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"Tempest" OpenStack Automated test components Tempest and automated test tools nose

noseor Easy_install noseor Python installLet's say you have successfully installed nose, then build a test folder, create a new, and then enter the following:def Testfunc (): a=0 b=2 assert a==bThen execute the nosetests in the directory, with the following results:Why only input nosetests automatically executes the in the directory and executes the TESTFUNC function inside, because nose automatically recognizes the test cases in the directory, any

OpenStack Learning Notes (i)----Install virtualization Tools

The following command runs on the operating system Ubuntu 14.04.In open source software, the main use is KVM and Xen. Although OpenStack supports KVM and Xen, OpenStack support for KVM is significantly better than Xen, so the virtualization tools we choose here are KVM.Kernel-based VM KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) requires two conditions: hardware supports f

Openstack Object Storage Management Manual (1) about openstack

Openstack official website content: Because I only focus on the part of openstack Object Storage, I did not write anything related to other modules (or I am relatively lazy). I may add it if necessary in the future. The translation level is limited. If a netizen finds an error during re

Open Source PAAs scenario: Deploying Cloudfoundry on OpenStack (ii) deploying OpenStack

wants to know how to deploy a distributed, high-availability OpenStack, refer to the related articles on the network.So, I chose the CentOS and Redhat tools Packstack to deploy a single-node OpenStack. Currently Cloudfoundry only supports Folsom,grizilly, and Havana three versions of OpenStack.0. Hardware requirements

Openstack mixture hypervisorsdriver configure and implementation Theory

also growing, resulting in demands for multi-hypervisor management tools and technologies on cloud computing platforms. As an industry-leading open-source cloud computing management platform, openstack provides excellent support for hybrid hypervisor management. What is openstack? Openstack is both a community and an

What is OpenStack open source Cloud management platform Project _openstack

control, and so on. Integrated into the project from the Essex version.Measurement (metering): Ceilometer. Like a funnel, it collects almost all the events that occur within the OpenStack, and then provides data support for billing and monitoring and other services. Integrated into the project from the Havana version.Deployment Choreography (Orchestration): Heat[2]. Provides an automated deployment of cloud infrastructure software running environment

"OpenStack" OpenStack series 15 's OpenStack High availability

Highly Available Concept Level Chen Ben How to Achieve Classification The ha of OpenStack virtual machine ha compare application level ha,heat ha template component ha mysql ha Three ways-master-slave synchronization, Main and Standby mode three ways of two

OpenStack Installation Deployment Tutorial

Operating Interface (Horizon) OpenStack Identity Certification (Keystone) OpenStack Network Service (neutron) OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder), providing block data access OpenStack Telemetry (ceilometer), providing metering and monitoring functions OpenStack Orchestration

II. structure analysis of the introduction of OpenStack

, it is called objects 5. OpenStack WorkflowHere's an example of creating a virtual machine to see how OpenStack works, and the following figure is the whole process of OpenStack creating a virtual machine:Here is a brief description of the text:There are a total of 28 steps, mainly related to Nova, in fact, in the Keystone Glance Neutron Cinder Swift and ot

CentOS 6.4 Installs the method of deploying OpenStack cloud computing Platform _openstack

Objective OpenStack is an open source IaaS (infrastructure and services) cloud computing platform that allows anyone to build and deliver cloud computing services on their own. OpenStack consists of a series of interrelated projects that provide various components of cloud infrastructure solutions, core projects (9): 1, calculation (Compute)-Nova; 2, Network and address management-neutron; 3, Object St

Openstack-dashboard Development Environment Building and openstack Building

/horizon.gitCd horizonGit pullCd ~Mkdir srcCd srcCp-r ~ /Github/horizon src/Cd src/horizonCp ~ /Src/horizon/openstack_dashboard/local/ ~ /Src/horizon/openstack_dashboard/local/local_settings.pyB. Build an environmentCd ~ /Src/horizonSudo python tools/install_venv.pySource. venv/bin/activatePython manage. py runserver 8080After running the runserver service, a service is run in the backend of the server.Enter 192.168.1

Fuel 30-minute quick-install OpenStack

For OpenStack beginners, installation is often a big headache for getting started. Before the E version, to build a basic can use OpenStack environment that is quite troublesome, their own to install, their own source, according to the document to knock orders, and no reliable documents, the official document still have a lot of holes, and language problems are often used for a few days can not be loaded up

Openstack tool set

crowbar of Dell is an ISO. After installation, you can deploy openstack on the web interface. Chef is actually used. With Nagios monitoring integrated, the installation of OS is developed by Dell and is somewhat innovative. In the past, a major feature of Dell's crowbar was the remote configuration of raid and bios on the machine. This was from Dell, and I knew that I could do this. However, this feature also led to vendor binding, as well as how Del

Tell you a real OpenStack: Who's using it, what's it for?

dominates OpenStack. OpenStack users tend to use open source components, 93% of the OpenStack Cloud runs KVM (Kernel Virtual machine hypervisor), and the second manager is QEMU (16%). While VMware is committed to incorporating its own tools into the OpenStack ecosystem, onl

Fuel 30-minute Quick Install OpenStack (Graphics tutorial) _openstack

All along, for OpenStack beginners, installation is often the first big problem of getting started. Before the E version, to build a basic OpenStack environment that is quite troublesome, they have to install, their own source, according to the document to knock orders, and there is no reliable documents, the official documents still have a lot of pits, and language problems often with a few days of time ca

OpenStack Cloud Computing Quick Start Tutorial (1) OpenStack and its composition introduction _openstack

This tutorial is based on the Ubuntu12.04 edition, and it will help readers build a openstack minimized installation. I am the top of the Wuyue, translation more use of transliteration method, so the individual words and the original discrepancy, please understand. I am not a major in English, I think the most important thing is to understand the technology, and not the four level and grind in the boring English-Chinese translation, so my goal is loya

Make an OpenStack Linux image-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (151)

This is the 1th chapter in the OpenStack implementation experience sharing series.The instance of OpenStack is deployed through a Glance mirror, so preparing the mirror is a must-do job. This section describes how to make a Linux image, and also discusses Windows mirroring later.Download Clould imageThe simplest approach is to use a standard image. The mainstream Linux distribution provides a cloud image th

OpenStack Learning Notes (i) basic knowledge of-openstack __openstack

first, the basic knowledge of OpenStackOpenStack is a free software and open source project that was developed and initiated by NASA and Rackspace to Apache2.0 licenses (compatible with GPLv3 and DFSG).OpenStack is an open source cloud computing management Platform project, composed of several major components to accomplish specific tasks. OpenStack supports almost all types of cloud environments, and the p

Learn the OpenStack methodology-5 minutes a day to play OpenStack __openstack

As a core tutorial for OpenStack, we have come to the final summary. OpenStack currently has dozens of modules, this tutorial discusses the most important core modules: Keystone,nova,glance,cinder and neutron. Please look at the following figure: This figure is truncated from, which is the official 6 Core Service defined by

OpenStack Learning Note (i): Introduction to OpenStack Environment

installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting of these OpenStack services, you should consider the following few steps when using production architecture deployment. Identify and implement the necessary core and optional services to meet performance and redundancy requirements. Security is enhanced using methods such as firewalls, encryption, and service policies. Automate the deployment and management of your productio

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