to accomplish some specific work Cloudfoundry

Iv. Introduction to OpenStack Components Parsing (Advanced)

Introduction to OpenStack Components Parsing (Advanced)Learning Goals: Mastering the architecture and functionality of more components The contents of this note are: Ceilmeter Component Parsing Heat Component Parsing Trove Component Parsing Sahara Component Parsing Ironic component parsing 1. Ceilometer Component ParsingAlso known as

Detailed steps for making Windows Server 2003/08 image with OpenStack introduction

Original title: OpenStack makes Windows Server 2003/2008/2008r2 image correct steps in detail with OpenStack introduction, which is suitable for reading the length of this title has been reduced.Applies to the following search keywords:Windows Server 2003/2008 image for OpenStackWindows Server 2003/2008 qcow DownloadWindows Server 2003/2008 qcow2 DownloadWindows

[OpenStack] Kolla Project Introduction

development environment. The current problemThere are currently two main ways to upgrade and downgrade OpenStack, based on the image and package-based.The update is atomic based on the image method.Package-based updates are usually not atomic, there are many reasons for failure during the upgrade process, and there may be some possible failure of the package update.Usage Scenarios An atomic upgrade or fallback

OpenStack Growth Tour-Introduction and installation of 4 Keystone

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Synchronize DatabaseSu-s/bin/sh-c "Keystone-manage Db_sync" Keystone# Restart ServiceSystemctl Enable Openstack-keystone.serviceSystemctl Start Openstack-keystone.service# Create tenants, users, and rolesKeystone Tenant-create--name domain--description "Admin tenant"Keystone User-create--name domain--pass users--email [email prot

OpenStack Growth Tour-5 Swift Introduction installation and the author's reflection

article, will use Keystone to do authentication module function.2. Proxy NodeProxy module, is to provide SWIFTAPI service process, responsible for the client's request process forwarding, Proxy server provides the Rest-full API. Allows developers to build their own applications based on the Swift API.3. Storage NodeStorage server transforms the disk storage service into a storage service in Swift, and because of the different storage types, Storage server is divided into three categories:1). Ob

Introduction to OpenStack M version neutron networking components Basics

/wKioL1hkgsLBoZ-HAACH4K3ABdE060.png "title=" 3.png " alt= "Wkiol1hkgslboz-haach4k3abde060.png"/>These are just the basics of OpenStack neutron network components, the content is too much, involving a lot of knowledge points such as Liunx Bridge tap device Virtual to namespace openvswitch Virtual Switch virtual router Iptables High-availability DVR and so on, including I have a lot of things to learn, but you do not have to fear, from the simplest lear

A detailed introduction to the basic concepts of OpenStack Keystone _openstack

Understanding the basic concept of OpenStack Keystone Keystone Introduction Keystone (OpenStack identity Service) is the OpenStack framework for authentication, service rules, and service tokens, which implements the OpenStack identity API. Keystone is similar to a service

Openstack/gnocchi Introduction--time series Data aggregation operation is calculated and stored in advance, the idea of first counting and taking

Let's take a look at Here for the Ring database introduction, easy to understand the archive this operation!Transferred from: early OpenStack Monitoring (telemetry) project Ceilometer was divided into four (ceilometer, gnocchi, Aodh, panko), with their respective roles! Among them, Ceilometer is responsibl

Openstack-mitaka Basic Environment Introduction

=" Wkiol1gb_mgcn6uyaaar-eu06xu658.jpg-wh_50 "/>3) Add OpenStack Users650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_953773180.png "title=" qq picture 20161104112006.png "alt=" Wkiol1gb_8vjkqpwaaatxk4yaue806.png-wh_50 "/>4) grant read and write access to OpenStack users;650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://

Introduction to high reliability of openstack

1. A critical aspect of a High-reliability system is the elimination of spof. Spof refers to the failure of a single device or software that can cause system downtime or data loss. To eliminate spof, check the redundancy of the following structures:Network modules, such as vswitches and vroutersAutomatic migration of applications and servicesStorage moduleIDC facilities, such as power supply, air conditioning, and fire preventionMost highly reliable systems fail when multiple non-independent fau

OpenStack Swift source code Introduction: overall business architecture and Proxy process

OpenStack Swift source code Introduction: overall business architecture and Proxy process The source code analysis of OpenStack has been widely used on the Internet, and the interpretation of each part is also very detailed. Here, I will record some key points of the Swift source code I have read Based on my own understanding, hoping to help the students who nee

OpenStack entry 4: Introduction to Heat in icehouse, openstackicehouse

OpenStack entry 4: Introduction to Heat in icehouse, openstackicehouseHeat IntroductionHeat is the main project in charge of the orchestration plan of OpenStack. It can implement basic operations such as Resource Initialization, dependency processing, and deployment in the cloud environment based on templates, as well as advanced features such as automatic contra

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