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Deploy OpenStack to atomic systems based on Docker, kubernetes

to the build image. In addition, OPS will want this OpenStack lifecycle management system to span bare metal, IaaS, and even PAAs.What Atomic, Docker, Kubernetes bringIf you have an OpenStack service lifecycle management scenario, the following benefits can be created: Isolated, lightweight, portable, detachable The service relationship of the

The way of Openstack+kubernetes+docker micro-service--elastic expansion

Service on the line to the top of the live pressure, carry the test, or to be said or we do things brother, remember this scene above? The old method is a service cluster deployment, but there is always a limit, before with Ali when they have a flexible calculation can be set by the CPU's threshold to dynamically expand and shrink computing capacity, at that time the feeling is very strong, at least at that time our conventional approach is difficult to do, Did not expect to have

Use Kubernetes to manage containers on centos 7 as in the Redis master container, the data synchronization between the Redis master and Redis slave works normally, the following information is queried from the Redis slave container running on can be seen that the data synchronization between the Redis master and Redis slave is normal, and the ovs gre tunnel technology enables normal communication between containers across machines. 6. Conclusion This document describes how to deploy a

Kubernetes architecture and component introduction of open-source container Cluster Management System

is created, the Proxy obtains the configuration information of Services and Endpoints from etcd (or from file ), then, start a Proxy process on Minion Based on the configuration information and listen to the corresponding service port. When an external request occurs, the Proxy will distribute the request to the correct backend container for Processing Based on Load Balancer. Therefore, the Proxy not only solves the conflict between the same Service port on the same host machine, but also provi

Kubernetes Note 01 A pioneer in the new era of Kubernetes

This article starts with my public number clouddeveloper, and you are welcome to join me in learning cloud computing. During the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Chengzu Zhu Di, in order to develop overseas trade and establish his prestige, sent Zheng He seven voyages, set the ancient China's largest, the most ships (more than 240 ships), the most seafarers (27,000 people), the longest time, than the European countries sailing time of half a century earlier ocean voyage feat.

Kubernetes improvement and optimization to support large-scale public cloud (1)

Kubernetes is designed to implement a private container cloud, but the container as a public cloud, also requires a management platform, in Swarm,mesos,kubernetes, based on Kubernetes has gradually become the container orchestration of the hottest and most mainstream platform, NetEase realizes its own container public cloud based on

Analysis of Kubernetes Application Deployment model (Principles)

the number of copies in the replication pool. For Service, Label selector can be used to select the backend Pods of a Service. OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Mesos Problems encountered during Kubernetes cluster construction and Solutions For details about Kubernetes, click hereKubernetes: click here Next article: Analysis

Neutron-based Kubernetes SDN practice Experience

practice, the first thing to solve is kubernetes in the network concept, how to translate into neutron, can be more appropriate to achieve the function.In the first version, the concept translation in the Kubernetes network corresponds to the following table: POD----> virtual machines Service-------> LoadBalancer Endpoints-------> Pool Service back-end pod----> member However, bec

Kubernetes Landing | Not holding, foreign companies to kubernetes migration practices

Guide:Kubernetes a ride on the dust to open, then the enterprise should start to kubernetes migration? Under what circumstances do you really accept it? Some of the technology frontier companies first-step practice is probably the most persuasive and reference value. This article is a good reference.1Kubernetes now rage, it is part of a massive cloud-native movement. All major cloud providers use it as a solution for deploying cloud-native application

Dockone WeChat Share (122): Exploring the Principles and solutions of Kubernetes Network

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. "Editor's note" 2016 CLUSTERHQ Container Technology application Survey report shows that the proportion of container technology applied to production has increased over the past year, and the utilization rate of 96%,kubernetes has reached 40%, becoming the most popular container orchestration tool; So what is kubernetes? It is

[Kubernetes] Kubernetes's Network model

The Kubernetes network model is made up of four parts from inside to outside: The network where the pod interior container resides The network where the pod resides Network for communication between pod and service Network of communication between outside and service It is recommended that you understand the network model of Docker before reading this article. Refer to the author's first two articles [

"Kubernetes" ubuntu14.04 64-bit construction kubernetes process

Background:Kubernetes Introduction: Address: Https:// the documentation on Ubuntu official address: Master: Ubunut14.04 (NAT) Minion1: Ubuntu14.04 (NAT) Minion2: Ubuntu14.04 192.168

Kubernetes Multi-node deployment resolution

PORTkubernetes-ro component=apiserver,provider=kubernetes 80kubernetes component=apiserver,provider=kubernetes 443fedoraapache name=fedoraapache 8987# # 切换到minion上# curl can also configure a public

"Kubernetes authoritative Guide 2nd edition" Learning (a) kubernetes is what

What is 1.1 kubernetes?First, it is a new, container-based, distributed architecture leading solution. is an open source version of Google's Borg (large-scale cluster management system).Second, if the system design follows the Kubernetes design idea, then the traditional system architecture and business does not have much to do with the underlying code or function modules (such as load balancing, service se

Application Data Persistence for Kubernetes

persistent volumes that match requirements based on the user's persistent volume request. The end result is that after the container starts, the back-end storage of the persisted volume definition is mounted to the container's specified directory. OpenShift is architecturally based on kubernetes, so users can use the storage provisioning model of kubernetes persistent volumes and persisted volume requests

"OpenStack" OpenStack series 15 's OpenStack High availability

Highly Available Concept Level Chen Ben How to Achieve Classification The ha of OpenStack virtual machine ha compare application level ha,heat ha template component ha mysql ha Three ways-master-slave synchronization, Main and Standby mode three ways of two

Kubernetes Dispatch Detailed

Wen/Sky Cloud software Cloud Platform development engineer Zhang Wei Zhang Wei is mainly responsible for the cloud software Skyform Cloud Platform design and development work. Familiar with a variety of open source IaaS platform, such as Cloudstack,openstack, familiar with various resource management and scheduling framework, such as kubernetes,mesos,yarn,borg. After six months of continuous optimization,

Pure hand-built kubernetes (k8s) 1.9 cluster-(iii) certification authority and service discovery

Concept GroomingIn order to solve the above-mentioned problem, Kubernetes does not need to find a way, after all, is the network security level of the problem, every service will encounter problems, the industry has a mature solution to solve. Here we look at industry scenarios and related concepts. Symmetric encryption/Asymmetric encryptionThese two concepts belong to cryptography, which is not easy to understand for the students who have n

"Container + cloud" Integration: China Open source Enterprise Rapid layout kubernetes

the Docker company swarm three open source community. The single container itself does not make much sense, and it must have the container cluster management technology to manage and dispatch thousands or even billions of containers, which has practical significance. These three container cluster management technology is different, each adapt to various application environment, overall k8s the most powerful and by Google behind the scenes support, there is a unified the momentum of the lake.In

4 Solutions to Inventory Kubernetes network problems

, no longer repeat it.Third, kubernetes integrated calicoCalico is a pure 3-tier data center network solution and seamlessly integrates with an IaaS cloud architecture like OpenStack to provide controlled IP communication between VMS, containers, and bare metal.By compressing the entire Internet's extensible IP Network principles to the data center level, Calico uses Linux kernel to implement an efficient v

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